Tyre Trouble in Silverstone.

Cruising past the chequered flag on Sunday, with a 0.7 second lead was Mercedes’ Nico Rosberg. This is Rosberg’s second win of the season after his triumph in Monaco in May. Followed by Roseberg were Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso. Hmailton had an  excellent startand was able to record the fastest lap which kept him ahead of  Vettel.

Just when it seems to be going well, Lap 9 spells disappointment for British fans has Hamilton begins having problems with the left rear tire. Despite tire problems Hamilton was able to finish fourth, and keeping in mind the challenge he faced,  fourth position was nothing to complain about. Hamilton was not the only one with tire problems on Sunday, Felipe Massa and jean Eric Verne also face the same problem when they tires burst. All this resulted in the safety being brought out on the track, and many fingers pointing at Pirelli!

In pics: British Grand Prix 2013
Rosberg finished first at the British GP
Image courtesy:http://ibnlive.in.com/photogallery/13847.html

As the safety car head out, Vettel was in the lead followed by Rosberg and Sutil. More racing action begins around lap 22 when Perez tried to overtake Webber into 8th position. But, Webber does not give up that easily and Perrez is forced to hold back. By Lap 33, both Raikkonen and Alonso pit for harder tyres, by which time the tyre mishaps with other racers have cause considerable response on Twitter. By lap 38 Hamilton is able to prove his driving skills, he races past Di Resta and moves upto 11th position after falling to 14th because of tire trouble. Things are progressing quite rapidly with the race leaders as well, Webber who is in fourth position tails Kimi to try and snatch third place. Rosberg tries to close the gap between him and Vettel to become the race leader.

Lap 42 was the defining moment of the race at Silverstone. Race leader Vettel was not able to hold on to a two-stop strategy and due to a gear-box problem wad forced to retire from the race.  There ended his lead in the race, and the world championship leader was quickly replaced by Rosberg! By this time the safety car was out again and it was almost certain who the winner of the Bitish GP was going to be! Impressive racing was seen from Alonso as well, as he was able to move up to third place from seventh in just a few steps. By overtaking McLarens of Jenson Button and Sergio Perez, the Force India of Adrian Sutil and championship rival Kimi Raikkonen, Alonso gave himself another podium finish.

Although it was a slightly disappointing race for Red Bull, their consolation was a second place from Webber. Ferrari had a good race too, as Alonso finished third and Massa sixth. Raikkonen was down to 5th position, but could have done better if the team had offered a tyre change when the safety car was out. After the British GP, this is how the drivers championship points stand: in the lead is Vettel with 132 ponts, followed by Alonos with 111 points and Kimi in third with 98 points. After this race, however more than anyone else Pirelli will be feeling the heat after the mnay tyre mishaps. One can only hope that these issues are resolved ahead of the GP in Germany.

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The British GP saw considerable tyre trouble for some racers, whose left rear tyres burst causing quite a bit of damage and confusion on the track at Silverstone. For other racers it was a good race, Rosberg had his second win of the season and he was followed by Webber in second and Alonso in third.