The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of IPL 6

Just about one third of the matches of IPL 6 have been played so far but we have already seen a lot of action. Thankfully, this time around there has been good dose of cricket action in addition to the usual bling associated with IPL.

Here is an attempt to take out the “The Good, The Bad, The Ugly” of this IPL so far.

The Good

Kumar Sangakkara

Sanga is a legendary cricketer and a gentleman as well. He proved it once again when he dropped himself from the Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) team. This was one of those rare occasions when a captain of the side dropped himself for the greater good of the team. He passed on the captain role to Cameron White and was seen cheering the team mates from the dug out. SRH has tasted good success this year and such act of selflessness has indeed created a wonderful impact on the team which is now looking like a closely gelled unit. Hats off to Sanga !!


Ricky Ponting

Despite being in early 40s, Ponting’s is supremely fit and he can put many active international cricketers and 20 something boys to shame. While he might have aged but the reflexes haven’t gone down one bit. He pulled off a blinder to dismiss Unmukt Chand in their match against Delhi. Ponting dived full length to his right and took a single handed catch. His body was few inches above the ground at the time of the catch. Indeed, one of the best catches we will ever see and fittingly from one of the best fielders we will ever see.


The Bad

Dwayne Bravo and Kieron Pollard

The T&T boys were part of an ugly on-pitch altercation during one Mumbai-Chennai match. Having beaten Pollard a few times, Bravo had a few words to say him. Pollard, usually calm and no no-sense guy, gave it back with a few words of his own. Only IPL can provide such a spectacle where two national team mates were at the opposite ends!
Bravo - Pollard

RP Singh

RP made a come-back after injury lay-off and was having a good game, until that last over he bowled to Sir Ravindra Jadeja. 16 to get of the over, CSK came home with one ball to spare. The last ball from RP was a no-ball by a long distance. Not a great sight to see an experienced pace bowler put in such a huge no-ball when it mattered the most !

RP Singh

The Ugly

Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir

The marks for guessing this one! Kohli and Gambhir have shared many dressing rooms while playing for Delhi, Zone and India. Gambhir is going through a bit of trouble with his form and has been dropped from the national side. On the other hand, Kohli has established himself in the team and also taken up the vice-captain role from Gambhir. Probably, this got onto the nerves of Gambhir, often dubbed as angry young man, who had a little something to say as Kohli was walking back to the dug out. Kohli turned back to give it back and an ugly street cricket fight like scene broke out. It took their Delhi team mate Rajat Bhatia some effort to calm them down. May this be the last of the ugly scuffle between Indian team mates!


Please revert with your list of good, bad and ugly so far. We would be happy to feature this. And yes, please share this with your sports enthusiast friends!

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When does your love of the game begin to hurt?

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Improper use of equipment

Using your equipment wrongly not only exposes you to the threat of injury, it also damages your equipment in the process. Therefore, your hockey stick should never be used as a weapon or the puck as a Frisbee. Improper care of your equipment is also tantamount to misuse as it also speeds up the wear and tear of the same. Replace your skates after a maximum of five years. Even if they are your lucky skates and you think that you will be invincible once you put them on, you will do yourself a world of good if you get them replaced once five years is up so that you can continue to get the ankle support you need.

Lack of knowledge or adherence to the rules

Let’s say you bought an expensive and high tech piece of indoor entertainment equipment like a home theater system and want to install it yourself. The first thing you should look for is the owner’s manual which contains instructions on how to install that particular piece of gadgetry and how to make it interact with other entertainment equipment in your home like your TV, DVD player or video game console. The same is true in sports where the rulebook acts as the user guide and owner’s manual.

Avoid improper use of equipment.
Avoid improper use of equipment.

Therein you will find how to play the game, how to interact with other players on your team and on the opposing team and caution on any untoward behavior and the repercussions of the same. For example, if you endeavor to play ice hockey and decide that since it is a high contact sport, you can get away with aggressive behavior and dangerous play, you may just find yourself in possession of a green card.

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In a nutshell

As long as you play by the rules and practice to hone your skill and keep your body in shape, your sporting career may be a long and fruitful one. Too many promising athletes have had their careers cut short by unfortunate injuries or incidents. Some of them have been brought about by their own doing while others have not been a fault of their own. You will find that a combination of skill and caution can help you avoid those players on the ice whose aggressive behavior may result in injury without necessarily affecting your game.

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