Hiking-Backpacking Guide

All set for that awesome hike you had planned months in advance? But now you are confused on the most important item in your list:Tents.

In this post we will help you with the common questions one needs to answer to decide what type of tent is needed for the hike.

Is it Spacious?

This depends largely on what type of sleeper you and your accomplice are. If you are the type of sleeper that tends to roll around then it is advisable to buy an extra size to be on the safer side. Majority of the places the tents will be on display and one can check the space by entering the tent. Most tent names include a number (e.g.Quechua Arpenaz 2 XL BLUE, Coleman tent Sundome 2 C004) that indicates the capacity.

Coleman Tent

What’s the Weather Forecast?

Before going out on a hike, one should research about the climate conditions of the destination.It’s best to carry a tent designed to handle the worst conditions you expect to encounter. Naturally, the light-weighted summer-oriented tents are very appealing. But if you are planning a trip where snow and high winds are possible, bring a tent engineered to withstand those conditions.It is not unusual for backpacking devotees to own 2 or more tents to suit the weather they expect to face.

The most populartents are the 3 season tents which is ideal for

  • Keeping you dry during rain or light snow.
  • Shielding you from bugs.
  • Providing privacy.


What’s the Color of the Day :

This might seem like a surprise inclusion as one would think ‘Why is color so important’. If you were to be caught in a fierce storm that has ruined plans for the day and your only option is to stay in the tent that is when the importance of color comes to the fore. It is proven that bright colors tend to improve your mood more than dark colors. So if one was to be caught in a storm and your only option is to stay in the tent then having a bright color tends to have a positive effect on your mindset each time you see it.

Is There Enough Ventilation ?

One exhales and radiates heat. The moisture in the breath can cause moisture in the underside of the canopy if it is cold night. If this were to happen very often then the moisture could turn into a pool and drop by drop start falling on camper’s head. To avoid this from happening, he/she needs more ventilation present in the tent.

Meshes are used in tents which are apt for milder conditions. If star-gazing is one of the prime agendas of the hike then buying all mesh tent is the best solutions. The all-mesh tents are usually very lightweight. But if one were to wonder what if the tiny insects can get through the meshes? The answer is no since the netting used is denser than the ones used in houses, it stops the miniscule insects from getting through the mesh.

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