Liverpool fans trust Jurgen Klopp but pathetic flops must be ended


Liverpool had a lot of disappointing and heart breaking defeats this season but the worst one was definitely the inept show at Leicester City on Monday night. They were defeated by 3-1 but it would have been worse for Jurgen Klopp’s side as they embarrassingly lost to another bottom half team.

This one was worst for Liverpool because they had a break of 16 days before the game which provided them ample of time for perfect preparation in order to build an impressive show against Tottenham. Klopp went to La Manga with his squad for some warm weather training. He had two weeks to train his players and get them ready.

The dreadful performance by the players has convinced Klopp that it is difficult for him to turn his players into winners. He has shown enough patience towards the players but the patience must have run out after this spineless showing by Liverpool.

Jurgen Klopp is the only good thing associated with Liverpool right now. If he is not able to bring back the success for his squad then the supporters of the club might lose their trust on the team and back out. Klopp has realised now that what was the reason for the doubts of the supporters when he arrived. The fans believe in Klopp but if he continues to believe in the present squad then the tables might turn soon.

He needs to bring some players in the team with high class talent along with a winning talent. But the players won’t come cheap. The present team has the ability but they are not able to show it often. They are frequently found wanting whenever they are faced with adversity. After the sacking of Claudio Ranieri everyone knew that Leicester side will be more fired up but Liverpool seemed unprepared for a fight against them.

There has been no yellow card against Leicester. While the players must not let their frustration take over the game but the supporters want to see some evidence that it means something and the players are hurting but none of this was visible on Monday night.

Liverpool’s squad is accepting defeat meekly and the frequency of such a game has become too often which proves that Klopp’s side are a soft touch. Klopp has the fight and passion in him but this might hurt him that his team lacks the same enthusiasm. He must address it this summer that his squad does not reflect his personality.

The same team had virtually dominated second-place Spurs two weeks ago. It is easy to believe that the same team had lost at Hull a week before as they showed the carbon copy performance. It won’t be very surprising if they sweep off Arsenal at Anfield next week because that’s what Liverpool do. They lose to the worst team and beat the best and this must have been driving Klopp crazy.

Until some changes are made in the team Liverpool will continue to flatter to deceive. Jurgen Klopp is in need of more players who share the same passion and enthusiasm as him. He needs more players with mental strength and the will to win.