Surge in inquiries for Badminton after India’s win at the Olympics

The recent Olympic games have turned many youngsters into wannabe sports persons.Several youngsters have begun to take seriously the importance of badminton after the medals that India won at the Olympics,says a piece in the ‘Times of India’.


Sports is certainly a good way of recreation and it is certainly better  alternative to some of our mundane choices that turn us into couch potatoes.

Olympian Athletes have taken India to all new level. After bringing India into the focus of limelight, Indian athletes have inspired several school children to take sports seriously.

Google too saw a surge in sports related searches after India’s win of  handful of medals. India’s victory at the Olympics shows that sports is for everyone.

The TOI reports that several badminton academies in the country have seen a surge in inquiries and calls regarding the training fees and duration.  There has also been a increase in the sale of Rackets, shuttle cocks and  other accessories says the article.

Sports academies say that this is a positive sign of teenagers and school  goers having taken a step forward to hone their  badminton skills and indulge in something worth the while.Young people are inspired by the likes of PV Sindhu and want to win a medal like her at the  Olympics.

While not everyone can be an Olympian like PV Sindhu or the others, it is rest assured that people will take up the sport and spend their time in a better way.

Disc brakes vs. Rim brakes

There are generally two kinds of brakes used for bicycles:

Disc Brakes:

Disc brakes can be either hydraulic or cable operated. Cable operated brakes are usually the entry level and are more economical in terms of cost. Hydraulic systems have the benefit of increased power and are protected from the elements thus eliminating the need to frequently change cables.

disc brakes

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Attire matters.

Apart from doing exercises correctly, experts also say that wearing the right kind of attire is vital for a good workout as it ensures comfort and helps you move easily.

Wear the right clothing

If you are exercising outdoors, especially in hot weather it is better to wear light couloured, sweat-wicking clothing. This will help you feel cool. In case of cold weather use a base layer that absorbs perspiration away under your warm layers. Avoid clothing which is made of rubber based materials as they prevent perspiration from evaporating. Also, different sports have specialized attire, for example cyclists wear padded shorts. Find out if there is any clothing that is ideally suited for your fitness or sports  needs.

Use the right kind of attire and shoes for sports and fitness activities.

Wear the right shoes

Uncomfortable shoes that are either too tight or too loose can be quite a nuisance. They not only hamper your progress while training but could also cause injuries. Just like with clothes, sports specific shoes are designed. For instance basketball high top shoes are made to provide ample ankle support. Spend enough time when choosing shoes, check if there is enough space for your toes and that they will fit well with whatever material socks you wear.

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