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Columbia is a famous sports brand that makes all the sports utilities and equipments. It is a US based manufacturer that supplies footwear, sports accessories and a host of fitness equipments. It started with humble beginning owning a small hat company. Later it spread across the globe with wide range of collections of thermals, jackets, shoes, headgears, hats, etc. Today it is one of the favourite brands of all the adventure junkies and sportspersons. Perhaps Columbia has become the leading brand at par with other international brands that solely sell sports equipments.

Columbia shoes are highly known to provide better

  • Comfort
  • Toughness
  • Traction
  • Grip
  • Water resistant and
  • Insulation

Columbia footwear comes in all sizes . With the cutting edge technology they have come up with trail shoes, boots, hiking boots known for toughness. Some of the shoe models that provide the ultimate comfort are:

Columbia Peak freak

Columbia peak freak

  • You can count on these for the winters where you don’t have to carry on the bulky boots.
  • The breathable layers help in protecting your feet from dust or any jerks.
  • It is a great option for regular aerobics or outdoor activities.
  • They are made with the traction force to flow with the flexibility.
  • It is an exclusive edition where the mesh gives a breathable relief to the feet. They look tough yet light in weight.


Columbia conspiracy razor outdry

Columbia conspiracy razor outdry

  • Conspiracy edition comes for both men and women
  • They are perfectly designed with the outer, mid and inner sole division to give the stability to the feet.
  • The cushioning effect is provided to the midsole to avoid any jerks during an adventure.
  • Women’s’ collection come in combination of appealing hardcore colours.


Columbia North Plains Mid Wp – Charcoal Sail Red


  • The suede leather and the lace up give a tough yet classy look.
  • They are known to deliver durability with style
  • An ideal choice for trekking over the hills or mountains.
  • It provides an amazing ankle support to the heeled sole.
  • You can tramp your feet with these footwear.


Columbia Helvetia mid waterproof – tusk firefly

tusk firefly

    • It is an exclusive hiking shoe for women.
    • The suede leather gives a refined and classy look.
    • It is lightweight and the layers of sole provide cushioning.
    • It is an ideal choice for an adrenaline junk who goes on seeping into mud and dirt.
    • It keeps the feet secure and protected.

Columbia Firecamp Mesh – Miami Fresh Kiwi

fresh kiwi

  • This model is designed to meet the appealing look for women.
  • This version of shoe is made for ankle cushioning that comes with guarantee.
  • It goes handy for women looking for less tougher activities.
  • It has ultimate flexibility and comfort needed for women feet.
  • Columbia is a worldwide brand that comes in an affordable price.


They are designed in all shades and sizes and available in retail stores as well as online. Many online sites provide awesome discount prices that are available around the seasons.


All you need to Know about HIKING in India!!


For all those who are new to hiking

Fact: Hiking is actually just walking, only on dirt or rocks or other uneven surfaces. Or walking where animals larger than you can kill and eat you.. 😉


How to Get Started

Going for a hike can be as simple as heading out to a local forest or park and following marked trails or as challenging as a rigorous trek through unchartered territory. It is best to plan where you want to hike and for how long. Then, assess these three factors:

  1. Am I physically fit enough to undertake this hike?
  2. Am I knowledgeable and experienced for this walk?
  3. Am I mentally prepared for this?

Benefits of a Good Hiking Rhythm

Having a steady Hiking Rhythm will enable you to stick to a fixed schedule of breaks instead of having to break every time you run out of breath and start panting. Furthermore, knowing your own Hiking Rhythm and speed will help you plan your hikes.

Having a steady Hiking Rhythm will lessen the strain you put on your feet, legs, lungs, and overall body. Changing gear the whole time is much more tiring than staying at a constant intensity level. Moreover, having a steady Hiking Rhythm will leave you less tired at the end of the day compared to having variations in your walking intensity.

Having a steady Hiking Rhythm is generally more enjoyable as you never over exert yourself and generally keep the physical strain at enjoyable levels.

Uneven surfaces like uphill and downhill slopes can make it difficult to maintain your rhythm. You could attempt to keep the same rhythm and adjust your stride. Often this will prove very difficult and you will have to change the tempo of your rhythm. This is not bad as long as you are able to keep at the new rhythm and adapt to it quickly while remaining at the same physical intensity level.

Dress appropriately for the hike

Hiking involves walking. A lot of walking. Make sure that you are wearing hiking boots that are very comfortable for walking and sturdy to walk in different objects like grass, rocks, roots, and dirt. Don’t wear any shoes that you can’t get dirty because you are likely to get all kinds of stuff on your shoes and clothes. Wear clothing meant for hiking that will protect you from stray branches and thorns without suffocating you in case of hot weather. If the hiking trail will be exposed to sun, bring sunglasses and/or a visor to maintain solid vision.

Hiking Shoes

The most important first thing to have for a successful venture into hiking is a suitable pair of hiking shoes or boots. Visit Sports365 for more information about proper shoes and what to look for as you shop for them.

Hiking Safety

When you set out, establishing a hiking rhythm and speed and taking breaks are extremely important for your health and to avoid any safety issues. Carrying appropriate hiking accessories will help !

Blisters – Prevention & Treatment

Blisters are the number one ailment in several Outdoor Activities. But they can be avoided in a number of ways such as enough preparation. This section focuses on what you need to know about Blisters – causes, prevention, as well as treatment.

Acute Mountain Sickness – Prevention, Detection & Treatment

Being in high altitudes can bring about several health concerns for people who are into outdoor activities such as Hiking and Mountaineering. One of these is Acute Mountain Sickness. Know the symptoms, treatment, and prevention of AMS.

First Aid for Outdoor Activities

First Aid Basics and knowing how to deal with possible injuries are essential for your own safety and the safety of your group. Learn the Basics of Outdoor First Aid and how to prevent, detect, and treat

What Hikers Should Know About Lactic Acid Build Up

Although lactic acid is often associated with running, little do we know that it can also be a problem for hikers and backpackers.

Where to Hike

Here are some of the many places to hike in India: Kurisumala Peak Hiking, Wayanad, Savandurga Day Trek, Bangalore, MariBetta, Mullayanagiri and Bababudangiri, Chikmagalur, Vajra Waterfall, Belgaum,  Chembra Peak, Wayanad, Phanaswadi and Shimbola Waterfall, Belgaum

Know the terrain of your trail.

There are many different types of hiking trails that have various difficulty levels and lengths. Learn about your trail before you go hiking so that you can gain a perspective on what the path will look like in terms of hills, shade, rocks, and other factors. If you are not accustomed to hiking regularly you might want to start on a hiking path that has fewer hills and is a little more relaxed so that you can enjoy your walk while getting an appropriate workout relative to your progress.

Bring light gear and supplies.

It is important to bring a few essential items on the hike, depending on the amount of time that you plan on being out. You want to make sure that you pack light since you will have to carry the gear and supplies the whole way. Bring water for hydration, and a few snacks to keep your energy levels up and your stomach full. If you have space, bring a simple first aid kit with band-aids, gauze, Neosporin, and anything else you can reasonably fit. Most outdoor organizations recommend bringing the Ten Essentials when heading into the outdoors.

Exposure to bugs and the sun.

Since many hiking trails can be several miles long, you will have prolonged exposure to the sun and to bugs in the forest or mountains where you are hiking. Bring sunscreen to avoid sunburn and help prevent skin cancer. There will be many different types of bugs like mosquitoes, bees, flies, and all other kinds of insects. If you will have legs or arms exposed, spray down with bug spray to prevent bites.

Some other facts about hiking:

Unlike other XTREME sports like rock climbing and heli-skiing, you don’t need hundreds or thousands of rupees’ worth of gadgets and shiny things to hike. If you have shoes, a Snickers bar, and a bottle of water, you can go hiking. Also, if you only have shoes and no Snickers bar or bottle of water, you can still go hiking.

If you do want to spend a bunch of money on hiking gadgets, you can totally do that too.

Bears basically spend their entire lives hiking, and bears are rad.

Most popular hikes are on trails. You do not necessarily need a trail to go hiking. If you don’t have a trail, you are “bushwhacking,” which is a lot like hiking, but slower and less fun.

Hikes range in distance from under 100 feet to thousands of miles. If you have never been hiking before, you should start at the lower end of the scale.

If you are interested in fun, or nature, or exercise, or breathtaking views, or all four, there’s a good chance you might like hiking. Give it a try today! 

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Camping and Hiking equipment best sellers

Featured in this blog article are some of our best selling products in the camping and hiking category. You can bring in the New Year by shopping with us for these popular racquets! Visit to check out these products.

Camping and Hiking shoes bestsellers:

hiking and camping INFOGRAPHIC-03

Forclaz 500 Man

These shoes are perfect for regular day-long hikes on medium-gradient. They are designed to withstand any kind of weather conditions and that is what makes these shoes so durable. The Forclaz 500 Mens shoes are waterproof which makes it suitable even for trekking through we terrain. The shoes are also breathable and offer maximum ventilation for your feet. They provide ample support especially for the heel and thus prevents any sprains and minor injuries that may occur on hiking trips.The shoes are made us of polyester and split leather upper sole with an EVA midsole and rubber outsole. The full-length EVA midsole comes with joint protection.

Arpenaz 50 Man

The Arpenaz 50 Men’s shoes are very comfortable for walking. They can be used on slightly rough terrain also. These shoes come with excellent grip and they are also light which makes them ideal for everyday use too. These shoes come with a good cushioning which makes it suitable for long walks, without putting too much strain on your feet.  These shoes are made up of 50% recycled polyester upper. They come with an interior mesh and rubber sole with CS (Circular System) cushioning insert in the EVA heel. The heel is enhanced with a CS cushioning (circular system) for increased comfort.

The Arpenaz 50 is a sturdy shoes and does not falter under your feet. Moreover, the colour of the shoe ensures that dirt marks are hidden. The sole is strong and long lasting and these shoes are really worth the price you pay for them.

Forclaz 500 Women

The Forclaz 500 Women shoes are designed for day-long hikes on slightly hilly paths in all weather conditions. The rubber sole has a 5mm stud which provides better grip for hiking. These shoes are also lightweight and this is what makes them perfect for long hikes. They are water resistant and the breathable thus giving your feet enough ventilation. The water proofing comes with a Novadry membrane and it makes light work of weather conditions, thus making it easier to cross through small streams during your treks. These shoes are made of high upper in split leather and polyester.

The sole, created in collaboration with Essensole, has exceptional grip and offers superior traction on all trails, even steep ones. For greater durability, we have given the new Forclaz 500 leather reinforcements on the upper and a stone guard. All in all the Forclaz 500 is the multi-purpose boot par excellence.

Camping and Hiking bags bestsellers:

Top selling camping and hiking bags
Top selling camping and hiking bags

Quechua FORCLAZ 70

The Quechua Forclaz 70 is designed for male and female hikers. It is ideal for multi-day hikes giving you enough room to carry equipment for such hikes. These bags are lightweight and do not put stress on your back while hiking and travelling. The bag comes with the following features : 69 litres / 1,9 kg. Grey Pockets: 1 inner, 3 outer, 1 belt, front opening, pole holder, adjustable back, compression straps, chest strap, tensioner, hand rests and ventilated mesh back.

The compression and chest strap give you a good hold of the backpack and ensure that it does not slip off your back while trekking. The bag also comes with sufficient padding to give you more comfort and also keep any fragile packed equipment from getting damaged.


The Quechua Forclaz 50 is designed for male and female hikers looking for a lightweight backpack. It is ideal for hikers looking for comfort by keeping the weight of their backpack down. The bag comes with 1 inner pocket and 3 outer pockets giving you enough space to pack camping equipment. It also comes with a pole holder which can come in handy for hikers. This bag also comes with good padding and compression, chest and load adjuster straps. All these features make it one of the most comfortable hiking bags. An added feature to this is the integrated whistle.

In order to keep you dry and clean in scorching heat,this bag has EVA Padding, which facilitates a sufficient flow of air and doesn’t allow perspiration to accumulate onto your back. Another plus point is that this bag is waterproof so you can hike even in rainy weather. The adjustable shoulder straps help you alter the bag according to your comfort. The polyurethane-coated PA lining keeps the rucksack safe from water and moisture is the. It also comes with a pole holder so that your hand can be free while trekking, and the pole can be stored here.

Arpenaz 20

The Arpenaz 20 is suitable for men and women. If you want to take a break and go for an adventurous trek be sure to buy one of the Arpenaz 20 bags. This backpack is resilient to common damages like tearing and ripping. This is a light bag weighing around 760 gms. It is a compact bag and yet has sufficient space to accommodate your camping equipment. Being lightweight it does not strain your back even if you are trekking for long hours.

It comes with Polyurethane and Polyethylene Padding. The bag has a carrying capacity of 20 litres so it can fit all your tools, extra clothes and other trekking essentials. Equipped with fourpockets, this backpack allows you to segregate your belongings in order of use and priority. The pole holder of this bag helps hold the poles you need to use while trekking or hiking. The adjustable shoulder straps of thisQuechua Arpenaz 20 backpackcan be altered to match your convenience. Assuring that you do not have to stop every time you want a drink of water, this bag has been furnished with awater pouch pocket.

Get this multidimensional backpack to overcome all your problems with regard to load management.