India at the Rio Paralympics is more than just medal tally

Shortly after the Rio Olympics got over, now begins the Rio Paralympics. Paralympics is a great pusher for sports played by the disabled. It is an elixir of the courage of the disabled and that disabilities do not stop anyone from achieving what they want. Google has honored the Rio 2016 Paralympics with a Google doodle.


A total o 19 Indian athletes will feature in 10 discipline at the Rio Paralympics. The Paralympics will see as many as 4300 participants from 23 disciplines. Till date, India won as many as 8 medals that include 2 gold, 3 silvers and 3 bronzes.

India is hoping for a improved medal tally now. Indians will participate in High jump, Archery, Shot put, shooting, Swimming, Javelin throw, Power-lifting, Discus throw, club throw and 1500 runs .

There are several disciplines at the Olympics that will include athletics, boccia, cycling, equestrian, football, goal-ball, judo, para-triathlon, sailing, shooting, swimming table tennis, volleyball. There will also be a lot of games played bound on the wheelchair – basketball, tennis, rugby, canoe-kayak, triathlon.


Key players to watch out for in Indian Paralympics among men would be Mariyappan thangavelu, Varun Singh Bhati, Sundar Singh Gurjar, Devendra Jhajaria, Rinku Narendar Ranbir, Sandeep, amit Kumar Saroha, Dharambir, Naresh Kumar Sharma, Suyash Narayan Jadhav, Basha Farman, Virender Dhanka, Ankur Dharma,

Among Women important players would be Pooja, Deepa Malik, Karamjyoti Dalal.Though, the Rio Olympics 2016 gave a party time, India did well with just 3 medals. However, the poor medal tally has not been impressive. It is time to see India’s performance at the  held at Rio this year

While medal tally might be important, it goes well with the tag-line from Adidas: ‘Impossible is nothing’ and is a good example of how  people with disabilities too have a chance.The Paralympics is about hope  than about winning.

Surge in inquiries for Badminton after India’s win at the Olympics

The recent Olympic games have turned many youngsters into wannabe sports persons.Several youngsters have begun to take seriously the importance of badminton after the medals that India won at the Olympics,says a piece in the ‘Times of India’.


Sports is certainly a good way of recreation and it is certainly better  alternative to some of our mundane choices that turn us into couch potatoes.

Olympian Athletes have taken India to all new level. After bringing India into the focus of limelight, Indian athletes have inspired several school children to take sports seriously.

Google too saw a surge in sports related searches after India’s win of  handful of medals. India’s victory at the Olympics shows that sports is for everyone.

The TOI reports that several badminton academies in the country have seen a surge in inquiries and calls regarding the training fees and duration.  There has also been a increase in the sale of Rackets, shuttle cocks and  other accessories says the article.

Sports academies say that this is a positive sign of teenagers and school  goers having taken a step forward to hone their  badminton skills and indulge in something worth the while.Young people are inspired by the likes of PV Sindhu and want to win a medal like her at the  Olympics.

While not everyone can be an Olympian like PV Sindhu or the others, it is rest assured that people will take up the sport and spend their time in a better way.

India at Rio Olympics is about Girl Power

Two Indian women have won medals at the Olympics held in Rio.Indian women have been at the center of the Olympics 2016 held at Rio. Women in badminton, Golf and Wrestling.


Till recently, only men were at the helm of sports events but this time women have taken India to an all new level by winning medals.

Firstly lets look at PV Sindhu, the badminton player who has won a silver at the Olympics. PV Sindhu is certainly an example for Indian women not just in sports but all walks of life. PV sindhu won a silver against Carolina Marin of Spain in women’s single’s category. PV Sindhu has been under the coaching of P Gopichand. Success truly comes to those who work hard and are determined to get it. PV Sindhu has not used a Mobile phone in the last three months and was busy preparing for the Olympics. It is only after the Olympic games that Sindhu will go back to using her mobile phone. Her coach Gopichand said that, he will be returning her mobile phone now after a long break. It must be noted that PV Sindhu is the youngest Indian to win an Olympic.


Let us look at teenaged woman, ,Aditi Ashok who is representing India in golf at the Olympics. Aditi Ashok has qualified for the finals.

Long distance runner Lalita Babar is the second Indian woman to qualify for final track and finished 10th in the 3000m steeplechase final. Sakshi Malik has brought India a bronze medal in the 58  kg women’s wrestling category becoming the first Indian female wrestler and fourth Indian woman  to win an Olympic medal.

India has only known PT Usha to win medals and a handful other women sports. However this version of the Olympics is seeing a resurgence of women in sports. Women’s sports now seems to be in safe hands

Most of the Indian women who attained success in sports in the past decade were considered to be affluent and westernized, however the Rio Olympics has seen Indian sportswomen coming from all walks of life. As long as there is sponsorship and support, people can excel in sports.Let’s hope that Women in India will excel in sports like countries in the west.


Rio Olympics 2016: The Heart throbbing win of Indian men’s Hockey Team against Argentina


Indian men’s hockey team won against Argentina with a nail biting finish to the game. Argentines were proving to be heavy on the Indian men for the first ten minutes of the fourth quarter of the game which had built a cloud of tension over the Indian fans. The nervousness reached to an extreme level of stress and tension with their hearts on the verge of explosion. The miraculous end to the game saved a lot of fans from a disastrous heart break.

The initial fifteen minutes of the final quarter was the most crucial situation for the Indian Team. Argentines took a strong hold on the game putting the Indian men under pressure. India was leading by 2-0 when they decided to pull back the forward players and guard from the trenches. They decided to fall back to the 25-yard line and maintain their lead against Argentina. The Argentines did not want to miss the scope and utilised the breach by setting their camp near the Indian ‘D’ where the assault began.

In the third minute, India passed their first penalty corner. Goalkeeper P Sreejesh was expecting a high drag flip but was wrong-footed by a low coarse shot. Argentina 1-2 India and that is where the pressure started building up for the Indian Team.

The next few minutes were not easy for the Indian men as the Argentines kept knocking the ball around the corner into the Indian Circle. They were creating acute angles, hitting the ball to the goal, a few short corners all of which were thwarted by the Indian goalkeeper.

A second penalty corner in the seventh minute of the game was dragged and flipped higher towards the left corner which was startlingly stopped by Sreejesh. But before the ball could drop down, the goalie whacked it with the stick which was again saved by Sreejesh. This led to a sigh of relief for the Indian Team in Rio and the fans sitting back at home with their hearts in their hands.

The attack on the Indian team continued for a longer time with more intensity. Every minute was crucial and a heart thumping moment for the fans. The Indian team who had controlled the game in the first three minutes were suppressed under the pressure built up by the Argentines. Brilliant performance by goalkeeper Sreejesh and prayers worked for the Indian men to guard their lead.

During the last three minutes before the final hooter, the team finally recovered from the trauma and started attacking back by dripping near the far corner and playing for time to maintain their lead. By the end of the time, they were successful in holding their lead in the game which promoted them to the quarter finals. After losing the game against Germany by 1-2 goals in the crucial moment, it would have been a major heartbreak for the Indians if they would not have hoarded their lead.

The win against Argentina was a big achievement for team India after which they can choose their rivals. Spain, Great Britain, Australia, Belgium are the likely opponents for the first knock out game to reach the semi finals. Since 2009 India never won against Argentina which is a history now after the beautiful victory by Indian men. After a long time, Sreejesh and the entire team are seemed to be in outrageous form which could be helpful in grabbing a few medals. The performance has risen up a scale which builds hope for the Indian team and the fans. The luck and prayers might help the team in winning a medal in the Rio Olympics which will be a great achievement for the entire nation.

Delhi celebrates Rio Olympics with high spirit

The Olympic fever is rising and the country is busy with celebrations for cheering up the participants from India. As the participants are on a mission to win medals and make the nation proud, the government is also taking initiatives in appraisal of their achievements and also to inspire them. An Olympic Museum has been set up in Central Park, Connaught Place as a part of the Olympic Carnival. The museum, which started on 1st August and would go until 21st August, is an inspirational initiative to cheer up all the I

The events included in the Carnival consist of photo exhibition and cut-out images of famous sports personalities. It also includes a street-food festival along with various other cultural activities. The Olympic Museum will take you through a nostalgic journey of the events conducted in the history of Olympics. The participants who had taken part in different events in different years of Olympics will also be present there for interaction with the visitors. The Museum provides all the information regarding the country’s achievements in Olympics along with the details of future plans for the athletes.

The government has also arranged for a five kilometres ‘Run for Rio’ which was flagged by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  The starting point of the run was Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium where more than 1,000 students of NDMC School participated. More than 20,000 students have participated in the event to cheer for the Olympic participants from the Country.

The grandeur of the Rio Run was amplified with the beautiful decoration of Connaught Place using colourful flags of 207 nations taking part in the Olympics. Apart from the festivities, the government has also taken initiative to set up LED screens in different areas. Central Park, India Gate, khan Market are few among the places where the LED’s can be found. New Delhi Municipal Council has taken the responsibility of arranging colourful flags in inner and outer circles of Central Park as said by the minister of sports, Vijay Goel.

The celebration started with a grand success which included various cultural performances. Various artists from all over the Country have been invited to take part in the cultural events. The food stalls offer a variety of tastes. It includes global cuisines and also street foods. Different types of games have been arranged for the kids in the carnival. In addition to the cultural events and food stalls, there are arrangements of stalls to buy various merchandise or products.

Vijay Goel, the minister of sports, led the Indian delegation to Rio. The other ministers accompanying him were Rajiv Yadav, Additional secretary Kiran Gupta, Directors Sagarpreet Hooda and Vivek Narayan, Onkar Kedia, Rajvir Singh and DG Ingeti Srinivas from the Sports Authority of India. The travel fares of all the participants were borne by the Sports Authority of India. The Indian Olympic Association arranged accreditation for a few selected bureaucrats. Although all of them are eligible to witness the matches only those selected members were allowed inside the stadiums, sports village and Indian Contingent in Rio.

The entire Country is cheering for the participants and hoping for a grand success in this year’s Olympic. The Rio Carnival in Delhi is a great inspirational initiative taken by the government to appreciate the hard work of the athletes of our Country.