Zidane’s Key To Success – Knowledge And Charisma


Ancelotti, the Italian coach, is happy. His happiness lies in the fact that his former assistant is shining as the in charge of Real Madrid. He believes that Zidane’s understanding of the game and character has helped him to become a huge powerhouse.

What has impressed the Real Madrid boss is Zidane’s respectful standing in football. And according to Carlo Ancelotti, it is what is expected from Zinedine Zidane. Being an iconic figure of the modern game, he scored two times in the 1998 Soccer World Cup final against France.

He assisted the Real Madrid to take part in the Champion League in 2001-2002. At that point, he was the assistant of Ancelotti and this Italian assisted the Madrid to lift their 10th European title in the year 2014.

However, after he took over the reins at Bernabeu because of the ill-fated stint Rafael Benitez had to go through in the hot seat, it was surprising to see how Zidane flourished. He surpassed the given expectations and did it by repeating the trick using the shootout triumph in the Champion League final held in Milan this year. And it was the crosstown rivals Atletico Madrid who became the victims again.

Zidane Taking Over The Helm

According to Ancelotti, while starting as a manager or coach, charisma is the necessary quality and significant one. The fact that you need to be respected for achieving something in years bygone is of the past. Currently, Ancelotti is in charge of the Bayern Munich.

Each day is a test for a coach; players often look up to their coach and listen to what they have to say. And if they like it, then they are really going to strive to show their best. And if not, then a small aspect is only lost. No doubt, Zidane got the knowledge and even the charisma to show off his expertise. His mentor feels that he is doing well even though they aren’t in contact. Of course, they do have a cordial and good relationship with each other and send message regularly.

Ancelotti praised Zidane and said that he helped him a lot at Madrid as he was well versed about the environment there. Zidane took over Carlo Ancelotti position at Real Madrid recently. The Italian coached the Real Madrid team from 2013 to 2015 and the Frenchman replaced somewhat at the beginning of 2016. And his contract runs till 2018.

After replacing Rafa Benitez at the beginning of January, he guided the Spanish team to their 11th best European success. This was due to the courtesy of the penalty shootout that led to the victory over the arch rivals Atletic Madrid in the final.

Total about 51 goals were scored by Ronaldo in every competition that took place last term. Ronaldo even lauded the impact Zidane has since he took over the helm. No doubt, Ronaldo feels that Zidane was the major key to that season and really prepped them to work hard and well. Not only he is a great professional but even a great person too.

Is Kane’s Football Career Coming To An End ?


Chris Sutton expressed his viewpoint on how the career of England’s star player Harry Kane can come to an end because of Rooney. He feels that Rooney is destroying the football career of Kane. As per the former Chelsea and Three Lions striker Chris Sutton, the free role of the captain is destroying the football career of his teammates, especially Tottenham star in particular.

The narrow win of 1-0 over Slovakia might be a good thing but Wayne Rooney still is responsible for not creating the best out of the career of Harry Kane. The Three Lions captain was subjected to harsh criticism, during and after the game, because of his lack of interest and lazy way of dealing with his teammates. He often ends up picking the ball just before the halfway line as he is in a deep-lying role.

Chances were missed by Kane and he lost two of them just before Adam Lallana came down and netted extensively to the stoppage time and was able to get three points for England’s World Cup 2016 Qualifier.

But Sam Allardyce feels and insists that Rooney has the choice to play wherever he wants. Chris Sutton wrote in the Daily Mail stating that there must be more disciples from the side of Rooney. Also, Allardyce needs to put in more authority after the first game in which he is in charge. Otherwise, the team will be lacking the quality of being a threat for its oppositions.

Is The England Star Footballer And Captain Lacking Seriousness At Field?

Sutton feels that the England manager must get a grip on his captain. He needs to be aware that his role lies in playing higher of the field. As Kane was utterly isolated in the game early on, it nearly destroyed his game plan. For Kane to be more efficient, he must have players around or near him, so that he can link up with them. He feels that Rooney can’t select and decide where he is going to play. Frankly, it is not a testimonial.

No doubt, critics feel that he is one of the best technician and passers of the game. However, if he cannot play matching the strength of the Kane, then the entire team will suffer. Allardyce was able to avoid various questions related to position Rooney is playing after the game got over. He insisted that the striker of Manchester United can play anywhere he wants since he has various experience at top level.

Big Sam has said the same. Wayne has been playing wherever he wanted to, and no one can prevent him from playing there. He is considered to be one of the most decorated outfield players of England. He has got victories in all the matches played for Man United, more or less at domestic level and even Champions League.

Big Sam feels that Wayne got a huge amount of experience in International football than him. With the extensive experience in Wayne’s arsenal and being a team member, it is not up to him to suggest where Wayne has to play. He can only provide an opinion about how well Wayne is doing in that position, and he feels that it is great.

India at the Rio Paralympics is more than just medal tally

Shortly after the Rio Olympics got over, now begins the Rio Paralympics. Paralympics is a great pusher for sports played by the disabled. It is an elixir of the courage of the disabled and that disabilities do not stop anyone from achieving what they want. Google has honored the Rio 2016 Paralympics with a Google doodle.


A total o 19 Indian athletes will feature in 10 discipline at the Rio Paralympics. The Paralympics will see as many as 4300 participants from 23 disciplines. Till date, India won as many as 8 medals that include 2 gold, 3 silvers and 3 bronzes.

India is hoping for a improved medal tally now. Indians will participate in High jump, Archery, Shot put, shooting, Swimming, Javelin throw, Power-lifting, Discus throw, club throw and 1500 runs .

There are several disciplines at the Olympics that will include athletics, boccia, cycling, equestrian, football, goal-ball, judo, para-triathlon, sailing, shooting, swimming table tennis, volleyball. There will also be a lot of games played bound on the wheelchair – basketball, tennis, rugby, canoe-kayak, triathlon.


Key players to watch out for in Indian Paralympics among men would be Mariyappan thangavelu, Varun Singh Bhati, Sundar Singh Gurjar, Devendra Jhajaria, Rinku Narendar Ranbir, Sandeep, amit Kumar Saroha, Dharambir, Naresh Kumar Sharma, Suyash Narayan Jadhav, Basha Farman, Virender Dhanka, Ankur Dharma,

Among Women important players would be Pooja, Deepa Malik, Karamjyoti Dalal.Though, the Rio Olympics 2016 gave a party time, India did well with just 3 medals. However, the poor medal tally has not been impressive. It is time to see India’s performance at the  held at Rio this year

While medal tally might be important, it goes well with the tag-line from Adidas: ‘Impossible is nothing’ and is a good example of how  people with disabilities too have a chance.The Paralympics is about hope  than about winning.

Sunil Chhetri – Great Player And Talisman Of The Team


The recent win of the Indian football team over Puerto Rico has reaped huge praises to the entire team as well as Sunil Chhetri. Stephen Constantine who is the head coach of the Indian football team felt that the star performance of Sunil helped India to get a cruical win of 4-1 over Puerto Rico.

It came as a surprise to many football fans when India who ranked 38 places below Puetro Rico defeated the football-crazy national team at the Mumbai Football Arena on Saturday. The entire players were galvanized after Emanuel Sanchez conceded the early penalty goal, but there was one individual who stood head and shoulder among all. It was Sunil Chhetri.

What sparked the comeback? It was the freekick of this Bengaluru FC forward player which came out of the woodwork that helped Narayan Das to hit the equalizer. All this happened just before another freekick came in the same half. But that hit the post, while this one helped to provide the Blue Tigers a substantial lead.

He had an excellent rapport and understanding with the other players in the frontline and it was quite best with Jeje Lalpekhula who was the best and helped with his intelligent passing. Even more surprising and great was to see the Indian coach Stephen Constantine heaping a good amount of praise on the team‘s most best and influential player, Chhetri. He believed that it was a great impact caused by the star player and feels that he can still play for 4-5 years.

Constantine feels that Chettri is the talisman of the team.  No doubt, he is one of the star and wonderful players who has been scoring goals for the past 10 years. The coach said that he constantly keeps teasing Chettri saying that his time for playing football is almost done and time has come for him to retire from professional footaball competitions. But now he feels that Chettri has another four to six years in him.

Also Chettri is in great shape and his physique is quite commendable. Truly, he is one of the best leaders for the team and the perfect captain. The Englishman feels that as long as he is fit, he must continue to play.

Best Position For Chettri

There has always been a huge debate on what is the best position for Chettri in the field. He provides a great amount of valuable output from various positions. Ashley Westwood, the former Bengaluru FC coach had sparkled the debate by making him play at the left. But Nicolas Anelka who is the former Mumbai City FC manager said that the Indian skipper was a poor fit to play behind the striker or lead the line.


However, he felt that wherever Chettri played, he delivered his best. So, it came no surprise when Constantine informed that he would like Chettri to play at various positions based on the opportunities thrown at him, since there are no standard lock on the positions he plays.  Also as a player of huge caliber, one has to give him space and ensure that he adjusts with the various temperaments of the game. And the best place for him will be behind the striker.