How Far Do You Run Playing Different Sports?

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Different sports require different physical requirements, which is why many sportsmen work day and night towards their physical health so that they can cater to these requirements. Sportsmen are required to keep a healthy routine in order to meet the needs of competing against other sportsmen in matches and games.

A sport is not only a form of competition but it is also a passion for many men who take part in their favorite kind of matches. Their passion drives them towards working hard to their set goals and standards which is the basic principle of taking part in different forms of sports. Many sportsmen also hire professional trainers who give them the opportunity to learn how to play a proper form of sports of different genres.

Running is an essential form of physical exercise required by sportsmen to be good at. Not only is running a regular part of their exercise but in some form of sports they have to be amazingly good at running in order to win the game. Below are the running requirements included in different form of sports:

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Football: Football or also commonly known as soccer in the eastern side of the world requires the most amount of running. The sport includes a football stadium and requires its players to tackle a ball by foot and shoot it in a net to goal and win points. For this form of sport, players need to be over-qualified in the running field in order to perform well in the game since it may require a player to run from one end to another under a couple of seconds in order to succeed. Statistics have shown that a player is required to run for at least 6-9 miles per game which is why they train to run for more than 6 miles during practice. It may also require footballers to take a comprehensive sport management course in order to shine in the field especially at running.

Sport management courses are offered by professional trainers who understand the requirement of well-trained sportsmen making a long term career in the field of sports. In this course, every sportsman familiarizes himself with the standard of requirement and expectations from particular kind of sports. These courses allow sportsmen to practice running for 90-120 minutes a day developing their stamina for sports like football.

Cricket: This form of sport is also known for the running requirements involved in the process of the match. Two players play at a time to take their turns in batting and they run from one side of the pitch to the other to score more runs. Running is essential in this sport and reports have shown that each player runs for more than 150 minutes in total during a game. That would amount to approximately 5 miles in total. Cricketers are required to practice running and jogging for 3 hours a day in order to meet the standards of the game.

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Hockey: Hockey is similar to football, however players are required to use hockey sticks to play and instead of a ball, they use a puck which needs to be shot into a net at the end of each side. Although hockey stadiums are slightly smaller in size than football stadiums hence the amount of running might not be the same. Players have to tackle opponents and keep a certain speed while running so that they can get the punk into the net. According to reports, hockey players run less than footballers but more than cricketers and tennis players. They may run anywhere between 2-5 miles per game which is far less than the amount footballers have to run.

In addition to these sports, tennis, squash and baseball require ample amounts of running as well. The average comes out to be between 2-5 miles per game which is still a difficult task. Running may be an essential requirement of every form of sport however not every sportsman is capable of being proficient in the act. Professional trainingand long hours of exercising is required for beginners who wish to take part in such sports and who want to make their passion a reality.

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