Indian Badminton League Star – Markis Kido

Indian Badminton League has seen some wonderful badminton actions, especially from the International Stars.

Markis KidoIndonesian doubles specialist Markis Kido has set the court on fire with some dazzling and flamboyant play. He plays for the Awadhe Warriors (Lucknow) franchisee and has been instrumental in the journey of the franchisee to the final of the IBL.

His pairing with Mathais Boe in the men’s doubles has worked wonders for the franchisee and the pair is lived upto their expectations with brilliant badminton.  And, with his sister Pia Zebadiah Bernadeth, he has dominated the mixed doubles segment as well.

Here are a few video links to breath taking play by Markis Kido. Savor these !

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