5 absolutely must-have accessories for your bicycle!


If you are reading this, one thing is certain that you are a cyclist or passionate about cycling. So, please accept a little pat on the back from us because you deserve it. You have joined a unique crusade which aims to make the world FITTER and GREENER!

While having a pair of wheel is the absolute must to indulge in Cycling, here are a few things that are also equally important if not more. Given a choice, most cyclists would be more than happy to add as many accessories as possible. But choices are to be made in the real world. So, we thought we will come with a list of 5 accessories that a cyclist should definitely have. The good news is that we will also tell you where and how you can get your hands on these. So, here we go:

  • Helmet

The bottom-line is that you shouldn’t be riding without a helmet. Enough and more is shared about why helmet is absolutely needed, so we wouldn’t attempt to repeat.

  • Lock

For a cyclist, the most value possession is the bike and there are infinite reasons to make sure that you wouldn’t lose it. A safety lock will do the job for you. They come in different shapes, sizes and sophistication but they core use is to prevent theft.

  • Lights

Lights are important for any type of ride. Obviously it provides you visibility in dark, but also remember that lights on the bike will also help others on the road (motorists, truckers etc.) spot you.

  • Toolkit

It is all about being prepared all the time. Cycle breakdowns are not very complicated but can happen anywhere and anytime. Carrying a few tools would come in handy in the time of need. Good part is that these do not cost much and are also fairly compact to carry along the ride.

  • Hydration

This is more often ignored by riders. But, we think this is important. Your body should be adequately hydrated during the ride else you run the risk of several (and many of them serious) hydration related ailments. It doesn’t take much to carry a few ML of fluids for the ride. Haven’t we heard of a saying, ‘One for the road’!

Now, that we have said so much, it is our moral responsibility to help you with some recommendations as well.

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