Rafael Nadal-the maestro of patience and work ethic.

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“Patience is not passive waiting. Patience is active acceptance of the process required to attain your goals and dreams.”

If somebody has to go through 7 months of layoff – normally there will always be people who will doubt your comeback and also doubts might creep in your mind about your own abilities. But not Rafael Nadal – the player who undoubtedly possesses nerves of steel and has abundance of determination to offset any layoff effects.

Rafael Nadal went on to win his 22nd ATP Masters 1000 title after defeating Juan Martin Del Potro in three sets. Since his comeback, he has won 3 out of 4 titles that he has played and defeated 4 players in top 10.

Obviously when one looks at his comeback performance, it will be hard for people to realize that this same player was out for 7 months. It is the same Rafael Nadal who dominated tennis in 2010 with three grand slam titles and not surprisingly, at that time also he was coming off after an injury layoff.

Nadal's 600th win!
Nadal’s 600th win!

In the past 7 months, if someone has followed Nadal on Facebook, they will know how much hard work has been put by the Spaniard for his comeback. Almost every day, a new picture was posted by Nadal and his team showing the rehab work that he was going through. Finally all those 7 months of hard work and effort paid off when he won his first hard court title at Indian Wells today since Tokyo’ 2010.

One obviously wonders, what it is about the great champions that separate them from the rest? Nadal is a great example because he showed us today exactly what it is that separates him from the rest. It’s the will and attitude to keep on fighting till the end. Every moment he steps on the court, he steps out with a new found hunger and gives his 100 percent in every point, no matter even if he is playing the match against a qualifier or the best. Layoffs, breaks, injuries  in the case of  champions like Nadal make them even more hungry and determined to focus on their games and return with a vengeance to make up for the time lost.

Rafael Nadal is an example for all of us to see how a great work ethic and attitude can make you a great champion and probably the toughest competitor in your arena. The normal tendency of human beings is to retreat back in a depressive zone in the face of adversity and give up the hope of trying again. Champions like him on the other hand revel in these opportunities and make sure that they make full use of the setbacks to bounce back stronger and better than before.

One might not be an ardent fan of Nadal but his performance on Sunday showed how great a champion he is and how inspiring he can be. That’s what life is all about, forget about whom you like or not, look at the person and study his amazing qualities, the qualities that are very rare to find and truly speaking it won’t hurt to learn from a great champion.

Hats off to Rafael Nadal who showed the world that it doesn’t matter if you have been on or off the field for 7 months, what matters is whether you have the heart, attitude and work ethic to comeback stronger, healthier and better than your past.

I will end with this quote:

“He that has patience and work ethic can always end up with what he will

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Women’s Day special: 30 minutes of exercise can change your life.

(Article contributed through S365-GBP by Apeksha H A)

This Women’s Day give yourself a fresh start! See how 30 minutes of exercise can take on a multipurpose role and not only improve your fitness but also reduce your stress levels.

Are you suffering from anaemia?

Do you feel stressed out almost 24 hours of the day?

Do you suffer from weakness in the body?

Is your weight a real issue making you a prime case for heart disease?

If you have one of the above symptoms, it should not be surprise for many of you. As per recent statistics, more than 50 percent of women in India (age 15-49) are anaemic. Not only that, almost one out of six women in India is obese.

With so much of time constraints and responsibilities, women in India juggle between their work, household chores and children in their families. It is not at all surprising that in a survey by Nielsen, Indian women are the most stressed out in the world: 87% of women feel stressed out most of the time as compared to 53% in America. Is there anything that we can do to avoid this at all considering the amount of responsibilities that we have to juggle and the stress that we face? Continue reading “Women’s Day special: 30 minutes of exercise can change your life.”

From M S Dhoni to Roger Federer:The inevitable truth of failure and struggle to become the best.

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Failure will happen if you will live your life. But how many times can a person fail?  It doesn’t matter how many times one fails, what MATTERS is how many times someone had the chance to quit and he didn’t, because winners make the most errors as they NEVER quit. Bearing that in mind, here are some prime examples of the above statement:

1. 4 Years of struggle, 4 Years of agonizing defeats against Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal before Novak Djokovic finally became World No. 1 in tennis. Conversely, 5 years of constant anguish, pain of living under the curse of not living up to his potential hung around his name and one life changing tragedy is what made Roger Federer the player he is today.

Djokovic and Federer at Wimbledon, 2012
Djokovic and Federer at Wimbledon, 2012

2. Rejection from the high school basketball team, working hard daily to prove everyone wrong, becoming famous and then struggling and failing in the baseball minor League before appreciating what he had in reality is the story of the greatest basketball player ever- Michael Jordan.

One of the greatest basketball players of all time-Michael Jordan
One of the greatest basketball players of all time-Michael Jordan

3. From a ticket collector in Indian Railways to cycling around the town of Kharagpur to playing with tennis balls on cricket grounds, no one who had played with Mahendra Singh Dhoni even had the slightest idea that the lad from a small town of India will go on to become the best Indian Captain ever.

One of the finest captains of the India cricket team-M S Dhoni
One of the finest captains of the India cricket team-M S Dhoni

4. Nobody gets up 6 am in the morning to play ball, But Ernie DiGregorio did and at twelve years of age,he started practicing 9-10 hours a day by himself. They could have cut his right hand off and he would have played one handed.That is why in-spite of his physical limitations: small height, chunky, slow with short arms, chubby fingers and no jumping ability – he still became NBA rookie of the year.

Ernie DiGregorio became rookie of the year despite physical limitations
Ernie DiGregorio became rookie of the year despite physical limitations

There are many examples like this all around not only in the field of sports but everywhere with people who have struggled early in on their career before going on to become the best in their field. Contrary to the popular belief that the great people have had an easy life and how each and every one of us wished to be lucky enough like them and become great like our favorite sports person, the above examples are just to show the opposite. Nobody has an easy life, not even the greats themselves. They have struggles just like a normal human being, each and every day of their lives. Struggle is an inevitable part of life and it will be foolish to escape from its clutches because it is these struggles which can make you great or break you in pieces.

So what is it that separates these great ones from normal human beings? It is the ability to get back up again when they have failed. Life will knock us down but we can always choose whether or not to get up again and strive towards the goals with double intensity. Failure and Struggle will always be there in every journey. In the words of JK Rowling: “You might never fail on the scale I did. But it is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all—in which case, you fail by default.”

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