Sadio Mane puts Liverpool ahead of Everton


It will hardly go down as a football classic, but nonetheless, Liverpool has won three points from their latest outing and that is all what matters for Jurgen Klopp at the moment. Described by football commentators as one of the least eventful matches in the Premier League so far, both teams failed to create opportunities, let alone score goals in the 90 minutes. And it wasn’t for Mane’s rebound goal in the 94th minute; nobody would have even bothered watching the replay ever!

It was just one of those nights. Two teams lost in a wilderness in the middle. Liverpool failed to create many opportunities and the ones that looked promising was nipped in the bud by the Everton midfield. Looking back, there were hardly any scoring opportunities created by Everton. A huge chunk of credit should go to Daniel Sturridge, who in the 94th minutes reminded us all why he is such an expensive player.

At the end of the full 90 minutes, the chances of Liverpool walking away with 3 points never seemed probable, thanks to some wayward shooting and lack of goal scoring opportunities. Sturridge was introduced in the attack a mere 15 minutes before the end and from out of the blue; he produced a shot that a regular goalkeeper should have saved without much fuss. But not Joel Robles. He allowed it to roll past him and the ball rebounded off the goal post to a waiting Sadio Mane, thus pushing Everton to their first home defeat in nine months. Maybe with their regular goalkeeper Maarten Stekelenburg with them, Everton may have surely denied the Reds the three points. Perhaps, it was fitting that the goal was as uneventful as the rest of the game.

However, Jurgen Klopp refused to belittle the win on account of the dull display. He attributed the lackadaisical performance to the ‘wild football’ Everton played. He insisted that the best he could expect from such an opponent was three points, whether it came out of an uneventful match or a classic.

Perhaps the only man in the field for whom the victory must have been extra sweeter could be the goal scorer himself, for it always is a great feeling to win against a former manager’s team. Ronald Koeman, the Everton manager, might rue the fact that he had to go into a high-profile match without Gareth Barry, which seemed to have disrupted his whole game strategy. To compensate for the loss of his star player, Koeman infused a few athletic performers into the side and to an extent; they served the purpose of running around aggressively and making the occasional tackle. But, none of them could match the skill of Barry, which resulted in a dearth of scoring opportunities.

Even when he was introduced at half-time, there was too little time left to redraw the strategies and just like the others, he had to go through the motions and if it wasn’t for Mane’s moment of brilliance, it could well have been a match that everyone would forget before the next match.

Steve Heighway- Bill Shankly would like Klopp’s work at Liverpool


The Liverpool legend Bill Shankly said that Steve Heighway would approve of the work by Jurgen Klopp for the club.

Heighway appeared for the Reds for 475 times as a player and works at the Kirkby academy as a consultant. Heighway mentioned that the current situation of Klopp’s Liverpool would be appreciated by Shankly. He led the club to the top position in the year 1962 and won three first division titles, the UEFA Cup and two FA Cups.

Klopp’s team is on the top of the Premier League table and they have an intense form of playing. Liverpool is pleasing the eye right now and they are also providing opportunities to young talents to prove their worth.

According to Heighway, there is no relationship between present football days with the Shankly days. But that does not indicate that the people back then did not leave any ineffaceable mark on the football club.

He also mentioned that there have been enormous changes in Liverpool but he totally approves of the present situation of the club and he believes that Shankly would agree with the same. Heighway said that Bill would approve of the ethics, the work rate and the way the team is treating the youngsters.

Heighway had seen the development of Steven Gerrard, Jamie Carragher, Robbie Fowler and Michael Owen before he stepped down as the academy director of Liverpool in the year 2007.

Liverpool are one of a number of clubs who have imposed the basic salary cap of £40,000 per year on their first-year professionals.

Heighway is in favour of the decision and he said that it is beneficial to not give the young players a huge amount of money in an early age but he is also doubtful about the fact whether other teams will follow the suit.

He firmly believes that anything that keeps the feet of the young players on the ground is beneficial for the team and the decision of capping wages is one of the ways. It would be excellent if the same is practiced throughout but this won’t happen as people would try to take advantage.

The problem with football is that no organisation is solely concerned about the good of the game. They are more interested about their own broader good.

Heighway said that most of the organisations are busy making their own profit which brings danger to the game of football. If there would have been a single organisation that did not have its own interest then the game would have been a lot different.

The current situation is that some clubs approach in a manner that they would conquer the world. But according to Heighway, Liverpool can only show the players that they need them and for that they need something very powerful. It comes along with the reputation and identity of the club.

Heighway said that they need to be more appealing and only the people in the team can help. Their motive is to make parents realise what is going on in the team and once they see it they should not want their children to go anywhere else.

Coutinho to Barca a concern but Klopp’s bait to impress Brazilian


Philippe Coutinho has made a brilliant start to the 2016-17 season with his goals and intricate creativity. His contribution has been tremendous and has lit up Liverpool to the top position of the Premier League.

Facing Argentina after travelling the entire world could not be an obstruction either. He performed brilliantly and scored a goal in the 3-0 win against their main rivals. His brilliance has brought him under the limelight and Coutinho has been popping up on the radar of some of the world’s greatest clubs. His fellow countryman Neymar stated that he would like to play alongside Coutinho at club level and this is not the first time he has said about playing with him.

It is sad but a natural consequence of every footballer whose performance takes the Premier League by storm. The only reason that has held back Coutinho from such a move is due to his consistency. His star performance and five goals have led to the transfer chatter and it has risen inevitably in volume.

Liverpool fans still have the fresh scars from the last time their team challenged for the title. The sale of Xabi Alonso proved to be very harmful for Liverpool and the team ended up four points behind Manchester United in 2008-09. Before the reds could recover the challenge again, Luis Suarez was lured away to Barcelona.

Most of the clubs pay the price for finding or buying talents and bringing them to flourish. It also brings them under notice of the richer and powerful clubs. Presently Liverpool act as one of the halfway house for such talents. Ajax weren’t delighted much about losing Suarez in 2011. Although, the player had incurred the rage of the Dutch by biting PSV Eindhoven’s Otman Bakkal and this is not the only time he has been found guilty of something like that.

Ajax have been losing all the star players of the team from the days of their last Champions League winning side in the year 1995. Some of the names are Edgar Davids, Jari Litmanen, Marc Overmars and Patrick Kluivert who did not stay in Amsterdam for long and were lured away to higher profile leagues.

Liverpool are among the best clubs in the world but presently they do not have enough success on the pitch to prove how big they are. If they arrive on the edge where their team is diluted by big-spending rivals then it would be a tough job for the manager to supervise things.

Coutinho is the man for the biggest occasions and he scores regularly against Manchester City. He scored two goals in the 4-3 win at Arsenal. He was pretty close in breaking the deadlock in an otherwise unfocused performance by Manchester United on 17th October.

Any fear regarding Coutinho’s shifting can be shelved now. Liverpool fans are mesmerised with the competitive form of the team again. They have some other stars as well to enlighten their performance along with Klopp as the manager who would be perfectly knitting them together. Coutinho may be that one rare player who means it when he says that he wants to stay.

Klopp is the ‘Perfect Man’ for Liverpool- Ayre


Ian Ayre, the chief executive officer of Liverpool has appreciated the performance of Jurgen Klopp as a manager of Liverpool since one year. Ayre considers him to be the perfect man for the team considering his contribution towards their success.

Exactly one year back Klopp took the charge as a manager at Anfield. He replaced the sacked Brendan Rodgers halfway through the 2015-16 campaign.

The reds were guided by the former Borussia Dortmund Boss to the two cup finals during his first season in charge.  Currently the team holds a position that is just two points adrift of Manchester city, the leading team of the Premier League. While Klopp is in charge, the team has seen immense development in their performances.

Time will reveal what happens next in the football pitch but according to Ayre there couldn’t have been a better pick for the team. Klopp is the perfect fit to the club and Ayre is completely satisfied with the selection as well as the performance.

Ayre stated that managing the team is a challenging job and the road of success will be full of ups and downs. But there is no doubt in Klopp’s dedication towards the team. He is absolutely perfect for the job and no other man could have done this better.

Ayre has been offered the role of general manager at TSV 1860 Munich and thus he will be leaving Liverpool by the end of this season.  He has been praising Klopp’s effort to put faith in those around him on Merseyside. Klopp’s willingness was well appreciated by Ayre.

Jurgen’s energy and emotion is extravagant and externally visible but the reality is that he is very dedicated towards his work and accepts input from everyone.

Ayre said about Klopp that he is a very good listener. Whether it is the coaching staff, the owner, the scouts or the commercial department, Klopp will listen to each one of their words in every situation.

Ian also talked about his supportive approach. He said that Klopp is always ready for a debate and takes his stand whenever necessary but he also accepts the fact that not everything will go according to his wish.

It is very difficult to blend in when you come from a different football club from another country and another league. But he has been successful in getting people behind him so early.

Defender Dejan Lovren has also applauded Klopp’s approach towards his players both on and off the pitch. Dejan also called him a perfectionist and an inspiration for a lot of people. He encourages the players to show perfection during training and give their 100 percent on the pitch. His intensity on the touchline is a motivation to everyone.

Klopp is a very emotional man and it can be seen in every game. His team mates agree to the fact that he is not just a good manager but also a good man.

Dejan spoke about Klopp’s kindness towards him while his daughter was in hospital. Klopp asked him to take a break and fly to Croatia. These gestures are quite a big thing for the players. Klopp showed his personality with his acts and he is also working hard as the manager of the team to achieve the epitome of success.


Klopp’s Magic Ensures Conte’s Bright Start Come To An End


Chelsea was unbeaten prior to this match, and was favorites for the tie at their home ground. But the faithful of Stamford Bridge were in for a shock as a stunning performance by the visitors along with a dominating first-half of the match led to the victory of Liverpool against their rivals, Chelsea with a score of 2-1.

Dejan Lovren, making a return to the first team after an eye injury opened the scoring for the Reds, courtesy of a clinical finish from a Philippe Coutinho cross to make it 1-0.Liverpool started to dominate possession and had full control over the match, after their goal. Liverpool’s domination reaped results when their captain, Jordan Henderson shot them 2-0 up on the night with a vicious strike from 25 yards in the 36th minute. The fine effort of Henderson pumped their manger Jurgen Klopp, who later accepted his admiration of the goal. The 2 goal lead for the visitors resulted in a quite Stamford Bridge till the half time. Chelsea was missing their skipper, John Terry through an ankle injury and his replacement, David Luiz, recently acquired from Paris-Saint Germain got his first start for Chelsea in his second stint with the London based club. Luiz had a decent game, but Chelsea missed their commander in chief at the back.

Chelsea came out as a different team after the break. They pulled a goal back on the hour mark, through Diego Costa, who was very quiet in the first half. But after his goal Costa was a constant threat in front of the goal, and threatened to blow Liverpool’s lead. Chelsea’s manager Antonio Conte ringed in three changes just 10 minutes before the allocated 90 minutes of play, but they were unable to inspire Chelsea for a fight back. Somehow Liverpool held on. They defended well, and in the end went back to Merseyside with all three points. Liverpool now has a cent percent record against all London clubs this season, with convincing wins over Arsenal and Tottenham followed by Friday’s result. They also inflicted the first defeat of Antonio Conte’s era in Chelsea. Liverpool jumped to fourth place in the league standings, courtesy their win, while Chelsea dropped to third place, with goal difference being the factor separating them from second placed Everton. But further changes to the league table are expected with the remaining nine fixtures scheduled to take place during the weekend.

In the end, after the referee’s whistle, Jurgen Klopp was seen jumping, head locking and hugging his Liverpool players after their overwhelming performance against Chelsea which has already set a benchmark for the entire season. It was a professional display from Liverpool, and a victory for which they had to work hard.  It’s too early in the season, but going by what we saw on Friday night, don’t write Liverpool off this season, because they are showing signs of the Klopp magic we saw at Dortmund. For Chelsea, it was a great loss at their home ground and a devastating end of the match for their club head coach who had his first defeat since the time he took charge of the team.