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Diwali or the “festival of lights” is a five-day Hindu festival which starts on Dhanteras, and ends on Bhaubeej. The time of Diwali is one of the most festive and beautiful times of the year. Diwali literally means a “Row of Lights.” It is a time filled with light and love; a time when Indians all over the world rejoice. Diwali is heralded as the triumph of good over evil. For Hindus, Diwali is one of the most important festivals of the year and is celebrated in families by performing traditional activities together in their homes.

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Online Cricket Clinic


We shall start with the basics of the bat grip and the stance.

1) The grip principles are the same for right and left-handers.

  • For a right-hander the left hand should be at the top of the handle – vice versa for a left-hander.
  • Check both your hands are fairly close together on the bat, towards the top of the handle.
  • Form a “V” by pointing your thumb and forefinger down between outside edge and centre of back of bat.
  • The top hand rests comfortably on the inside of the front thigh (left thigh for a right hander).
  • And the back of the top hand should face towards extra cover.

Bat grip

2) The stance is the “ready” position when the batsman is about to face a delivery.

It is the base to play all your shots, so remember to be comfortable and relaxed.

Points to remember:

  • The feet should be approximately a foot length apart either side or on the popping crease.
  • The weight of the batsman should be on the balls of their feet, with the knees slightly bent. This means they can transfer quickly to either their front or back foot depending on the length of the ball.
  • The batsman should be side on when the bowler is about to deliver.
  • Some batsmen prefer to open their stance to help them see the ball clearer.

Batting stance

The most important reasons to walk

Walk to …

1. Keep your brain young! Researchers at the University of Illinois found that aerobic exercise, like walking, boosts the rate and sharpness of thought and actually builds brain tissue. Just 40 minutes of brisk walking three times a week will do the trick.

2. Prevent the #1 killer. Heart disease is the number one killer. But walk for 30 minutes each day and cut your risk of heart disease by as much as 40 percent. That’s what a recent Harvard study found. As you strengthen your heart with aerobic exercise it pumps blood more efficiently and circulation improves.

3. Walk toward a better mental state. During aerobic exercise like walking, your body releases endorphins, natural opiate-like chemicals in the brain that promote an increased sense of well-being, so don’t be surprised to find that anxiety, bad mood and stress are alleviated after a after a brisk walk around your neighbourhood.

4. Walk to clean out toxins. Your small blood vessels widen and bring more oxygen to your muscles as you exercise aerobically. As they carry more oxygen to your muscles, they also carry away waste products, such as carbon dioxide and lactic acid, leaving your muscles refreshed.

5. Walk to turn up the notch on your immune system. A study from Appalachian State University in North Carolina found that adults who exercised halved the odds of catchy those nasty cold viruses. Additionally, when physically fit and active adults did contract colds, the cold was much less severe than in adults who were not physically fit and active.

Ready to get moving? Let’s put some walking shoes on, clear our minds, breathe and keep those hearts healthy.


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The Cricket Bat Guide

Cricket Bats

Cricket Bats are fundamental to the game of cricket. Good cricket bats are expensive. However, a large proportion of players, mainly amateurs and children, are playing with the wrong size and/or weight cricket bat to the detriment of their game. Read on to learn exactly what you need to know when selecting the right cricket bat.

Materials & Manufacturing


Cricket bats are carved from willow, which is a naturally fibrous wood. Each cricket bat manufacturer will seek to select the best woods for their products to ensure high standards and overall product quality. The two types of willow used for bat making are English Willow and Kashmir [Indian] Willow.

English Willow: This is a soft, fibrous timber. This type of willow is the preferred choice for the majority of bat manufacturers due to its high performance effect when striking the ball. Regardless of type however, willow will become damaged and prone to breakages over time. The cricket bat can become scarred, bruised and dented due to the nature of the game and the frequent high intense impacts of the ball hitting the cricket bat.

Kashmir Willow: Kashmir willow comes from India. This is largely utilised by cricket bat manufacturers as a substitute for English Willow. The Kashmir willow is regarded as a harder wood and in comparison to English willow does not have the same performance effect i.e. a player will not experience the same “sweet spot” when striking the ball. Kashmir willow will only be used for lower range and priced cricket bats. It is unlikely that a regular adult player, playing at a reasonable standard would choose to use a Kashmir willow cricket bat.

Carbon Fibre – Some cricket bat manufacturers insert additional carbon fibre into the handle of the cricket bat to make the bat feel lighter in the hands. The insertion of carbon fibre also allows more power t

o be generated in shots and increases the shock absorption in the handle from high impact balls.

Titanium – Due to recent technological advancements and innovations, this material is can be inserted into the handle of cricket bats to add reinforcement and provide more power in the hitting zone.


Manufacturing- How are Cricket Bats made?

Time – The process of making a cricket bat takes a relatively long period of time compared to many other sporting products. Before any manufacturing can take place, trees have to be specially planted in selected areas of the UK [or India in the case of Kashmir willow]. 15-30 years after plantation, the trees are chopped down with two more planted thereafter.

Clefts – The trees are then chopped into logs and are then split into wedges called clefts. Each bat manufacturer then carefully selects the clefts they want before waxing the clefts at each end to prevent the loss of any water moisture and splitting. The clefts are then placed in drying rooms. After 6 months the clefts are removed from the drying rooms as they will have reached the required moisture levels.

Cutting – The clefts are then cut into the basic shape of a cricket bat with the correct width and length. At this point in the manufacturing process, the handle and toe ends of the bat are established, with the blade selected from the best end of the willow to ensure a quality cricket bat and better performance.

Pressing – After machining and grading, the willow is pressed. This strengthens the willow so it can withstand the impact of a cricket ball. The pressing stage of the process has to be done very carefully, to avoid the cricket bat from being compressed too much.

Fitting the handle – The next stage is to fit the handle to the cricket bat. The handle is usually constructed of cane and rubber strips, but with recent technological innovations and advancements, titanium is sometimes utilised. The handle is constructed of such materials to add reinforcements and provide more power in the hitting zone.

Shaping – When the handle has been fitted, the cricket bat is nearly complete. The bat’s craftsman then places the bat into a vice and shapes the blade using a draw knife with the majority of wood left in the middle of the cricket bat (some manufacturers will use machines to achieve the same outcome). Some cricket bats are crafted with lower or higher middles depending on the player’s batting style and the types of pitches they play on. The craftsmen will shape the blade to enhance the pick-up and weight of the cricket bat and to ensure a good overall balance to the bat. The shoulders of the bat are shaped and blended to give the correct shape and structure to the bat.

Final touches – The cricket bat is then sanded twice, with the shoulders shaped again and blended into the handle of the bat. The cricket bat is then finished using a horse’s shin bone to polish the surface of the bat. This compresses the cricket bat further, provides a nice polished finish, and increases the overall presentation of the cricket bat. Once rubber grips and the manufacturers logo are added the cricket bat is now complete and ready to be sold.

Bear in mind that at this stage the cricket bat isn’t entirely finished as you will have to do some preparation to your bat prior to using it, even where stickers state the bat is pre-prepared.

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Yuvraj Singh:The man of many comebacks


Yuvraj Singh is on the brink of yet another comeback as he returns to the Indian team for the ODI series against Australia to be played at home. This was inevitable after a series of good scores for India ‘A’ and also captaining India Blue to victory in the recently concluded Challenger Trophy. There could be no better team than Australia for him to make his comeback, since this is the team against which he made his dream debut back in 1999. Besides, every Indian remembers the last time he played Australia at the 2011 World Cup quarter final, where he guided his team to a nail biting victory. The memory of him getting down on his knees to celebrate the win after hitting the winning runs is unlikely to be forgotten in a long time.

Since losing his place in the Indian side, after making his well documented comeback from cancer, it would have been very easy for him to give up, with the selectors also concentrating on youth. But Yuvi is not one to throw in the towel so easily. Behind this latest comeback is a story of toil and undying commitment to the game, which saw him fly to Paris, France to undergo a strenuous training program along with his good friend, Zaheer Khan so as to be able to push for a return to the team. The six week stint was more oriented towards building up endurance and physical strength , but at the same time also working on his cricketing skills. To show how committed he was to the cause, he even requested his mother not to come there as she would pamper him with her food and distract him from his training regime.

With Dinesh Karthik not able to cement his place in the side at no.4 after being given numerous opportunities, it was only a matter of time before he got back into the side based on his recent good performances. Now with a completely fit and raring to go Yuvi back against the Aussies, the Indian side looks like a stronger unit as he provides that all round ability which is essential to any team. A strong performance with bat and ball in the upcoming series could see him take a huge step towards playing another World Cup in 2015 and also pushing for a place in the Test team, which he has always stated is his ultimate goal.

This latest comeback of his would go a long way in silencing the critics who had said his place in the team was given to him on grounds of sympathy and past performances after his cancer comeback. At the same time, it can also be looked at as a last chance to deliver the goods or lose his place to youngsters in the run up to the World Cup. His role in this relatively young and inexperienced team could yet prove to be vital as he could play a guiding role to the youngsters. He also offers Dhoni the option of playing the extra batsman as he is capable of getting through his quota of overs, especially in Indian conditions.

Yuvi’s story is the stuff of legends which should be looked at as an inspiration for not only sports persons but all human beings. From not being able to even hold a cricket bat during chemotherapy to returning to the highest level of international cricket, all this within the span of a year. A journey of falling from the highest of highs, after a Man of the Tournament performance in the World Cup to the lowest of lows, being diagnosed with cancer soon after and then having the strength and courage to rise from the ashes and make a fairytale comeback. The moral being that there is always hope as long as you have the self belief and the passion to return to normal life, to return to what you love doing. As the man himself said, “Cancer is like a yorker, you have to hit it for a six” and that is exactly what he has done. We are all looking forward to seeing the Yuvi of old times in the upcoming series, smashing the Aussies to all parts of the ground and then going on to write another chapter in his already illustrious career.

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