Barcelona and Real Madrid suspend European Super League Talks


Barcelona and Real Madrid have recently confirmed with the La Liga officials about their withdrawal from any involvement with a breakaway European Super League for the time being. The teams have decided to stay dedicated and focused towards their participation in Spain’s domestic division for the near future.

La Liga clubs held a private meet in Manchester over the past two days to discuss the details of building a more united approach domestically and also internationally. The intension of the meet is to achieve a growing financial strength of the Premier League.

La Liga’s director general of marketing, Adolfo Bara said that Barcelona and Real Madrid have given an amnesty in concern with the European Super League. He also mentioned about their future plans and global strategy. Both the teams have a stronger united approach and alignment for the growth of La Liga.

Bara came up with a series of presentations for the clubs in Manchester. They also visited the Etihad stadium of the Manchester City. The clubs were briefed about the benefits of a better collective approach for issues such as the sale of television rights and also the circulation of income.

The main motive of La Liga to call the clubs to Manchester was to organise a meet with the senior officials. The officers from different offices of different parts of the world were in the city for the Soccerex Global Convention. It was a great opportunity for the clubs to get acquainted with the beneficiary ideas of the officials.

There was a debate earlier this year on a European Super League which was followed by various news reports stating that some of the England’s leading sides held a meet to discuss their idea. According to the reports, Susana Monje, Barcelona’s financial Vice-president backed the idea soon after the meeting was held.

Two of the leading club’s of Spain have been the leading voices on the European Super League controversies since the first event of disapproval around 20 years ago.

Bara mentioned that the amnesty does not mean that the European Super League controversy is resolved. He also said that La Liga will maintain a careful relationship with two of the most powerful clubs in the world. The official pardon is a step towards settlement but not a complete resolvement of the issue.

He also stated that they share a love-hate relationship with Barcelona and Real Madrid. The motive is to maintain a strong hold of their national league to achieve a place in the Premier league with financial support. To convince both the clubs was definitely a tough task but they have decided to provide support as of now.

Bara said that among the two clubs Madrid is the more difficult one to deal with in the European Super League. Even though the team is committed to La Liga, they believe that they can achieve a lot more on their own which makes it a difficult task to convince the club to stick together.

The idea of a breakaway European Super League has been strongly opposed by La Liga and other members of European Professional Football Leagues. They believe that it would develop a negative impact on all national leagues across the continent.

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