CatEye: Leader in cycle computers, bike lights and reflectors

Cateye is the leading manufacturer of cycle computers, bike lights and reflectors. In 1964, Cateye became the first company to create a flashing lamp for bicycles. Cateye invented the first battery headlamp in 1982, and the very first bicycle headlamp using white LEDs in 2001. Cat Eye is a true leader in lens and reflector technology; Cateye’s Opticube lens and reflectors allow them to make one of the brightest and most efficient LED headlights in the world.


CatEye Stealth 10 GPS Cyclocomputer:

The Stealth 10 is a simple GPS enabled cycle computer that delivers your basic cycling functions fast. The Stealth 10 uses GPS technology to calculate your position quickly, eliminating the need for a sensor. This product is suitable for light training and everyday cycling. It enables you to track speed, distance, elapsed time and record up to 60 hours of data that you can upload and share via web-based training sites, such as and The display screen – speed at the top, time in the middle and average or max speed, overall mileage, trip time, and two trip distance options at the bottom makes it easy to see and scroll through with the single mode button.

stealth 10

CatEye Strada Slim:

The Strada Slim is a ‘slimmed down’ version of the popular Strada Wireless computer and is suitable for road bikes. In spite of the smaller size, it still boasts the same great cycling features and functions with a larger screen and the ability to customize your display by showing only the functions you select.  All the usual functions are present and correct: 12 or 24-hour clock, elapsed time, trip distance, trip distance two, total distance, maximum speed and average speed. A little arrow on the display tells you whether you’re riding over or under your average speed. The Strada Slim comes with a new Slim Sensor which is fitted such that it is virtually out of sight ensuring your bike has a sleek, aerodynamic look.

slim wireless

CatEye Strada Digital Wireless:

The Strada Wireless boasts the largest screen and numbers in its class. It offers the new CatEye ClickTec interface in which you can switch modes by simply pressing the bottom of the computer face. This is useful as it can be performed even on rough terrains. In addition to the normal features, the Digital Wireless also has the additional functionality of digital heart rate and cadence measurements. The Strada Digital Wireless also features a low battery alarm for both the computer head and sensor.

digital wireless

CatEye Fit wireless:

This device offers the dual function of operation in Bike Mode or Walk Mode. The CatEye Fit Wireless brings with it the functionality of a 3-D pedometer in addition to the standard cycling functions. The built-in 3-D sensors automatically track your steps once it’s removed from the bike. It tracks in real time current/average/max speed, elapsed time, distance and calories in Bike Mode and tracks steps, elapsed time, distance and calories in Walk Mode. Additional features include auto data save and reset each day, a large, easy to read screen, and a 12/24 hr clock.

fit wireless

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The fun way to keep fit – Cycling

Cycling in India has suddenly become quite popular, and has been chosen by many not only as a leisure activity but also to keep fit. Apart from cycling regularly to work, mountain biking is also widely practiced. There are a number of organizations that conduct cycling tours to picturesque hill stations and other cycling friendly locations. It is widely acknowledged that cycling is one of the best ways to achieve good health. Some of the health benefits include:

1. Cycling is good for your heart

By making the heart pound in a steady manner cycling helps improve cardio-vascular fitness. Since the largest muscle groups in the legs are used when cycling it benefits heart rate, which in turn increase stamina and fitness. Simply put, cycling strengthens the heart. This article gives some insights into studies conducted abroad about the benefits of cycling with respect to a healthy heart.

2. Increased joint movement

Unlike other forms of exercise like jogging, cycling is gentler on the joints. In this way cycling reduces the risk of arthritis caused by worn out cartilage. Since cycling puts less pressure on the joints, it actually provides nourishment that builds up cartilage.

Cycling is a great way to keep fit.
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3. Muscle toning

Cycling will not give you a bulky look that is achieved through strenuous exercises like lifting weights. But all of us would rather have a little muscle rather than the alternative-fat. There are a number of muscles that are used in cycling, starting from neck and shoulder muscles, to chest and arm muscles, all the way down to muscles in the feet. As cycling improves general muscle function, gradually you will be able to see an improvement in the muscle toning.

4. Stress reduction

Everyone is stressed some time or the other. Cycling outdoors is a great way to beat stress as it will take your mind of other stress. Basically, when riding a bicycle (or exercising in general) endorphins, a brain chemical that improves our overall mood, are released. In addition, the endorphin release can also improve our sleep patterns. Over time, a happy disposition and a good night’s rest can lead to better stress management.

5. Cycling reduces back pain

If you maintain good posture while riding a cycle it can reduce back aches.  Cyclic movement of the legs stimulates muscles in the lower back, where slipped discs are most likely to occur. In this way the spine is strengthened and secured against external stresses. By stimulating the small muscles of the vertebrae which are difficult to affect through other exercise, cycling can help reduce the likelihood of back pains and other problems.

As seen in this blog article, the benefits of cycling are many. What’s more, it is more than mere exercise, it’s fun! Sports 365 has an extensive range of road and mountain cycles that you can choose from. Cycles are available for kids and adults. Do check out our website for more details