Guess who the latest Barcelona and Messi’s fan is – Santa Claus!

lionel-messi-goal-celeb-sevilla-barcelona_3825635There is one thing common between Barcelona FC and Messi other than the fact that the latter plays for the former and there is the humongous fan following they both have. If you put all their fans into a country, it would be larger than most of the countries and definitely more populated than most European countries! Such has been the impact they have had on football fans all over the world. Messi has grown into an incredible football player, creating a sense of jealousy and pride in even his opponents.

And there has been another phenomenon that brings instant cheers to millions worldwide during every Christmas season. So when Santa took to the club’s official YouTube channel to declare that he was a diehard fan of Barcelona FC and Messi, a mini earthquake ensued! The Barcelona fans were ecstatic understandably, but a lot of other clubs were left heartbroken. But, once the initial elation wore down, it became so much clearer; an incredible football team with a rich history and a young, talented, yet humble footballer who have conquered millions of hearts. They spread joy just by doing what they do. And they spread it all year long. So it does not come across as a surprise that Santa himself is a fan of Barcelona FC and Messi.

One might argue that Santa brings festive cheers to only a portion of the world population i.e. Christians. On the other hand, the religion Barcelona FC and Messi follows- that of football, knows no religion! Neither does it know race, color, caste, ethnicity or nationality. Football is an emotion that can bring together a Palestinian and a Jew, an Indian and a Pakistani, even Hilary and Trump together! It is hard for anyone not to be a fan of them, let alone Santa!

Santa is known for the rampant cheers and festive mood he brings along with him during December. But this jolly figure wrapped in red acknowledges that he does not stand a chance when it comes to the happiness Barcelona FC and Messi spread all year long. While his is a visit that ends with the festive season, Barcelona and Messi are here to stay, and keep spreading joy for seasons together.

But then why did Santa pick Barcelona and Messi? Why not CR7 and Real? These are questions that may run through every football fans minds. It could not just have been a random choice. It is not as if all the Barcelona fans collectively wished for this Christmas wish. There is obviously something more than what meets the eye. We believe that the reason could have been the presence of the perfect three wise men in Barcelona’s line up- Lionel Messi, Neymar and Luis Suarez! Although many a team out there has wonderful players playing for them, which better three wise men to pick than these three? We would like to believe that this was the reason why Santa picked Barcelona and Messi!

Messi Injury Caused Barcelona To Tie With Atletico Madrid


Great scenes and tactics were displayed in the match between Atletico Madrid and Barcelona. The initial strategy fired by Ivan Rakitic for the Catalans put them on the lead. However, it was shocking to know that they got pegged back because of the Argentine substitute, just before losing the most substantial number ten spot, right at the second half.

Critics felt that Barcelona didn’t have Lionel Messi and it was because of his injury that triggered the match being drawn. But Atletico Madrid did a great job to tie the game at 1-1 at Camp Nou on Wednesday. It was well aware to the champions that a win can help them to reach within the points of the leading team Real Madrid as they had drawn a match with Villarreal. However, things didn’t go in the way Barcelona wanted as the first half header of Rakitic was just cancelled because of Angel Correa in the second period.

Even more damaging was done to Barca which is the loss of Messi. The constant recurrence of the groin issue Messi had made it impossible for him to take part in the match. Furthermore, even Sergio Busquets had to withdraw from the game, just an hour before the match started. Being unbeaten in the last 12 league matches, the Luis Enrique’s side showed how they can take control of Atletico. And they did much of it in the first half.

But they found it tough to get the clear-cut chances, right before Rakitic was able to head to the cross of Andres Iniesta from the short corner. A strong start was made by Atleti during the second period and was able just to snatch the given equalizer.

This was possible because of the substitutes Correa and Fernando Torres who combined within the minute of coming on. All this happened when Messi really failed with to get shake off the major discomfort that he got after his match with Deigo Godin.

Good Show By Atleti

Among the last four meetings, three were won by Atleti and that too during the season 2-1 as they were able to push harder to win. However, things didn’t go as it seemed because Diego Simeone’s side was able to keep them at bay, due to the relative ease involved in the closing stages. This helped in making sure that they were a point behind in the table and just four adrift to Madrid.

The early possession of Barca helped in getting some few necessary opportunities. And as Messi was curled to Oblak’s arm right from the 20 yards off the sight of the goal, it was up to Atleti to easily get the better of the opening present to them in the first-half. And they did it with ease.

Furthermore, Yannick Carrasco was able to put Ter Stegen right at full stretch by curling the given drive to the left of the penalty area just before Luis blasted right over the crossbar. This was 20 yards away from the Barca and after it was unsuccessful to clear the lines.

Naturally, it was disappointing for the home crowd even though Barca tried their best to gain a win.

Messi The Future Legend – Luis Enrique

Football Soccer - FC Barcelona v Celtic - UEFA Champions League Group Stage - Group C - The Nou Camp, Barcelona, Spain - 13/9/16 Barcelona's Lionel Messi celebrates scoring their second goal  Reuters / Albert Gea Livepic EDITORIAL USE ONLY.

Among the various fans that Messi has, the Blaugrana coach joins the list. He feels that under his charge, one of the best and awesome players to go to the pitch and show his capabilities in all the positions is Messi. Luis Enqrique felt mesmerized with the Lionel Messi and describes him as the avatar of the entire football. And all this was just after he took a record-breaking hat-trick for trashing Celtic on Tuesday. Messi was playing for Barcelona and he showed why he is the future hall of famer.

Besides being the only player to score three goals in a game, and that too for the sixth time in top competitions of Europe, he inspired his home side to an enormous victory of 7-0 over the Scotland champions at the Camp Nou. Furthermore, the Argentina star became a provider for the Luis Suarez and was able to win the free-kick. And because of this Neymar was able to score and make the points as 3-0 just after the half-time was over.

According to his coach, he is a versatile player and his abilities and tactics are clearly visible when he plays across the pitch. It has made his one of the unrivalled individuals in the history of football. The best part of having Messi in the team is he can play everywhere and he even has the freedom to do so. Luis Enrique feels that positions never demoralized Messi and even if you make him play as the sixth, eight or the 10, he will be still considered as the best player in the world. However, the most difficult part is to curtail him.

Seriously, it is clever not to put restrictions on his ideas and playing tactics. And this is the main reason why he is considered as the best player of all times and without doubt, his numbers clearly display his footballing vision. He is indeed one of the best football players. In addition, the coach was quite satisifed with the performance of his players. He felt they were excellent and the best reaction for the weekend capitulation, especially from the hands of Alaves.

Great Team Performance

As a coach being satisifed with his team’s performance means Enrique has created a perfect winning solution. He was happy that there weren’t any mistakes commited by the team all throughout the game, besides the little one which occurred in the first half. And they were easily able to concede the penalty. The best part was that the matter was over and they won.

He felt that his team was spectacular right from the start. And the best part was that the team and fans were enjoying and having a lot of fun. This is the kind of atmosphere and attitude the team needs to have to welcome the Champions League.  During the position of the match, they were able to recover and collect the ball easily and used their sharp tackling skills to hit goals and create pressure. And with each training and match, Enrique feels that players has become better and more talented.

Is Ronaldo Better Than Messi?


Xavi, the former Barcelona midfielder feels that comparing Ronaldo and Messi is kind of being in a messy situation. He feels that the Real Madrid star is quite extraordinary, however quite unluckily to be playing during the era when there is the ‘best player in the history’.

The former Barcelona captain Xavi feels that most people know and think that Lionel Messi is much better than Cristiano Ronaldo, besides the Real Madrid fans. Both the players have been considered and still are one of the hot-shot players in the field of world football. And they have been sharing the Ballons d’Or for the past eight years.

Even though Messi has been holding the title, Ronaldo is able to display his exploits with Madrid. At the Euro 2016, Portugal became the winners and he was crowned as the UEFA’s Best Player, last month in Europe.

Furthermore, his performance during the 2015-16 has made him one of the hot favorites for getting the world title. However, Xavi has doubts whether it is possible as the 31-year-old is nothing in comparison to his Camp Nou team member.

Also, according to the Al Sadd mildfield, the entire world feels the same especially the ones that are linked to the Madrid. Xavi feels that Ronaldo is the player of his time, but there is another individual who is and will be considered as the best player in the football history, and it is a fact that is hard to avoid.

No doubt, Ronaldo is quite extraordinary and when compared to Messi, for those individuals who like football and even Xavi, it is not compatible to differentiate. Messi will always be the number one until he wishes for. He is the best in the world and superior to other players and this can be hard to digest if you are a Real Madrid fan.

Comparison Of Messi And Ronaldo

 Both are considered to be the greatest player in the history of the football and they are not only famous but even idolized by millions around the world. You can compare Messi and Ronaldo as the heart and tongue of football lovers and they have been like that for the past 6-7 years. Besides playing and enjoying the game for their individual titles, they are even helping their national team and club in being dominant in the soccer world.

The statistics as per their achievements for 2015-2016 can provide a certain tidbit on whose is the best. In all major competitions, Messi has made 48 appearances and scored 41 goals and 21 assists. Ronaldo had 47 appearances, scored 51 goals and 15 assists.

In the 48 appearances, Messi had, he appeared 33 for La Liga where he scored 26 goals and had 16 assists. While Ronaldo, had 36 appearances, but scored 35 goals and did 11 assists. For the Champions League, Messi had 7 appearances, finished with 6 goals and 1 assists; but Ronaldo had 11 appearances, 16 goals and did 4 assists.

Statistically speaking Ronaldo is leading this year, but still, it is hard to determine who is best. There are still months left for the year to end, and there is a high probability that Messi can strike back. Let’s wait and watch.