The pros of workout music.

A lot of people listen to music while working out. More than anything else, it makes workout time less boring. But, is listening ti music like this good or bad? Research shows that it has its pros and cons. Take a look at this article which higlights a few benefits of listening to music when you go for a jog or however else you exercise to stay fit.

  • Music motivates and stimulates you to keep going. Even when your body is out of energy the music that you listen to pushes you to go the extra mile. Music improves exercise motivation and  once you figure out your pace and  technique you can alter your playlist to suit your running style.
Listening to music while jogging.
Listening to music while jogging.
  • Music can relax your mind. Music can have a calming effect which will help you focus more on enjoying your workout or if nothing else just enjoy some good music. This relaxing effect ensures that you do not cut short your exercise time.
  • The element of fun. Music can make any routine fun. Most playlists for running have fast, upbeat songs and this enables you to stay pepped up for the duration of your workout.

Looking for some great workout music? Check out this link which will help you find tunes that are sure to increase exercise motivation:

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Pro Kennex Striker
Pro Kennex Striker

Beat the heat: summer fitness tips.

Just because the summer months are here, doesn’t mean you can put your fitness regime on hold. We give you some tips that you can follow to keep fit this summer and beat the heat at the same time.

  • Exercising in the heat puts stress on your heart and lungs, so as far as possible try to wake up early and exercise before the sun comes out. If you can’t manage an early morning workout, late evening will be fine too otherwise you might suffer from heat cramps and heat exhaustion.
  • Staying hydrated is the best way to avoid any mishaps in the summer. Even if you don’t feel thirsty while working out drink some water every 20 minutes. Sports drinks which contained added electrolytes are also suitable.

    Wake up early to exercise and beat the heat
    Wake up early to exercise and beat the heat
  • Wearing the right kind of clothing can make exercising in the summer more comfortable. Avoid wearing black, switch to whites and lighter colours. Also, invest in some lightweight clothing or those that wick sweat quickly.
  • It’s good to have a back up plan. In case you don’t wake up early enough to beat the morning heat see if there is a gym that you can go to. Most gyms are air conditioned and so heat will be the least of your worries. If you can’t to a gym hop into a swimming pool.
  • Listen to your body. Especially when it’s very hot it is better not to push your body to test how far you can go. If you experience dizziness, muscle cramps, rapid heartbeat or nausea make sure you sit down and drink plenty of water to cool off.
  • Not many of us would like to get tanned in the process of exercising. Use sufficient sun screen before you set out for a jog or walk. Try and use a sunscreen with an SPF 30.

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What the fortninght brings in sports events.

We bring you a gist of some of the prominent sporting events that are going to take place in the next two weeks. Whether you’re a cricket fan who can’t wait for the ILP season to start, or a tennis buff who is eagerly looking forward to Nadal’s performance on the clay court here is something that will interest you all.

One of the most anticipated cricket tournaments will be starting next week. The IPL matches are going to start on April 4th and with 76 matches in all, if you can’t make it a stadium to watch it live there is always Youtube. They will be resuming the live streaming of all the matches after renewing its partnership with Time Internet. Unfortunately, there have been some controversies and mishaps which have resulted in some key players not participating this year. Jesse Ryder the Delhi Daredevils player on Wednesday was assaulted during a night-out in New Zealand, that left him with a fractured skull. Ryder was rushed to a hospital where he is in an induced coma. This is the second player that the Delhi Daredevils have lost, after Kevin Pietersen, who was ruled out of IPL over an old knee injury. In addition to this Micheal Clark, Shikhar Dhawan and Pujara will most likely not been seen on the field. With the ongoing Sri Lankan Tamils issue, 10 matches which were supposed to be held in Chennai will be shifted to other locations. Despite all this the excitement and fervency of cricket fans across the country has not waned.

IPL starts on April 3rd.
IPL starts on April 3rd.

With Nadal off the courts in the Sony Open and his appearance in only two tournaments this year, tennis fans can look forward to an dynamic game from the Spaniard in the next couple of weeks. The U.S Men’s Clay Court Championship will be starting on the 8th followed by the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters. The king of clay is all set to live up to his title in these tournaments. Djokovic did not play too well in the Sony Open and it would be interesting to see if he has a different strategy in these tournaments. In both these tournaments some of the top players will not be seen. You can read more about it here.

The golf world has one of the most important tournaments starting on April 8th. The Masters is one of the four major championships in men’s professional golf.  Tiger Woods has won this title 4 times before and he seems to be the favourite this year also. If Tiger Woods wins this it will be his fourth win in two months. Rory McIlroy is still trying to find a swing that he will be able to trust and repeat for the Masters. McIlroy is more concerned about the path of his swing rather than his ranking for now.

Tiger Woods has a good chance of winning the Masters title.
Tiger Woods has a good chance of winning the Masters title.

What will the fortnight be without some high speed action! The Chinese GP race weekend starts on April 12th in Shanghai. The Malaysian GP had an air of controversy about it, with Vettel disobeying team orders. Not only is the course remarkable for its change of acceleration and deceleration within different winding turns, making high demands on the driver as well as the car, but also for its high-speed straights. One can’t really predict how the race is going to play out, but we can be guaranteed that it is going to be an adrenaline rush packed race.

We hope that this gives you a fair idea of what the sporting world brings your way in the coming fortnight. For all your sports and fitness requirements, do log on and shop with us!

Head Elite tennis shoes.

For the casual tennis player the Head Elite tennis shoes are ideal.  These shoes use the perforated flex area and incorporates the Head CXG comfort grid which enables the shoe to react in a split second to the player’s movements. The Elite shoes also give much better shock absorption providing maximum comfort for the feet. The shoes are made of high quality synthetic leather which is soft and perforated providing ample ventilation to the feet. The high responsive tongue and and heel foam makes the shoes very comfortable.

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Head Elite tennis shoes
Head Elite tennis shoes