Strength Before Cardio: It’s Not a Universal Law

As information has started to become readily available both online and offline, the one niche that has been most searched is the health and fitness segment. It affects every demographic, age group and sector. Every person wants to stay healthy, positive and live a stronger and more positive for life. This makes him look for every possible way to keep it like that. With gyms and fitness centres mushrooming everywhere, workout knowledge is starting to get a lot more attention. Continue reading “Strength Before Cardio: It’s Not a Universal Law”

The Science of Modern Fitness


You could be hitting the weights, running, cycling, yoga training, or any number of other forms of keeping fit. Whether it’s for sports or just a great set of abs, people serious about fitness today are always looking for the edge. If you’re in search of an energy-boosting diet to shed fat for good, or a new cross-training routine to shave a minute off your mile time, look to the science behind modern fitness or take some courses in fitness available in Sydney.
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Beat the heat: summer fitness tips.

Just because the summer months are here, doesn’t mean you can put your fitness regime on hold. We give you some tips that you can follow to keep fit this summer and beat the heat at the same time.

  • Exercising in the heat puts stress on your heart and lungs, so as far as possible try to wake up early and exercise before the sun comes out. If you can’t manage an early morning workout, late evening will be fine too otherwise you might suffer from heat cramps and heat exhaustion.
  • Staying hydrated is the best way to avoid any mishaps in the summer. Even if you don’t feel thirsty while working out drink some water every 20 minutes. Sports drinks which contained added electrolytes are also suitable.

    Wake up early to exercise and beat the heat
    Wake up early to exercise and beat the heat
  • Wearing the right kind of clothing can make exercising in the summer more comfortable. Avoid wearing black, switch to whites and lighter colours. Also, invest in some lightweight clothing or those that wick sweat quickly.
  • It’s good to have a back up plan. In case you don’t wake up early enough to beat the morning heat see if there is a gym that you can go to. Most gyms are air conditioned and so heat will be the least of your worries. If you can’t to a gym hop into a swimming pool.
  • Listen to your body. Especially when it’s very hot it is better not to push your body to test how far you can go. If you experience dizziness, muscle cramps, rapid heartbeat or nausea make sure you sit down and drink plenty of water to cool off.
  • Not many of us would like to get tanned in the process of exercising. Use sufficient sun screen before you set out for a jog or walk. Try and use a sunscreen with an SPF 30.

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