Oxello Roller Fit 3 (Women’s)

These roller blades are ideal for learning inline skating. They are standard lace-up roller blades with an  ankle fastening buckle and instep strap.The composite frame combines soft wheels and ABEC 3 bearings to enhance glide performance. These roller blades have a very good frame which is a one  piece polypropylene frame that dampens vibrations well, and reinforced with fibreglass for more rigidity.The length makes skate manoeuvrable whilst guaranteeing stability. Get 10% off when buying it from our online store!



Prince EX O3 Tour 100 Tennis Racket

The Prince EX o3 Tour 100 is a lightweight blend of power and feel. The racket is an upgrade from the pervious versions of the Tour series.  A plush and more generous feeling sweet spot adds some additional pop and easy access to depth compared to the 18×20 version. From the baseline, players will find exceptional access to spin thanks to the extremely manoeuvrable feel and grippy, open string pattern. Enough power is on tap with this one to make dispatching shot balls and passing shots a snap. At net the racket feels rock solid, lightning fast and very comfortable. On serve the fast feel of this racket helps the player find ample pace. Spin is excellent and intermediate through advanced level players should find lots of slice and topspin serving with this one. View more specifications here, and also avail a discount when shopping with us.

Racket, Tennis, Racket Sports, Buy, Prince, Prince  EX o3 Tour 100 Tennis Racket , 7 pts head Heavy , low , 20 mm , 4 3/8
Prince EX o3 Tour 100 Tennis Racket

Kipsta agility 300 FG football shoes

This product is suitable for novice players, and are ideal for use on grass and synthetic pitches. They are comfortable, durable and provide good balance. The shoe has good traction which is facilitated by the studs on the outer sole, and in terms of durability the upper and sole components are resistant to wear on synthetic and grass. To maximise user comfort the ergonomic shape of the shoe’s interior hugs the contours of the foot. View more specifications here.

Kipsta AGILITY 300 FG
Kipsta AGILITY 300 FG



Yonex Arc saber delta badminton racket

Released in 2012, this is an even balance racket with a medium stiff shaft offering fast swing speed and all-around type of play with good control. It has an isometric head shape and incorporates the  Aero-Box Vari technology which reduces wind drag compared with a standard air-flow pattern, maximizing the power of the swing and the transfer of energy to the shuttle. There is better transfer of energy from the string bed to the shuttle which ensures more powerful shots. This racket is available on our online store, shop with us an get a 30% discount on it.

Yonex Arc Saber Delta Badminton Racquet White/Copp
Yonex Arc Saber Delta Badminton Racque

Adidas knee support

The Adidas knee support is made of neoprene and which helps in heat retention and maximum compression. This is what makes it one of the best knee supports available. It is a fantastic aid for sportsmen as it helps to support vulnerable joints and continue to exercise safely whilst the vented design keeps you cool.  It has got breathable mesh inserts and a comfortable fit for extra support. It is ideal for minor surgeries such as sprains and twists. Shop with us and avail a 25% discount on this knee support! View more specifications on our online store.

Adidas Knee Support
Adidas Knee Support