Zidane: Christiano Ronaldo will rediscover his form


Christiano Ronaldo seemed to be out of the form in his past few performances but according to Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane it is not a matter of concern. The whistles for Ronaldo at Santiago Bernabeu are nothing much to be worried about and Zidane believes that he will soon be back among the goals.

Saturday’s 2-1 La Liga win over Athletic Bilbao at the Bernabeu was a difficult evening for Ronaldo as he was whistled by his own team’s fans as he went a fourth straight game at home ground without scoring any goal.

In a news conference Zidane said that there has been time where he himself had been whistled at by the Bernabeu crowd while he was playing for Madrid. He also mentioned that the team’s all-time scorer, Ronaldo is used to such treatment now.

He confessed that he never understood the whistles but the crowd in Bernabeu is special and it always demands maximum from the players. Christiano is used to such actions and he also knows how to deal with it as the fans are one of the most important aspects for the players.

Out of the 20 goals in his last two matches, Ronaldo has been successful with 4 on target and has only four goals for Madrid in this season.

Zidane said that Ronaldo is not bothered about this and he just needs to focus in his game in order to score more goals. He needs to score two to three goals each game and Zidane is confident that he will make it happen. He believes that Christiano will soon get back to the game with more goals and everything will get back to normal.

Zidane laughed when he was asked about Ronaldo’s reaction after Morata’s winning goal against Athletic which was claimed to be an appeal for offside against his own team.

He replied saying that there are a lot of external stuff that are not controllable and it is better to not comment and just let it go in order to focus on the pitch.

Zidane was questioned about selecting the trio, Gareth Bale, Benzema and Ronaldo over the younger and impressing players such as Morata and Lucaz Vazquez. To this, he answered saying that he has three phenomenal players in his team and they are very important. The others might play less but they are equally important and he is aware about his job which demands for such decisions.

He did not reveal whether Ronaldo, Bale, Toni Kroos and Benzema would be rested for the Wednesday’s Copa Del Rey last-32 game at third tier Cultural Leonesa. This is the first game for Madrid in the competition since last year’s expulsion for fielding an ineligible player.

Zidane mentioned that there will not be too many changes in the system but there will also be other players who will start tomorrow. As only 16 players can be there so some of them have to stay back in Madrid and there will be rotation. This competition is very important for Madrid and there is no other option than winning.


Is Ronaldo Better Than Messi?


Xavi, the former Barcelona midfielder feels that comparing Ronaldo and Messi is kind of being in a messy situation. He feels that the Real Madrid star is quite extraordinary, however quite unluckily to be playing during the era when there is the ‘best player in the history’.

The former Barcelona captain Xavi feels that most people know and think that Lionel Messi is much better than Cristiano Ronaldo, besides the Real Madrid fans. Both the players have been considered and still are one of the hot-shot players in the field of world football. And they have been sharing the Ballons d’Or for the past eight years.

Even though Messi has been holding the title, Ronaldo is able to display his exploits with Madrid. At the Euro 2016, Portugal became the winners and he was crowned as the UEFA’s Best Player, last month in Europe.

Furthermore, his performance during the 2015-16 has made him one of the hot favorites for getting the world title. However, Xavi has doubts whether it is possible as the 31-year-old is nothing in comparison to his Camp Nou team member.

Also, according to the Al Sadd mildfield, the entire world feels the same especially the ones that are linked to the Madrid. Xavi feels that Ronaldo is the player of his time, but there is another individual who is and will be considered as the best player in the football history, and it is a fact that is hard to avoid.

No doubt, Ronaldo is quite extraordinary and when compared to Messi, for those individuals who like football and even Xavi, it is not compatible to differentiate. Messi will always be the number one until he wishes for. He is the best in the world and superior to other players and this can be hard to digest if you are a Real Madrid fan.

Comparison Of Messi And Ronaldo

 Both are considered to be the greatest player in the history of the football and they are not only famous but even idolized by millions around the world. You can compare Messi and Ronaldo as the heart and tongue of football lovers and they have been like that for the past 6-7 years. Besides playing and enjoying the game for their individual titles, they are even helping their national team and club in being dominant in the soccer world.

The statistics as per their achievements for 2015-2016 can provide a certain tidbit on whose is the best. In all major competitions, Messi has made 48 appearances and scored 41 goals and 21 assists. Ronaldo had 47 appearances, scored 51 goals and 15 assists.

In the 48 appearances, Messi had, he appeared 33 for La Liga where he scored 26 goals and had 16 assists. While Ronaldo, had 36 appearances, but scored 35 goals and did 11 assists. For the Champions League, Messi had 7 appearances, finished with 6 goals and 1 assists; but Ronaldo had 11 appearances, 16 goals and did 4 assists.

Statistically speaking Ronaldo is leading this year, but still, it is hard to determine who is best. There are still months left for the year to end, and there is a high probability that Messi can strike back. Let’s wait and watch.

Is Cristiano Ronaldo the Suitable Candidate for Ballon d’Or


Soccer fanatics and critics all around the world will find it hard to deny that Cristiano Ronaldo is an inexpiable player. His achievements are the clear proof on why he has huge fan-following. And being a future hall of famer, he still vigorously highlights his passion for soccer through his on-field tactics

Ronaldo Must Win Ballon d’Or

As per his Real Madrid team member, Lucas Vazquez, there is no doubt that Cristiano Ronaldo is the suitable candidate for the Ballon d’Or and he really deservers to win it among other nominations like Lionel Messi and Co.

The strong points for his chances to win are that he is coming from a successful season both in country and club matches. Furthermore, he helped the European giant Madrid to win and achieve the glory of Champion League and lead Portugal to their first major title at Euro 2016.

His teammate Vazquez is extremely confident that the 31 year old will get his fourth Ballon d’Or, even though he finished second to rival Messi in 2015. Vazquez feels that there is no one who deserves the Ballon d’Or more than Cristiano Ronaldo, and he feels that Ronaldo is indeed the champion to get crowned this year.

His teammate Vazquez openly praises Ronaldo saying that he makes playing soccer easy and one doesn’t feel the pressure or stress of scoring while playing with him. If you send him a bad pass, he will somehow convert it into a goal. That is his incredible talent which makes his a great football player and having huge fan-followings. According to him Cristiano Ronaldo is incredible in what he does and is an indestructible force to recon with while playing.

Highlights of Ronaldo For 2015-2016

This year was pretty much a decent start for Ronaldo who scored approximately 35 goals out of the 36 LaLiga appearances he did for Madrid. And they ended up being the runner-up after Barca. In Champions League, he netter about 16 more goals and assisted Madrid to win against their outlasting city rivals the Atletico of Milan.
Besides these achievements, the Portugal captain and his nation’s most-capped player was able to score three times in Euro 2016 tournament. This achievement awarded him with Silver Boots as he made a history and achievement for his country in France. Also in 2015, Cristiano Ronaldo was trophyless and his club was stumbling through three managers without getting the required results.

Critics felt his future in Real Madrid just hangs in the balance. And the rival club Barcelona hovered up all the trophy that they came across. But as per the rules and regulations laid down by FIFA, this cannot be taken for the Ballon d’Ors. The rules clearly state that team success is irrelevant while individual achievements are what the jury is looking out for.

As per the statement released and rules given, the award is rewards those individuals who are the best in each category without making any kind of distinction of nationality or championship. This is for the achievement a player has made from the time period of 22 November 2014 to 20 November 2015. Furthermore, the award is given based on the on-field performance and the overall behavior off and on the pitch.