Our knowledge series on the Btwin Rockrider range of mountain bikes

Mountain Bike range from Btwin

Begin your cycling journey at affordable prices

Cycling is one of the easiest ways to exercise the body as it can be done almost anywhere at any time of the year without spending a fortune. Cycling is not a fitness activity that solely involves the legs. It builds strength in a holistic manner since every single part of the body is involved in cycling. Below we provide you with the ideal bicycles for beginners which are available at affordable prices.

Btwin My Bike:

The Btwin My Bike can be used by all age groups and comes with wide semi-slick hybrid tyres which make it the ideal bicycle for roads and paths. One of the strong points of the Btwin My Bike is that it is made up of steel components which aid in the durability aspect throughout the cycle. The brakes of this cycle come with aluminium levers resulting in a powerful and progressive braking system. The Btwin My Bike has a wide and comfortable PU MTB saddle offering a comfortable riding position which leads to enhanced bike control.

The Btwin My Bike is available at www.sports365.in for Rs. 4217 at a discount of 30%.


Btwin Rockrider 5.0:

The Rockrider 5.0 is a hybrid bicycle designed for the novice mountain biker to be used on country paths and trails. The bicycle is ideal for a person who is looking to get into serious cycling. The biggest advantage of the Rockrider 5.0 is that the front wheel can be removed without the use of any tools. The durability of the bicycle is top class as it is provided with steel stems and steel handle bars. The brakes of the cycle are extremely responsive thus ensuring the safety of the cyclist. The Rockrider 5.0 comes with an anti-corrosion treatment on the nuts and bolts giving your cycle the best opportunity to continue looking new and stylish even after prolonged usage.

The Btwin Rockrider 5.0 is available at www.sports365.in for Rs. Rs. 9199.


Btwin : The brand

Btwin is one of the most reputed cycling brands worldwide with its headquarters in Lille, France. Btwin is the cycling brand of the Oxylane network. Their mission is to make cycling available to everyone, at all levels and for all uses, through innovative and high-quality products. It is the number 1 French cycling brand by volume of bicycles sold. One of the features of Btwin that is relatively unique is the sheer range of products available. Road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid and touring bikes, folding bikes, BMXs and children’s bikes are all available, with clothing ranges designed to suit each of these specific markets. On top of the bikes and clothing ranges, there is also a wide range of accessories, featuring everything from inner tubes and mudguards to cycling computers and home trainers. Whether you are an occasional cyclist or somebody looking for the maximum performance, you will be well catered for within the Btwin range.

You can shop for these two bicycles at http://bit.ly/IAfrtW on the Sports365 website as well as other bicycles and other sports and fitness equipment.

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Cycling Apparel.

Like a number of other sports cycling is one such activity which is equipment-centric. If you are considering serious mountain biking or participating in marathons a lot of small but significant aspects come into play to enhance your cycling ability. One such requirement is cycling apparel, the main purpose of this is comfort, such as padding in the right places, tight fitting and flexible material. Cycling apparel is designed keeping in mind factor like reducing air resistance while riding and allowing free movement to produce maximum efficiency.

When we talk about cycling apparel the two main things which come to mind are cycling shorts and cycling jerseys.

Cycling shorts – Initially you might find these cycling shorts a little uncomfortable but once you get used to them you’ll find that you cannot do without them. They are made with padding such that you do not feel sore even after sitting on your bike for long stretches. In addition to this they enable uninterrupted motion of your legs while pedaling which increases efficiency. This is possible because the material of the shorts is extremely flexible.  Btwin has many variations of cycling shorts which you can choose from, shop for these shorts here.

Apparel,Btwin,Btwin SHORT 5 ROAD

Cycling jerseys – Once you start using a bike jersey while cycling you’ll immediately notice how much better it is in comparison to any other regular t-shirt you might wear. The first advantage is that most biking jerseys have a front zipper, this comes in handy when you need to adjust ventilation needs with changing temperatures. Like cycling shorts the material is flexible and fitting so it does not flap with the wind, and goes along with the motion of your body. Cycling jerseys are designed to complement the hunched position that you maintain while cycling. To shop for cycling jerseys click here.

Apparel, Cycling, Golf and Outdoor, Buy, Btwin, Btwin JERSEY 7 WHITERED , Machine washable. See care instructions on label. , A full zip for optimal ventilation. ,  ,  ,  ,  , 100% polyester. ,  The cut increases comfort, low elastic. , 4 pouches in the back with a secure order to separate what one carries. ,  Wicks away perspiration and keeps you dry, mesh underarm ventilation.

Cycling jackets – When weather conditions are harsh you will not be able to manage without a cycling jacket. They are designed to increase the cyclist’s efficiency as well as protect from the rain and keep the cyclist warm. Cycling jackets are made with very good seam placement which ensures that no water seeps in through it.  They are also made with high performance fabric to enhance performance. The cut and style of cycling jackets is impeccable, they vary from lightweight jackets to slightly more heavy ones.

www.sports365.in has a huge range of cycling equipment apart from apparel. You can choose from brands like Btwin, Quechua, Cannodale and Trek to name a few. Apart from this we are every sports enthusiasts one stop shop for sports and fitness needs, and our online store houses thousands of products over 100 local and national brands. Do not miss the offers and contests we run every now and then!


Cycling apparel complements one’s cycling abilities. It also enhances comfort levels while cycling. Cycling shorts and jerseys come in different styles and variations to suit every individual’s needs based on the intensity of the cycling trail chosen. Cycling jackets come in handy when weather conditions are not ideal and all the clothes are made in such a way that they reduce resistance and enhance pedaling efficiency.