Marcos upset for missing the chance to meet Parent Club


Midfielder Marcos Llorente admitted that it is very annoying not to be able to face the parent club Real Madrid this Saturday because of a clause in his loan deal.

The 21 year old player came through Castilla youth team of Madrid. He made his debut for Los Blancos under Rafa Benitez as the coach then in the last season.

Cureent coach Zidane decided to sent the under-21 international on loan for the 2016-17 campaign and he turns out to be impressive for a newly promoted Alaves side that won 2-1 at Barcelona. The current ranking is 13th in the table.

During Madrid’s visit to Mendizorrotza Marcos expressed his disappointment about the clause included by Real Madrid which prevents a player from that they have loaned to play against them. He was forbidden to appear against them as he had been loaned out by the club.

Llorente seemed pretty annoyed with the fact but he also said that he knew about the fact while he was signing for the deal that he was not going to play the games. He was trying not to think about the same. He also acknowledges the decisions taken by them as a Madrid player.

He stated that he wanted to stay during the preseason. But after consulting with Madrid director Josen Angel Sanchez, Zidane and his family he decided to go on loan. His plan was to play at least 30 games and definitely he is playing well but he is also waiting for next summer to see what happens next.

Real Madrid’s only real midfielder Casemiro is currently injured and Zidane admitted that Llorente would have taken his place perfectly if he wouldn’t have been stuck around the Bernabeu. But according to Marcos it is not at all enough for him to just fill the gaps when a player is not available. He is constantly looking for greater opportunities for future.

His goal is to earn a place in the team once he is back in Real Madrid. As a starter he wants to leave his own impression on the team. He is not ready to be on the bench and be a replacement for any injured player or if anything happens to any of the players. He is ready to fight for his own place. Marcos doesn’t want to replicate anyone and be a new Tony Kroos or new Casemiro. He wants to have his own identity and be Marcos Llorente for his team.

Llorente has a famous family background. He is from Bernabeu and his father Paco Llorente and grandfather Ramon Moreno Grosso used to play for Real Madrid. His great-grandfather is a renowned winger and six-time European cup winner Paco Gento. Marcos said that they would all want Alaves to shock Zidane’s side on Saturday.

Llorente mentioned that many of his family members have made history at Madrid and now he would try his best to follow their footsteps. But his family members and friends are in favour of Alaves in this game. He is aiming to achieve great success and he would not mind if it begins with beating Real Madrid.


Zidane: Christiano Ronaldo will rediscover his form


Christiano Ronaldo seemed to be out of the form in his past few performances but according to Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane it is not a matter of concern. The whistles for Ronaldo at Santiago Bernabeu are nothing much to be worried about and Zidane believes that he will soon be back among the goals.

Saturday’s 2-1 La Liga win over Athletic Bilbao at the Bernabeu was a difficult evening for Ronaldo as he was whistled by his own team’s fans as he went a fourth straight game at home ground without scoring any goal.

In a news conference Zidane said that there has been time where he himself had been whistled at by the Bernabeu crowd while he was playing for Madrid. He also mentioned that the team’s all-time scorer, Ronaldo is used to such treatment now.

He confessed that he never understood the whistles but the crowd in Bernabeu is special and it always demands maximum from the players. Christiano is used to such actions and he also knows how to deal with it as the fans are one of the most important aspects for the players.

Out of the 20 goals in his last two matches, Ronaldo has been successful with 4 on target and has only four goals for Madrid in this season.

Zidane said that Ronaldo is not bothered about this and he just needs to focus in his game in order to score more goals. He needs to score two to three goals each game and Zidane is confident that he will make it happen. He believes that Christiano will soon get back to the game with more goals and everything will get back to normal.

Zidane laughed when he was asked about Ronaldo’s reaction after Morata’s winning goal against Athletic which was claimed to be an appeal for offside against his own team.

He replied saying that there are a lot of external stuff that are not controllable and it is better to not comment and just let it go in order to focus on the pitch.

Zidane was questioned about selecting the trio, Gareth Bale, Benzema and Ronaldo over the younger and impressing players such as Morata and Lucaz Vazquez. To this, he answered saying that he has three phenomenal players in his team and they are very important. The others might play less but they are equally important and he is aware about his job which demands for such decisions.

He did not reveal whether Ronaldo, Bale, Toni Kroos and Benzema would be rested for the Wednesday’s Copa Del Rey last-32 game at third tier Cultural Leonesa. This is the first game for Madrid in the competition since last year’s expulsion for fielding an ineligible player.

Zidane mentioned that there will not be too many changes in the system but there will also be other players who will start tomorrow. As only 16 players can be there so some of them have to stay back in Madrid and there will be rotation. This competition is very important for Madrid and there is no other option than winning.


Barcelona and Real Madrid suspend European Super League Talks


Barcelona and Real Madrid have recently confirmed with the La Liga officials about their withdrawal from any involvement with a breakaway European Super League for the time being. The teams have decided to stay dedicated and focused towards their participation in Spain’s domestic division for the near future.

La Liga clubs held a private meet in Manchester over the past two days to discuss the details of building a more united approach domestically and also internationally. The intension of the meet is to achieve a growing financial strength of the Premier League.

La Liga’s director general of marketing, Adolfo Bara said that Barcelona and Real Madrid have given an amnesty in concern with the European Super League. He also mentioned about their future plans and global strategy. Both the teams have a stronger united approach and alignment for the growth of La Liga.

Bara came up with a series of presentations for the clubs in Manchester. They also visited the Etihad stadium of the Manchester City. The clubs were briefed about the benefits of a better collective approach for issues such as the sale of television rights and also the circulation of income.

The main motive of La Liga to call the clubs to Manchester was to organise a meet with the senior officials. The officers from different offices of different parts of the world were in the city for the Soccerex Global Convention. It was a great opportunity for the clubs to get acquainted with the beneficiary ideas of the officials.

There was a debate earlier this year on a European Super League which was followed by various news reports stating that some of the England’s leading sides held a meet to discuss their idea. According to the reports, Susana Monje, Barcelona’s financial Vice-president backed the idea soon after the meeting was held.

Two of the leading club’s of Spain have been the leading voices on the European Super League controversies since the first event of disapproval around 20 years ago.

Bara mentioned that the amnesty does not mean that the European Super League controversy is resolved. He also said that La Liga will maintain a careful relationship with two of the most powerful clubs in the world. The official pardon is a step towards settlement but not a complete resolvement of the issue.

He also stated that they share a love-hate relationship with Barcelona and Real Madrid. The motive is to maintain a strong hold of their national league to achieve a place in the Premier league with financial support. To convince both the clubs was definitely a tough task but they have decided to provide support as of now.

Bara said that among the two clubs Madrid is the more difficult one to deal with in the European Super League. Even though the team is committed to La Liga, they believe that they can achieve a lot more on their own which makes it a difficult task to convince the club to stick together.

The idea of a breakaway European Super League has been strongly opposed by La Liga and other members of European Professional Football Leagues. They believe that it would develop a negative impact on all national leagues across the continent.

Ronaldo Predicts Real Madrid Winning La Liga

MADRID, SPAIN - SEPTEMBER 10:  Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid celebrates with Gareth Bale after scoring opening goal during the La Liga match between Real Madrid CF and CA Osasuna at Estadio Santiago Bernabeu on September 10, 2016 in Madrid, Spain.  (Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images)

The famous Portugal striker Ronaldo believes his team is going to break the jinx this year with wining of the La Liga, after a great start in this season. No doubt, he feels that Real Madrid will be too much strong and tough for Atletico Madrid and Barcelno for the race to win the Liga title. Last time, in 2011-12, Madrid won the domestic crown and after that it has been playing second fiddle among its rivals.

But this year 2016-17, they have made a great start and was able to gain a lead on Atletico and Barca, which delighted Ronaldo. He said that he wanted to win all the given trophies of the tournament in which his team participates and this includes the La Liga. Also he told the reporters that the Liga title is what the team is looking at and the performance of the team is solid and great which ensures that there is a high probability in winning it.

Also, he felt that this year they started with a great wins and hope it continues in this way. Of course, the competition is long and tedious but he is sure that they would win this year. There are reports stating that Ronaldo is going to sign the renewal contract with Madrid and he hopes that for rest of his career, he can stay with the Santiago Bernabeu.

Plans’ Of Ronaldo

Currently, the 31 year old cannot think of being in another club for rest of his career. He enjoys his tenure with Real Madrid. Of course, it is one of the biggest club and all the fantastic players are there. His major plan is to continue moving forward and end his career with this team.

Also, Cristiano Ronaldo sought his team mates who played during the Portugal’s Euro 2016 and won. On Wednesday night, the winning squad at Santiago Bernabeu were present and Ronaldo made the beeline for the dressing room of the Sporting Lisbon, ensuring that he robbed them of getting the three major Champion League points.

For 89 minutes, Jorge Jesus had kept their shape against the tough team Real Madrid through the solid back four where the former defender of Liverpool Sebastain Coates was at his best. In addition, the defense was quite extraordinary as it was secured by Adrien Silva and William Carvalho, who were looked for by Ronaldo immediatley after the final whistle was blown.

After the game, Carvalho and Silva posed for photos along with Ronaldo, just like a rose among two thorns of the Real Madrid’s side. It was true that both players put in their best and didn’t deserve to lose. But it was the best game Ronaldo had done as he always does with his former club. Previously, two times he had bought down the club when he was in Manchester United uniform.

This awesome and record-breaking forward who is on the score card of his 94th Champions League goal and is on the route to touch the 100 barrier was pleased with his performance as well as his team’s. He admitted honestly in the post match conference that Real will make sure that it doesn’t put up with sloppy performance as the competition is progressing.