Trikke carving vehicles: The new way to stay fit

Trikke has the coolest human body powered carving vehicles on the planet. The Trikke is an innovative three-wheeled vehicle that takes the best of the popular vehicles of today and combines them into a completely new machine in form, function, and riding experience. The patented technology makes it possible for a rider to propel the Trikke forward without pushing or pedalling. If you’re looking for a life-changing fitness machine or a green transportation solution that is a blast to ride, you’re in the right place.


The ‘tri’ in Trikke stands for the number three and this number is very important. Trikkes have three wheels, three extensions, and are accelerated in three stages. The first stage uses mostly the brute force of your arms, the second stage incorporates more of the entire body and the third stage adds rhythm and momentum into the process. There are even three cardinal rules for operating a Trikke: 1) Know your terrain. 2) Rhythm is king. 3) Protect your momentum.

Carving vehicles operate on principles of propulsion. The key to propulsion is using the momentum of one turn to roll you into the next turn and the next. Lean into the turn, and you’re “carving”. Because of the vehicle’s design, a rider can learn to maximize the velocity generated from making each turn and then transfer that momentum into the next turn, and so on. Propulsion can be so effortless that it feels like magic!


If there’s an award for personal transportation vehicle with the best storage and portability options, Trikke would win, hands-down. It folds up into a compact, linear bundle. It can easily be stored by hanging from a hook in your garage or storage room. It also stows nicely in the back of most cars & trucks for excellent transporting & portability. This same portability makes it ideal for various commuting options. It fits easily in the storage bays of buses & trains.

Best for use on: Concrete & paved trails or roads, Level to moderate trails/roads, Wider trails

Best used for: Commuting, Recreation, Adventure Sports, Exercise

Not recommended for: narrow trails, busy roads, soft-surface trails


The following are the health benefits of using Trikke carving vehicles:

Engages Your Entire Body:

From head to toe, riding a Trikke gets your whole body involved. Your arms are moving, your legs are working, your core is turning, all of which translates into a full-body workout like no other.

Engages Your Brain Too:

Because riding a Trikke involves crossing the midline, your brain also gets into the action, helping to keep your noggin engaged and active.

Provides Great Cardio Exercise:

What better way to get your lungs and heart involved than by using your entire body? The Trikke gets you moving in a way that’s natural and intuitive, making you want more!

Good for People from ages 3 to 103:

Whether it’s the very young or the young at heart, Trikkes can be ridden by anyone.

A Great Way to Lose Weight:

Studies have shown that riding a Trikke burns over 650 calories an hour while riding at a speed of 11 mph.

No Impact Exercise:

When riding a Trikke, there’s no jumping up and down and landing on your joints repeatedly. In fact, there’s little or no impact at all!

Combines Strength Training and Cross Training:

Because your muscles and cardiovascular system are engaged, riding a Trikke means you’re getting the best of both worlds: strength training and cross training.

Enhances Balance and Coordination:

When standing on a Trikke, you’re standing on your own two feet, which means, as you ride, you’re also working on your balance and coordination.

No Sports Background Needed:

Riding a Trikke is simple. If you can stand on your own two feet and turn side to side, you too can ride a Trikke.


“The payoff: A superb full-body toning and fast shedding workout. Body parts worked: Shoulders, arms, abs, glutes, thighs, calves”.  -Men’s Fitness Magazine

“An addictive blend of form and fitness. Good aerobic and all-body toning workout”.Los Angeles Times

The Trikke was named “One of the coolest inventions of the year”-Time Magazine.

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Exciting deals on Squash Racquets

Prince A Lite 125 TR Squash Racquet:

The frame of this racquet is arranged in the power ring configuration that boosts the power generated on every shot making it difficult for your opponent to keep up with the pace of the game. The racquet comes with a power scoop shaft allowing you to swing the racquet with more force and ease. The combination of the power shaft and the power ring make this racquet able to considerably improve the power of all your shots. The Prince A Lite 125 TR racquet is exceedingly durable and will not break or be damaged easily. Boasting of triple threat protection, this racquet comes with a Wallglider Bumper that protects the frame of the racquet from any damage even when it is struck on another surface.

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Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 Basaltex Multiaxial Squash Racket:

This is one of the most dynamic racquets on the market which has been designed specifically for Mohamed El Shorbagy, one of the fastest climbing professional players. The Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 Basaltex Multiaxial is a racket for the intermediate/advanced player and is said to be perfect for attacking players who like their rackets to be light, fast and provide good control for hitting to the front. The racket incorporates all Tecnifibre’s latest technologies such as an Isomorph Shaft and Basaltex Multiaxial Transmitters, which are made from volcanic rock and added to the shaft. This is how Tecnifibre claim they have managed to create such a stiff frame that is so light. The racket is strung in Tecnifibre 305+ one of the best and most expensive strings on the market which significantly adds to the value of the racket.

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The Tecnifibre Carboflex 140 Basaltex Squash Racquet:

The Tecnifibre Carboflex 140 Basaltex squash racquet is designed for skilled players who want to improve their consistency; it features Isomorph ShaftTM technology, where a tendon is added onto the shaft to increase stiffness by 25% for more power. These tendons are known as Basaltex TransmittersTM which are located in line on the shaft for flex control and as a result increase the strength and power of the racket, whilst also enhancing the feel, providing the best combination of power and touch. The shaft’s flex benefits provide a more appropriate racquet suited to today’s skillful touch player: powerful, fast and responsive.

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Prince Pro 03 SQ Squash Racquet:

Prince Pro O3 is a top of the line squash racket which is designed for advanced players.It features O-ports which help stabilize the racquet to give you more control on off-center shots. The sweet spot of the racquet is up to 54 percent larger than traditional racquets for improved power. It comes with a Triple Threat Tungsten design which creates a phenomenally stable frame. The racquet is made with 12 large O-shaped rings in the frame. Since the underlying material is so strong, the racquet can perform at the highest levels with less weight making the racquet more aerodynamic. Less resistance means more racquet speed and that is the big deal-more power and velocity!

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Online Cricket Clinic- The square cut

If bowlers give most batsmen a short and wide delivery outside off stump, chances are they’ll be hit for four square of the wicket.

The square cut allows batsmen to free their arms and hit the ball with a cross bat, enabling them to get plenty of power on the shot.

But be careful, although a square cut can bag you plenty of runs, it can also lead to your downfall if you get too confident.



The back foot moves back towards the stumps and across towards the line of the ball.

The front shoulder should turn to the off side as the bat is taken back.



The bat is brought down and across, making contact with the ball at full arm extension.

Keep the head still and roll the wrists forwards to keep the ball down.

STEP 3: 


Follow through with the shot, leaving the weight on the back foot and the bat finishing over the front shoulder and behind the head.

Begin your cycling journey at affordable prices

Cycling is one of the easiest ways to exercise the body as it can be done almost anywhere at any time of the year without spending a fortune. Cycling is not a fitness activity that solely involves the legs. It builds strength in a holistic manner since every single part of the body is involved in cycling. Below we provide you with the ideal bicycles for beginners which are available at affordable prices.

Btwin My Bike:

The Btwin My Bike can be used by all age groups and comes with wide semi-slick hybrid tyres which make it the ideal bicycle for roads and paths. One of the strong points of the Btwin My Bike is that it is made up of steel components which aid in the durability aspect throughout the cycle. The brakes of this cycle come with aluminium levers resulting in a powerful and progressive braking system. The Btwin My Bike has a wide and comfortable PU MTB saddle offering a comfortable riding position which leads to enhanced bike control.

The Btwin My Bike is available at for Rs. 4217 at a discount of 30%.


Btwin Rockrider 5.0:

The Rockrider 5.0 is a hybrid bicycle designed for the novice mountain biker to be used on country paths and trails. The bicycle is ideal for a person who is looking to get into serious cycling. The biggest advantage of the Rockrider 5.0 is that the front wheel can be removed without the use of any tools. The durability of the bicycle is top class as it is provided with steel stems and steel handle bars. The brakes of the cycle are extremely responsive thus ensuring the safety of the cyclist. The Rockrider 5.0 comes with an anti-corrosion treatment on the nuts and bolts giving your cycle the best opportunity to continue looking new and stylish even after prolonged usage.

The Btwin Rockrider 5.0 is available at for Rs. Rs. 9199.


Btwin : The brand

Btwin is one of the most reputed cycling brands worldwide with its headquarters in Lille, France. Btwin is the cycling brand of the Oxylane network. Their mission is to make cycling available to everyone, at all levels and for all uses, through innovative and high-quality products. It is the number 1 French cycling brand by volume of bicycles sold. One of the features of Btwin that is relatively unique is the sheer range of products available. Road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid and touring bikes, folding bikes, BMXs and children’s bikes are all available, with clothing ranges designed to suit each of these specific markets. On top of the bikes and clothing ranges, there is also a wide range of accessories, featuring everything from inner tubes and mudguards to cycling computers and home trainers. Whether you are an occasional cyclist or somebody looking for the maximum performance, you will be well catered for within the Btwin range.

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Cricket clinic: Play the sweep shot

The sweep shot

The sweep is a cross-batted shot played to a delivery on or around leg stump behind square on the leg side.

There’s an element of risk when you play the shot, so read on to make sure you don’t give your wicket away needlessly.


Lead towards the line of the ball with head and front shoulder.

Place the front pad into the line of the ball and then bending the front leg and collapsing the back leg.


With your head over the front knee, bring the bat down and across from a high backswing.

Strike the ball in front of the pad with the arms outstretched and both shoulders facing directly down the pitch.

Roll the wrists on contact to keep the ball down.


Follow through so that the bat finishes in a high position with the hands close to the front shoulder.