Tottenham’s best need not leave the club for title glory

Tottenham Hotspur's Harry Kane celebrates scoring his side's first goal of the game during the Barclays Premier League match at White Hart Lane, London.

If there were any suggestions made that the Hotspur’s best players need not to leave the club in search of glory in the Premier League era and the period back to the departure of Bill Nicholson in 1974, it would have been considered as unintelligent.

Spurs have been at a loss in the last 10 years as they have lost the likes of Gareth Bale, Dimitar Berbatov, Michael Carrick and Luka Modric both at home and outside the country.

But with the transfer window being shut, their major asset has made an announcement this January saying that anyone who wants to leave the White Heart now will be stupid to do so and it’s hard to disagree.

Harry kane said that he would be surprised to see any of his team mates leave right now as something is happening in the club currently. They just need to take the final step of winning trophies.

They have got one of the best coaches in the world. They are also going to have a new stadium soon and the future looks bright. The stadium will give a lift to Tottenham and boost their confidence like the English Clubs to start every season with the belief that they can win the title.

The prices of the corporate and VIP facilities will make the ordinary season tickets look like pocket money treats. But money is not the most important thing. It is all about having a good team and Tottenham have one. Most of them have signed new contracts. Europe’s best goalkeeper, Hugo Lloris along with Dele Alli, Eric Dier and Christian Eriksen, all of them are staying in the team. The jewel in the crown, Harry Kane is signed up until 2022.

They have Mauricio Pochettino as their manager. Pochettino gave chance to Roberto Soldado, Paulinho and Emmanuel Adebayor to prove themselves and when they failed to meet his standards, he gave chance to the youngsters.  It took a lot of courage but now he has built a team that understands their responsibilities as players. Their hard work paid off against Manchester City earlier in the season and they were breathtaking against West Bromwich Albion a fortnight ago.

They have a considerable distance to cover and it was seen in their Champions league exit and the run of one win in 10 alongside Kane’s absence due to his injury. Arsenal can flip between Alexis Sanchez and Olivier Giroud up front and Manchester City have Sergio Aguero and Gabriel Jesus. For Chelsea there are Diego Costa and Eden Hazard while Zlatan and Marcus Rashford are there for Manchester United. But the Spurs are beholden to Kane as Vincent Janssen has been disappointing in the up front.

There are fears that Pochettino might leave the club and he might be lured back to Spain by Barcelona or Real Madrid. But he declared last week that he could stay in England for another 20 years. He might be able to build the club in his own image like Arsene Wenger did.

Pochettino has the chance to follow those achievements. It is not going to be easy and there is a huge gap between potential and reality but the obstacles are not there anymore which were holding back his predecessors. The team is strong and the facilities are good. The stadium will generate huge revenues and their most important player has declared that if you are looking for success then there is no need to leave Tottenham.

Is Kane’s Football Career Coming To An End ?


Chris Sutton expressed his viewpoint on how the career of England’s star player Harry Kane can come to an end because of Rooney. He feels that Rooney is destroying the football career of Kane. As per the former Chelsea and Three Lions striker Chris Sutton, the free role of the captain is destroying the football career of his teammates, especially Tottenham star in particular.

The narrow win of 1-0 over Slovakia might be a good thing but Wayne Rooney still is responsible for not creating the best out of the career of Harry Kane. The Three Lions captain was subjected to harsh criticism, during and after the game, because of his lack of interest and lazy way of dealing with his teammates. He often ends up picking the ball just before the halfway line as he is in a deep-lying role.

Chances were missed by Kane and he lost two of them just before Adam Lallana came down and netted extensively to the stoppage time and was able to get three points for England’s World Cup 2016 Qualifier.

But Sam Allardyce feels and insists that Rooney has the choice to play wherever he wants. Chris Sutton wrote in the Daily Mail stating that there must be more disciples from the side of Rooney. Also, Allardyce needs to put in more authority after the first game in which he is in charge. Otherwise, the team will be lacking the quality of being a threat for its oppositions.

Is The England Star Footballer And Captain Lacking Seriousness At Field?

Sutton feels that the England manager must get a grip on his captain. He needs to be aware that his role lies in playing higher of the field. As Kane was utterly isolated in the game early on, it nearly destroyed his game plan. For Kane to be more efficient, he must have players around or near him, so that he can link up with them. He feels that Rooney can’t select and decide where he is going to play. Frankly, it is not a testimonial.

No doubt, critics feel that he is one of the best technician and passers of the game. However, if he cannot play matching the strength of the Kane, then the entire team will suffer. Allardyce was able to avoid various questions related to position Rooney is playing after the game got over. He insisted that the striker of Manchester United can play anywhere he wants since he has various experience at top level.

Big Sam has said the same. Wayne has been playing wherever he wanted to, and no one can prevent him from playing there. He is considered to be one of the most decorated outfield players of England. He has got victories in all the matches played for Man United, more or less at domestic level and even Champions League.

Big Sam feels that Wayne got a huge amount of experience in International football than him. With the extensive experience in Wayne’s arsenal and being a team member, it is not up to him to suggest where Wayne has to play. He can only provide an opinion about how well Wayne is doing in that position, and he feels that it is great.