Tyre Trouble in Silverstone.

Cruising past the chequered flag on Sunday, with a 0.7 second lead was Mercedes’ Nico Rosberg. This is Rosberg’s second win of the season after his triumph in Monaco in May. Followed by Roseberg were Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso. Hmailton had an  excellent startand was able to record the fastest lap which kept him ahead of  Vettel.

Just when it seems to be going well, Lap 9 spells disappointment for British fans has Hamilton begins having problems with the left rear tire. Despite tire problems Hamilton was able to finish fourth, and keeping in mind the challenge he faced,  fourth position was nothing to complain about. Hamilton was not the only one with tire problems on Sunday, Felipe Massa and jean Eric Verne also face the same problem when they tires burst. All this resulted in the safety being brought out on the track, and many fingers pointing at Pirelli!

In pics: British Grand Prix 2013
Rosberg finished first at the British GP
Image courtesy:http://ibnlive.in.com/photogallery/13847.html

As the safety car head out, Vettel was in the lead followed by Rosberg and Sutil. More racing action begins around lap 22 when Perez tried to overtake Webber into 8th position. But, Webber does not give up that easily and Perrez is forced to hold back. By Lap 33, both Raikkonen and Alonso pit for harder tyres, by which time the tyre mishaps with other racers have cause considerable response on Twitter. By lap 38 Hamilton is able to prove his driving skills, he races past Di Resta and moves upto 11th position after falling to 14th because of tire trouble. Things are progressing quite rapidly with the race leaders as well, Webber who is in fourth position tails Kimi to try and snatch third place. Rosberg tries to close the gap between him and Vettel to become the race leader.

Lap 42 was the defining moment of the race at Silverstone. Race leader Vettel was not able to hold on to a two-stop strategy and due to a gear-box problem wad forced to retire from the race.  There ended his lead in the race, and the world championship leader was quickly replaced by Rosberg! By this time the safety car was out again and it was almost certain who the winner of the Bitish GP was going to be! Impressive racing was seen from Alonso as well, as he was able to move up to third place from seventh in just a few steps. By overtaking McLarens of Jenson Button and Sergio Perez, the Force India of Adrian Sutil and championship rival Kimi Raikkonen, Alonso gave himself another podium finish.

Although it was a slightly disappointing race for Red Bull, their consolation was a second place from Webber. Ferrari had a good race too, as Alonso finished third and Massa sixth. Raikkonen was down to 5th position, but could have done better if the team had offered a tyre change when the safety car was out. After the British GP, this is how the drivers championship points stand: in the lead is Vettel with 132 ponts, followed by Alonos with 111 points and Kimi in third with 98 points. After this race, however more than anyone else Pirelli will be feeling the heat after the mnay tyre mishaps. One can only hope that these issues are resolved ahead of the GP in Germany.

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The British GP saw considerable tyre trouble for some racers, whose left rear tyres burst causing quite a bit of damage and confusion on the track at Silverstone. For other racers it was a good race, Rosberg had his second win of the season and he was followed by Webber in second and Alonso in third.

Vettel Surges Ahead.

Vettel’s Canadian GP victory was a much awaited accomplishment as he has never won here before. Ferrari’s Feranndo Alonso and Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton placed second and third respectively. Although the race weekend was off to a rainy start, which caused the qualifying to be somewhat of a challenge, Vettel stormed past the rest of the racers and was able to secure the best spot on the grid. An impressive performance by Valtteri Bottas of the William’s team put him at third place on the grid after qualifying. He was in the top four in all parts of the qualifying and showed excellent knack and control to deliver this career-defining performance. However, Bottas was not able to keep this up on Race day as he was pushed to fifth position at the start of the race.

Sebastian Vettel’s pole position at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve also indicate that the 26 year-old could be well on his way to equal or even surpass Michael Schumacher’s record of seven World Championships. Surprisingly, securing second place was more of a tussle with former world champions Alonso and Hamilton battling it out to come in after Vettel. The race saw Alonso win second place and Hamilton came in after him. Nico Rosberg the other Mercedes racer finished 5th behind Red Bull’s Mark Webber.

Vettel’s maiden Canadian GP victory.

Kimi Raikkonen who has been racing consistently didn’t do too well in the Canadian GP. In the fifth lap itself he dropped to tenth position. After a delay in the pits on lap 23 the Finn slipped to 14th position. Webber made an early pit stop in Lap 14 which slightly altered the day’s running. It pushed Alonso t fourth position and Webber was able to make it out of the pits comfortable ahead of Bottas which kept him in fifth place while Bottas slid back to sixth. Two laps later and the race leader , Vettel and Alonso both make a pit stop for a change of tyres. Meanwhile Force India’s Paul Di Resta who was racing on a one-stop strategy was eighth as of lap 17 after having started 17th on the grid.

The race became interesting from Lap 28 to 30, where the focus was on Alosno, Webber and Nico Rosberg. With Alonso on Webber’s tail, and Webber dangerously close to Rosberg , the pressure on Nico Rosberg must have been immense. In Lap 29 Webber tries to overtake Rosberg while Alonso plays it safe to take advantage of any opening that might arise. Finally in lap 30 Webber makes a quick surge past Rosberg and Alonso sees an opportunity to over take him on the start-finish stretch which leaves Rosberg in fifth position. By Lap 32 it is evident that Vettel will have a comfortable victory and enable the Red Bull team to cross of one more victory on their list. He maintains a 17.6 second lead over Hamilton. He pits in Lap 50 only to emerge with comfortable lead with 20 laps remaining.

Vettel’s maiden win at the Montreal Circuit has given him a good lead where the championship points are concerned. He leads with 132 points, followed by Alonso who has 96 points and Raikkonen with 88. If you are looking for some exclusive F1 caps, F1 jackets and F1 jerseys shop for Force India jackets and caps  and jerseys on our online store. www.sports365.in can meet all your sports and fitness requirements, shop with us and avail amazing offers!


Well into the F1 season, Vettel was able to make his maiden Canadian GP win. The race results with Alonso second and Hamilton third have given the 26-year-old Vettel a good lead in the championship points.

F1 Malaysian GP highlights.

The Malaysian GP was quite a memorable race. There were some incidents which stood out and gave this race a rather controversial air. Number one on this list of highlights would be Sebastian Vettel’s outright disobedience when it came to taking orders from the team head. It all started in the 46th lap when Vettel disobeyed orders to stay behind fellow teammate Mark Webber. The two battled it out and Vettel seized the first place at the checkered flag. After the race Vettel apologized and said that his team deserved a reasonable explanation but he just couldn’t think of one. Can one really blame Vettel? Both winning and following orders are in his blood, he must have been under immense stress to have had to act the way he did.

Meanwhile, McLaren racer Jenson Button had a bit of bad luck too. McLaren showed the same pattern of pit-stop slip ups like they did last year, despite having one of the best and fastest cars on track. Button started off well, when he was able to move to 5th position from 7th, he had an outside chance of having a podium finish because he was making fewer pit-stops. Unfortunately a pit-stop blunder ruined his chances of finishing in the top 3. After a pit-stop his car was released without the right-front wheel being tightened properly and he had to stop half way down the pit lane while his crew rushed forward to rectify the wheel. This incident cost him dearly, and when he was back on track he had slipped to the 14th position. That’s not all, later in the race he had to retire because of severe vibration from the left-front wheel of his car.

Vettel finished first followed by Webber and Hamilton.
Vettel finished first followed by Webber and Hamilton.

The Force India team seemed to be doing well in the practice session, and thought that there would be a good outcome on Race Day, however this was not so. Both racers, Di Resta and Sutil had to retire in laps 19 and 24 respectively due to faulty wheel nuts. The trouble started when they simultaneously called for a pit-stop, they lost considerable time here and the team was not able to figure what exactly the problem was. So they decided to pull both cars out of the Malaysian GP and come back fighting in China.

Lewis Hamilton on the other hand was able to give viewers a laugh. Hamilton’s error came as he pulled in for his first tyre change and immediately steered the car towards the McLaren garage instead of Mercedes. Clearly 13 years on the McLaren team made him momentarily forget that he had switched teams this year. The McLaren team was quick to gesture Hamilton out of their garage lest he waste more time and this incident left a smile on team principal Martin Whitmarsh’s face. Despite this, Hamilton was able to finish third. Nico was right behind Hamilton and could have overtaken him but team principal Ross Brawn insisted he hold station, adding that Hamilton was backing off to save fuel at the team’s request. Hamilton commended Nico’s performance and said that he deserved to win this race.

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The F1 Indian Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel was victorious once again at the Indian Grand Prix. Facing no challenge in the race Vettel scorched his way to a comfortable victory, and won the race by a comprehensive margin on 9.4 seconds. This is Vettel’s second successive win at the Buddh International Circuit, and the Red Bull driver no has a total of 240 points. This gives him a 13 point lead ahead of Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso. After having done extremely well at the qualifying Vettel’s pole position was expected.

Sebastian Vettel wins the Indian Grand Prix, 2012.

Alonso went from fifth on the grid to second to limit the damage of Vettel winning. It was his 10th podium of the season. The race started with Alonso battling the McLarens on the long straight before getting past Hamilton. After which he overtook Mark Webber, leaving Webber to finish third. Alonso admitted that it was the second best result he could have hoped for. He hopes to match up to Vettel with upgrades to his car expected ahead of the upcoming Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

After Vettel won the Grand Prix all Lewis Hamilton could say was the Adrian Newey was a genius. Newey is Red Bull‘s chief technical officer, who has won championships with three different teams.

McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton dropped a place from his grid position and finished fourth, followed by teammate Jenson Button. Ferrari’s Felipe Massa was sixth while Kimi Raikkonen drove his Lotus home in seventh place. Force India was able to earn four points after Nico Hulkenberg’s eighth-place finish. Di Resta Force India’s other driver came in 12th. The team have now scored points in the last six races. The lone Indian driver on the track, Narain Karthikeyan finished 21st after he had problems with the brakes.

The seven-time world champion, Michael Schumacher suffered a right rear puncture on the first lap after contact with Vergne’s Toro Rosso. He was lapped, under investigation for allegedly ignoring blue flags and then retired due to gearbox concerns. Many of the 62,000 spectators at the Buddh International Circuit were there to cheer on the 43-year-old Mercedes driver, and bid a fond farewell to him as he is retiring at the end of the season.

The second edition of Indian Grand Prix also saw various celebrities from the sports and film fraternity of India. India’s Olympic heroes and Bollywood and cricket stars were at the circuit on race day. Among the sporting stars, wrestler Sushil Kumar, shooters Gagan Narang and Vijay Kumar were spotted. Gagan Narang waved the chequered flag at the end of the race. The shooter was overwhelmed to have been chosen to wave the chequered flag, which was originally supposed to be done by Hrithik Roshan.

The 2012 season has been quite interesting and despite some very random race results at the beginning of the season it took a more intense turn as the season progressed. In the summer especially, six racers were competing for the championship title, but in the past four races Red Bull has been dominant. With only three races left in the season, one cannot be too sure if Vettel will clinch the championship or if Alonso will rise above him.