Let’s go cycling!

Planning to take up cycling for fun, fitness or transportation?

Want to know more about cycling before you begin? Well, this is the right place for you. We will make you aware of all the basic details of cycling, cycling accessories, places to buy them from

Cycling doesn’t only makes you fitter, more enthusiastic, happy but also takes you to places filled with adventure and beauty! If you are planning to cycle or to unleash your cycling enthusiasm, India is always a paradise for people like you. This place accommodates beautiful landscapes and mesmerizing climate.


Let’s start from the very basic!


One of the most confusing things can be simply figuring out what kind of cycle you should buy. But really, you can determine its answer by  thinking about the following:

  • Where are you planning to ride?
  • How much do you want to spend?
  • How tall are you?
  • Purpose of riding

The above stated factors help in making up the buying decisions. The place where you plan to ride will help in determining the type and style of cycle that you should purchase.

The other factors Purpose of riding, your height and the amount you want to spend are probably clear to you too, and they play very important parts in your decision


Bike & helmet! Besides approved (utility) bikes, there are other bikes like chase bikes, dirt bikes etc. You can have a look at our collection of bikes. Also, you might need various other accessories at reasonable prices here. Now, we have made the first step of cycling easier for you. Yes you are right, this is your one stop solution of cycling needs.

Ideal distance for Cycling

Many factors go into authoritative a cycling cruise agreeable (or not!). It all depends on the rider’s acquaintance – how adequate he or she is with that area. Distance that are acceptable to affect the brand of adversity include: ambit covered, continuance of cycling day, acclimate distance (including temperature highs and lows), bulk of vehicular abutment and avenue conditions.

Medical concerns

Cycling alone calls for a top akin of exercise in the mountains, or on abnormally boxy trails area the arena is uneven. Hill trails need stamina, strength in the leg muscles and the lungs – those adversity from asthma or breath problems are advised not to go pedaling in the mountains. The benefits, however, far outweigh the drawbacks. Cycling is one of the easiest, and as well as very convenient way  of exercising; a few hours on the saddle helps body backbone and stamina, while as well convalescent cardiovascular fitness. Above all, a ride on a bike aids abundantly in abbreviation stress.

Environmental concerns

Among so many advantages of riding a bike, the foremost is that it is a bionetwork-friendly means of getting from one place to another. Cycling is non-polluting, both in terms of air and noise pollution. Also, does not release any greenhouse gases, thus helping reduce the carbon footprint of the riders. So get on your bike, and do your bit for Mother Earth – there’s no cleaner ride on Earth than one on the green (literally!) cycle!

With so many pros of Cycling, we don’t really think why anyone should not bike. Also, there is never too late, especially when you can be a hero and get awesome Hero Cycles which are about to be launched on our website www.sports365.in in June first week. You might get a chance to get a lot of surprises( Even a free Cycle!) with your purchases. Stay tuned! Let’s go cycling!

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