Cricket Protective Gear.

In celebrating National Safety Week, we bring you some of the protective gear for cricket  to ensure that you find the best quality gear for the sport, and have a great time playing and staying safe at the same time.

SG Test Cricket Elbow Guard

The elbow guard is ergonomically designed and is therefore very comfortable. It is also lightweight which gives the player maximum maneuverability. Made from premium quality, low density foam the elbow guard is one of the best. It comes with a pre-shaped in linen casing with high quality material to provide comfort. It provides a perfect fit around the elbow and can be used by both right handed and left handed batsmen. To ensure easy adjustment, it is fitted with elastic hook and loop straps.

SG Supalite Chest Guard

SG Supalite is light weight chest guard designed to provide best protection to the chest and kidney region. This is suitable for intermediate to advance level of play. The back consists of a soft-absorbent towel material, to provide extra comfort by keeping sweat off the back. It is shaped to give maximum protection to the chest and kidney region and comes with elastic straps on top and bottom for easy adjustments.

SG Ecolite Wicket Keeping Leg Guards

SG Club Wicket keeping leg guards is a high quality light weight pads from the Pro series of SG which is specially designed for the live wire wicket keepers who has ambitions of graduating into the International arena. This is ideally suited for intermediate level of play. It features a wear resistant PVC instep with hard-wearing piping for durability. It also has a cashmilon filled cane reinforced construction for added protection.

cricket prot. gear

SG Ecolite Batting Leg Guards

The SG Ecolite batting leg guards belong to the Club series of SG. It is made from high quality PVC facing.
It has a low density foam padding for maximum protection and flexibility along with cashmilon and low density foam filled vertical bolster. It has a wear resistant PVC instep with hard-wearing piping to offer durability. All these features help enhance the batsman’s efficiency and play with ease.

SG Ecolite Batting Gloves

SG EcoLite batting gloves are a part of the Pro series of SG which is specially designed for the young players with the ambition of playing in the International arena. It is a traditional light weight glove made from premium quality PVC. The advantage of the PVC it gives added reinforcement on the wearing areas of palm- added protection and flexibility. It also has a cotton gusset which increases breathability and provides sufficient ventilation. This glove is suitable for beginner level of play.

SG Club Cricket Wicket Keeping Gloves

Super Club is a pair of high quality wicket-keeping gloves in the range. This pair is made from very good material with a natural cup and palm design. It features the best  all-leather palm and back and PVC cuffs. The gloves feature full fingered design that offers full protection for your fingers from the hard cricket ball. The leather palm helps reduce the impact of the cricket ball when making a catch.

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Yonex Nano Speed Alpha Badminton Racquet

The nano speed alpha is designed to give players precise control. It is an ultra-light racquet which is also much steadier, and generates the necessary speed and power. This racquet is ideal for novice players since it  offers a stronger frame which is much thinner, and can help them learn racquet maneuverability. The racquet is made of carbon graphite and also has the carbon nanotube. The construction of the nano speed alpha differs from older models , because it uses particles that are nano-sizes of carbon and fullerene.Secondly,  the engineering process offers the racquet sensitive control, making it a high-performance weapon while playing.

For a high powered game, of absolute precision the Yonex Nano Speed Alpha is one of the best racquets.  You can check out more features of this racquet here:

Yonex Nano Speed Alpha
Yonex Nano Speed Alpha

Fitness safety tips for beginners.

Before you hit the gym or decide to start your own exercise regime at home, it is always good to review some basic safety tips. You might think that your body is ready to take on the strain, but doing too much suddenly can cause sprains and other such injuries. Take some time to read these precautions to avoid any injuries on your road to fitness.

Pay a visit to the doctor

If you have not worked out or exercised in a long time, it is advisable to check in with your doctor to ensure that your heart and body are in sound shape to support exercise. Doing this will also give you added assurance that you can work out without any hassles, and gradually push yourself to increase your exercise time. Your doctor will also be able to suggest a fitness regime that you can do without putting too much strain on your body at once.

Warm up and cool down

This is one of the most important things to keep in mind. Before you start exercising you must warm up. Exercising without warming up can lead to injuries. You should begin with a five-minute warm-up and stretch period that consists of light walking, biking or some form of activity coupled with stretches for the major muscle groups, such as the calves, quadriceps (front of the legs), back, triceps and shoulders.

Similarly, once you finish working out it is necessary to cool down. How does cooling down help? It prevents muscle soreness, and ensures that your heart rate is at an acceptable level to cease exercising. If you do not cool down properly, it might cause a cardiac-related outcome, like fainting. Once you finish exercising, cool down by walking and doing gentle stretches. If you do very strenuous exercises, you can cool by doing a slow jog and loosening your muscles.

Always remember to stretch before you start your workout.
Always remember to stretch before you start your workout.

Build up your fitness levels

As mentioned earlier, you might be very enthusiastic to see how much you can push your body on the first day itself. But keep in mind that your body will not be able to achieve this, so start off with moderate-level exercises that your body can keep up with. Some of the things you can do are cycling, swimming and brisk walking. Try and include some form of resistance activity like lifting weights. Again, start with smaller weights and gradually increase as your fitness levels build up.

In addition to this, staying hydrated is very important. However wrapped up you get in your fitness regime always remember to drink plenty of water. Drink a lot of fluids before, during and after you workout.

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