Strength Before Cardio: It’s Not a Universal Law

As information has started to become readily available both online and offline, the one niche that has been most searched is the health and fitness segment. It affects every demographic, age group and sector. Every person wants to stay healthy, positive and live a stronger and more positive for life. This makes him look for every possible way to keep it like that. With gyms and fitness centres mushrooming everywhere, workout knowledge is starting to get a lot more attention.


All fitness followers have heard the thumb-rule of workouts: when performing strength training and cardio during the same workout session, strength should be given the first preference. Unless you are prioritizing cardio for some reason, or it is your sport, you would hear it from almost everyone in the field that strength first is always better. However, a recent survey published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research has highlighted some issues with respect to this subject that need to be dealt with in more detail.


Many of us might have wondered that at different levels, cardio before strength results in increasing of energy and the opposite does not always work. If you are cycling or running, which means doing cardio with the lower part of your body primarily, then the strength-before-cardio rule does not apply here if the upper body is worked upon during strength workout. What is more important here is the role of muscle activation. The rule that puts strength before cardio is based on the conception that cardio tends to reduce your capability of lifting heavyweights. But the new studies claim that exercise is not that easy an act. For instance, reports show that fatigue is not related to muscle recruitment, and occlusion can result in increasing gains. Strength is usually recommended prior to cardio because peak strength might get lost due to undergoing cardio first, but, for muscle recruitment, we can’t be too sure for the same.


These questions were addressed by a group of researchers who had undergone the study by surveying fourteen men. These men were put through four different regimes of workout in a random manner. The outcomes of the survey suggest that training for strength prior to cardio is nothing but a shadow of the former self. When several muscle groups are worked out, it doesn’t seem to matter much. The better idea is to go for lower body cardio before upper body lifts a couple of times to see if one is benefited. Otherwise, its better to always emphasize that type of exercise which suits your body the most.


In the end all of it depends on your body and how the whole work out affects your physical strength. Trying out different schedules with the correct guidance of your personal trainer will eventually help you understand what works best for your own self. Once you do know you have the svelte physique you’d want to flaunt on a beach, you can opt for similans liveaboard or deep sea diving henceforth. But obviously to get into that space, work hard now!

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