Liverpool returns to winning with Sadio Mane at the Forefront


Liverpool returns to form with a 2-0 win against Tottenham on Saturday. They reignited their top-four challenge with a victorious score of 2-0 at Anfield. In the first half of the game Sadio scored twice which showed amazing pace and movement from Klopp’s side.

The Spurs were unable to find a foothold in the match and Liverpool’s defence was difficult to be troubled by Pochettino’s team. The title dream for Tottenham ended at Merseyside night. Dele Alli and Harry Kane were seen struggling to make an impact in the Saturday’s match.

Liverpool had a terrible start to the year but with this win they showed their 2016 form of playing. They approached the game with a pace starting from the kickoff which was difficult for the opposition to live with. The Spurs defence seemed confused and breathless after the opening exchanges and within the 20th minute the game was efficiently over.

Mane scored his opening goal after 16 minutes and it was already a warning for the Spurs. They knew where it was coming from and should have dropped their midfield deeper to recompense. The front four of Liverpool were across the centre of the park and Mane took the advantage.

Tottenham was not yet out of the shock when the lead was doubled and Eric was robbed by Mane. By that time there were red shirts everywhere. Within the next few minutes Mane could have made it a hat trick as Wijnaldum set him free again. But the shot went wide and then the 24 year old put forward an effort wide from the corner of the box.

Liverpool seemed to have more scope in the match and Pochettino looked powerless to find a solution for his team’s miseries. Tottenham manager changed the shape of the team after half-time but the Spurs were unable to trouble the hosts. Klopp’s team were less perceptive in the second half but they were still more dangerous.

Five yellow cards were awarded to Tottenham and Liverpool was back in their form. Spurs reflected a poor performance. Liverpool had a bad start due to Mane’s absence and his return was eagerly anticipated. He proved in the match against Tottenham that why he was missed so much.

It is not about the number of goals but Mane’s movement creates a space that allows the forward line to play in dangerous places. Mane’s presence helps Coutinho to get higher up the pitch. Klopp’s side was full of energy right from the beginning which was missing in the past few weeks. They created dangerous situation in the first 10 minutes of the game, even before the first goal by Mane.

Liverpool have struggled with the teams that stack their defence. But it was unbelievable that Tottenham would provide so much opportunity to their opponent. Dier was not in his most effective role and Jan Vertonghen’s presence was missed.

Pochettino changed the shape of the team into a diamond in the second half but there was little consistency for Tottenham in the centre of the park. Pochettino need three or four more players for a serious title challenge. He also needs to build a clear vision about dealing with teams such as Liverpool. The players and Manager are still on a steep learning curve at White Hart Lane.