What Do you mean by Fit ?

Before we start on the topic,let us look at some common sentences the word ‘fit’ is used in by the present generation. “Hey man, I am going to join the gym to get fit with 6-packs”. “I am going to wake up tomorrow morning and start getting fit by jogging around my apartments”(Well we usually know how the “getting up early in the morning” plans turn out)

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In this article, let’s talk about the fitness in sport regarding the three aspects i.e. Physical, mental, emotional. Modern definition of fitness describes either a person or machine’s ability to perform a specific function or a holistic definition of human adaptability to cope with various situations. Well rounded fitness program will improve a person in all aspects of fitness, rather than one, such as only cardio/respiratory endurance or only weight training. Fitness doesn’t mean only the physical aspect but also the mental and emotional part.So at first lets take a look at Physical Fitness.

Physical Fitness:

One of the most common misconceptions about Physical fitness is that only if a person has 6 packs, 4packs or 8 packs he is considered as fit. Let’s take the game of Cricket for example. Not many Cricketers would be having any packs but they can still be seen running around the entire match without breaking a sweat. Physical fitness for a sportsperson will be to last the entire duration of their game without getting tired or injured halfway into the game. Hitting the gym is a good start for being fit but you will also need a good gym trainer who understands your sport which you might be playing as a hobby or at a serious level like for the country. Only if the gym trainer understands your sport and the level you play at will he be able to give appropriate exercises because exercises for national level player will be completely different from those which are given to people who play the sport as a hobby.

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Physical fitness is known to keep away chronic age problems and also diseases like common cold and fever. Working out at the gym alone isn’t enough, eating healthy food and reducing the amount of junk food should also be done. There is no point in working out so hard to be fit only to ruin it by eating junk food, smoking and drinking alcohol .This is what we are going to see in the next topic: Mental Fitness.

Mental Fitness: 

Mental fitness means to have a fit and stable mind . As mentioned above the only way one can stop eating junk food, smoking and drinking Alcohol is if he/she has discipline. This discipline can be attained only when the mind is fit. Mental fitness once attained will help to keep diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia at bay for most of your life. Following are some ways to be mentally fit:

  1. Activities that require you to use all your senses and break your routines.
  2. Activities that involve planning ahead, like chess, stimulate the frontal lobe area of the brain.
  3. Activities like ballroom dance and basketball, train short range spatial skills, used when one walks through a short limited space, like the interior of a house.
  4. Reading books, and writing
  5. Activities like learning a new language or painting require the coordinating of multiple regions of the brain.
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Mental Fitness in Sport would indicate to the strength of the mind while playing the game. If a player was to have a weak mindset then that can affect his career in the long term. Staying with cricket, Stuart broad is a good example of person with good mental strength. After being belted for 6 towering sixes in an over by Yuvraj Singh, Stuart broad with a weak mental strength would have quit the game due to the incident. Since he was mentally strong he made a comeback into the squad and soon turned into a world class bowler. This never give up attitude is a sign of a healthy mind. A person having a mentally weak mind will be more of a liability than an asset to the team regardless of the talent he/she possesses. The other part of being mentally strong is keeping your emotions in check which VOILA is the next topic.

Emotional Fitness:

In Sports, Emotional Fitness means to keep your emotions in check regardless of what happens. E.g. Zinedine Zidane’s head butt in the 2006 World Cup finals is a perfect example. His head butt on Marco Matterazi was the turning point in the match as Zidane was pulling all the right strings with France dominating the match before the dismissal. Zidane’s dismissal also resulted in change of order in penalty kick-takers. Marco was working up Zidane since the start of the match and soon that one moment of emotional weakness cost the game for Zidane’s team.

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Being emotionally strong is a huge benefit in sport as it will be hugely discouraging for the opponents who are doing their best to work you up. This is the reason why people like Rahul Dravid, Sachin were never bothered with because the opponents knew there wasn’t going to be a reaction off the ball. Emotional fitness can only be attained by learning to be calm in dire situations. Obviously there are exceptions of people who perform well only when they vent out their emotions. The person needs to be in control of his emotions at all times during the game.

From the above we can see Fitness is of three types and all three are important. Every person needs to be fit in all three aspects of fitness. So tell us do you agree or disagree with us in the comments. Until next post check out our fitness items by clicking here http://goo.gl/gt1tqd or else check our soothing yoga products at  http://goo.gl/DAfKrv.

Cardio and Strength – The 21st Century Work-Out

                 How being fit helps your heart

Cardiovascular activity (cardio) includes the utilization of large muscles in a monotonous manner, activating muscle strands programmed for perseverance and using a heart rate in the range of 40 to 85 percent of your maximum heart rate. Think: jogging, running, swimming or biking.

How does cardio activity influence your heart?

At the point when performing cardio, blood stream is directed toward working muscles that are far from regions that aren’t doing much, (for example, your arms amid running, or the digestive tract). There is expanded blood stream, and blood volume coming back to the heart.

As the heart enrolls a bigger blood volume, after some time the left ventricle adjusts and grows. This bigger cavity can hold more blood, and launches more blood per beat, even when resting.

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Over time, with chronic cardio training, our resting heart rate drops in light of the fact that every beat conveys a greater burst of blood, and less pulsates are required. This takes work off your heart and is the reason cardio activity is prescribed for heart health.

Be that as it may, cardio activity can likewise create stress. In the event that we get into over-exercising, we may hit a point where we are drowning in cortisol. This in the long run leads to immunity-suppression and fat increase around the stomach area and face.

Individuals who spend a critical piece of their day in anxiety or stress, who have poor digestion or other sources of physiological anxiety, ought not to promote their anxiety levels by over-exercising. Continuously think about your objectives, moderate your exercise accordingly, and work to decrease your anxiety levels.

How does strength training exercise affect your heart?

Strength training exercises works the heart in a totally distinctive manner. At any given minute, certain muscles are contracting and depending transcendently on sort two muscle strands, which are in charge of giving us a good looking body and making us more fit and strong.

As the muscles contract—say the arm muscles amid a bicep twist—they press and close the veins that course through them. This prompts expanded circulatory strain in whatever is left of the body and the heart has to fight against a stronger force to push blood out.

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The heart adjusts to this by expanding the thickness of the left ventricle divider. This thickness got from ceaseless weight preparing is sound, while the thickness from incessant hypertension is definitely not.

What’s the distinction? The solid heart just needs to work under pressure for a few hours of strength training every week, while the heart with hypertension needs to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The second heart may get exhausted and deplete, though the solid heart gets to be more grounded with a lower resting heart rate.

Adhere to a keen, all around planned exercise program and give careful consideration to your eating routine. Practice good dieting and anxiety lessening strategies. Activity can actually lower pulse as far as possible when joined with anxiety decrease and a powerful dietary methodology.

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Let the Kids Play!

From which month actually a baby start kicking?? The answer is 5th Month… Must be wondering that why this question for this particular topic!!!  J  The 1st step towards sports or for any outdoor game starts from the womb of a mother for any child. It symbolizes that I want to run, jump and explore the world, though I belong to a tech-savy world. Let me go…

Sports does a magic for young stars. What, when, where and how it transforms a life of an individual is directly proportional to a specific game.You take any example: Cycling, helps in building mental stamina;horse riding, helps in taking risk and how to make strategy;chess, needs focus; then rugby needs a balanced body… You name a sport and it helps to develop a lot of things from a younger age. It is always easy to shape up a raw material than a readymade material. Sports are about those incredible moments where sheer human will and desire overcomes the odds. These are the moments we remember and cherish!!!


There was a program that used to be telecasted on Star plus named “Satyamave Jayate”, and there was an episode that focused upon sports. The episode showcased how sports change life of an individual from a younger age. The kids from slum, criminal or underprivileged backgrounds have seen a drastic change in their life after getting involved in Sports. These kids at present are very well known in their districts or cities or at national/international level games of their age group.

During childhood, sports is more than just winning medals. Although trophy is materialist but eventually it will decay with passage of time but memories associated are immortal till an individual is alive. At younger age, a child play sports to have fun but eventually it leads to immense potential transformation. It helps build character and break down barriers – of caste, religion and gender. Purpose of playing is enjoyment, physical development, a great past time, a healthy activity for kids. But at the same time teaches you the lesson of hard-work, focus, discipline, dedication, patience, team-work and what not.  At a younger age, it teaches you the best lessons of life that can be carry forwarded for lifetime. Sports helps in realization that one should not feel pride when you win and never feel dishearten when you lose. The kids who start playing at a younger age, face the challenges of life in a different way, their way of perceiving & foresee life is much different than their other age group people.

This has been illustrated by real-life examples of many children. Be it the sport of football or cricket or swimming, it holds the ability to grab a child’s attention and impart life lessons at the same time. India has many such stories. From Saktheshwari of the Slum Children Sports Talents Education Development Society, Chennai to Krishna, a swimmer from Gujarat; from Gaganjyot Singh of Rurka Kalan, Punjab to Prachi Meshram of Nagpur, the lives of some young people have been transformed by sports.

Generally, sport is regarded as a waste of time; from an early age children are constantly told by parents and teachers to concentrate on academics. But they don’t understand that it is about building team spirit, of learning to lose with grace and coming back to fight another day. It makes the child strong, independent and self-confident. In today’s scenario schools concentrate on that 1% of students who can win the medal for the schools but they don’t realize that many lessons of life a student learn from the ground. Sports should not be the part of education, this itself is an education.

This change is possible for all of our younger generation – we just need to get them out and play. Continuous effort — not strength or intelligence — is the key to unlocking our potential…

So let’s play!!!


Women across the world are understanding the importance of health and fitness in their lives, which is awesome. Fitness is important not just for women but everyone in the society. In his article, we will be concentrating on the importance of health and fitness for women. Obesity can cause a lot of severe health conditions like diabetes, cancer, heart disease etc. Women suffer from obesity more than men and it’s deadly, that’s the reason why women should exercise for at least half an hour thrice a week as recommended by almost all the doctors.


The sooner you start, the better it is. Fitness should be the way of life. A fit women not only becomes more energetic but fitness provides content, happiness and longer and healthier life.

Fitness programs and gyms are not the only way of working out, you can workout without any equipment and burning huge money in the gym. All you need is motivation. Check out our blog on List of workout you can do at home.

Fitness doesn’t depend only on workout but the food you eat as well. Health should be the most obvious concern in everybody’s psyche. We need to present the rundown of truths which can make your life better and simpler. These truths will make you mindful about fascinating bits of knowledge which most likely you didn’t think about. . To know more about nutrition, you can check out our blog on Things you didn’t know about health and nutrition.

You want some convincing reasons to be physically fit and active? We will provide you with about 10 of them. Some of reasons are:

  • Be healthier
  • Increase your chances of living a longer life
  • Feel better and happy about yourself
  • Stay out of depression
  • Who doesn’t need a better sleep at night?
  • Look good and be in shape
  • Feel Content
  • Have stronger muscles and bones
  • Achieve or maintain a healthy weight
  • Be with friends and meet new people

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