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Have you ever wondered where Satan has parked himself on this violent Earth to perform his duty by his warped doctrines? Why, in the most violent country and in the most violent city, of course. At least, that is what a local mortician declares about his city, San Pedro Sula.

High on Murder:

Honduras saw some 20 murders a day taking place in the last year. This is not an idle figure.  It is the datum given by Violence Observatory at the National Autonomous University of Honduras (NAUH). This works out to be 85.5 percent per 100,000 citizens. When you compare this figure with 1.2 in the UK, 56 in Venezuela and 4.78 in the US, you start realizing the start reality prevalent in the country.

San Pedro Sula is Miles Ahead:

Even this alarming rate of killing incidents pales into something less alarming when you learn that the rate for San Pedro Sula is 173. Except for war zones, this is the highest around the world. It is not as if there is no worthwhile activity for the residents of the city. This is where the New Balance T-shirts and Fruit of the Loom shorts are manufactured. You would, in the event, expect it to be a bustling city but you cannot see many people moving about but you can feel tension in the air. Headlines in the newsstands loudly announce the murders of the previous day. And, do not be surprised to see cars sans number plates but invariably sporting black-tinted windows.

Crime without Punishment:

What about policing? Therein lies a sad but cruel story. The corruption-ridden police force is more feared than emanate a sense of security. What else can you expect when the gangrene has reached the very top? Gang wars, land disputes, drug trafficking and political upheavals all take their toll with the police conveniently looking the other way.

World Cup? In San Pedro Sula?

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So, why have this World Cup thing in this place?  Figures iterate that many people across the globe visit the country for business, tourism, volunteer work and studies which could be taken as an encouragement to visit but it warns in the same breath that the country is very prone to crime and violence. So, take your pick and be wiser for it.

Weather conditions:

The weather turns out to be almost perfect for holding soccer matches, which affirms the city’s readiness to hold the World Cup. The average temperature is mostly going to be around 29 degree celsius during the time of the events. ALso since the venues will be pretty near to the place, it all comes down to favoring the gameplay in the city. If we do keep the scare aside, the place has always been famous for some of the most beautiful beaches.

Happy playing, and happy viewing, fellas!


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The Scientific 7-Minute Workout

Exercise is both a boon and a bane to many. Integrating a daily, effective exercise regime can be a daunting task for most, so the idea of a short and snappy one is very appealing. Fitness fads are well known, some have been very successful, while others did not gain popularity. The Scientific 7-Minute Workout is one of the latest high-intensity cardio workouts to have captured worldwide attention amongst the fitness conscious public.  Android and Apple have apps for this workout -just shows how buzzing it has become.

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So what is it?

This is an exercise co-created by Chris Jordan, the director of exercise physiology at the Human Performance Institute in Florida, USA. The technique comprises of 12 exercises in total, using your own body weight and props like the humble chair and a wall. It has 30 seconds of exercise with a mandatory recovery period of 10 seconds between each exercise. It combines high intensity and cardiovascular techniques. One needs to be prepared for the ultimate discomfort while doing the routine, as it promises complete body workout within a snap. It is recommended that one does the routine 2-3 times a day for higher levels of fitness. Due to the scientific theory supporting it, this workout promises increased stamina, higher endurance levels and toning. Crunches, jumping, planks, sit up etc all rolled into one regime.

How does it compete with the other lengthy exercise options?

If you have spoken to someone who has tried this technique, you will learn that it gives you a rush initially as it is easy, makes you feel super confident as you experience the intensity burst in such a short span of time. But, one needs to take note that it cannot be a substitute for running, walking in fresh air or yoga, as one should undertake a routine, they feel most content with. Additionally, it is important o know your specific personal goals before embarking on something. For e.g.: if obesity is your battle, then the basis stamina is not there to perform this arduous regime, you need to first achieve a healthy level of fitness first. So be sure of what you want to achieve before trying it.

Who should go for it?

Anyone who is hard pressed for time, enjoys optimum fitness levels or is just plain lazy to devote more time will find their new best friend in this workout. Snappy and effective are the visible benefits one receives. It is convenient as one can do it in the comfort of their private space without burning a hole in their pockets.

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Who must steer clear of it?

This high intensity workout is not suitable for those who have issues related to heart condition, injuries, obesity etc. An individual who is not used to an exercise regime cannot suddenly start this workout as it may cause injuries or other complications to existing health condition. One needs to bear in mind that someone who exercises daily can step up to this workout easily while others may not be able to withstand the intensity.

It has created a storm across, and has its followers but look before you leap into any workout routine as it’s all about what you need and what your goal is.


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The Rise Of The Minimalist Workout


What the President-elect John F Kennedy said in December 1960 still holds true as far as American citizens’ reluctance to exercise is concerned. A majority of the said people do not exercise at all. The American College of Sports Medicine held its annual meeting recently to discuss, among other things, how little Americans exercise. The interesting conclusion drawn says that only a few minutes of some strenuous exercise will suffice to improve the health considerably.

Exercise, Jog Or Cycle

There are still questions that have not been answered about the shrinking doses of exercise and how much it is going to benefit the exerciser.  It is still not known how much exercise is needed for an individual.  Health and Human Services Department had in 2008 said that exercising for 150 minutes a week should be sufficient. You can substitute this by walking for 30 minutes five times a week. Or, jog for 75 minutes a week. Getting afflicted with heart disease or diabetes is less likely if you follow the exercise regimen.

Ride Away

But, getting people to exercise is difficult. So, experts sought to find a smaller alternative. That is how the short but high intensity interval training came about. For instance, a 30-second very intensive pedaling on a stationary bicycle for just three minutes can have the same effect as a 90-minute or 120-minute bike riding.

High-intensity Exercises

Strenuous exercise done for a few intensive minutes can see a good amount of improvement in aerobic fitness quickly.  A run lasting three or four minutes can bring about a 10 percent increase in endurance capacity after 10 weeks. High-intensity exercises lasting 16 to 30 minutes in a week help improve general health. Blood sugar levels and blood pressure levels can improve after some weeks.

Longevity issue

Moderate exercises done for 150 minutes a week are known to have improved the chances of longevity. So it is not incorrect to conclude that a few minutes of intensive exercise or a moderate set of exercises done for a considerable longer period like 90 minutes or 120 minutes have the same effects though we cannot be sure.

Muscle Building

There is confusion though.  Is weight management possible with short, strenuous exercises? Weight reduction essentially means burning of more calories than what is absorbed. The short exercises cannot consume too much of calories by their nature.  Another drawback is that these exercises are not much help in building muscle. They do not stimulate hypertrophic physiological changes that enable building of strong muscles.

Time is of Essence

Those who are pressed for time will find this form of exercise very helpful. A few minutes a day works out fine whereas exercises lasting for a longer period could be difficult to fit into one’s busy schedules.

If, after reading this, you feel encouraged to go for these short but hard exercises, do not plunge headlong into it. Consult your doctor before you do it. Just remember to exercise for a minute and rest for a minute before resuming. Do it 10 times with the interval thrice for a total of 30 minutes and you will be alright.

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