Pogba’s time will come as a Manchester United Leader


Paul Pogba’s season was all about hitting the woodwork. He has hit the post eight times in the Premier League which is more than any other player. This makes the metaphor feel like an obvious one and his first year back at Old Trafford seems few frustrating inches from doing so much better.

According to Frank Lampard, Pogba is not being played in his best position which is making it difficult for him to perform effectively. Pogba could argue about his statistics that his fortune is not on his best side but that would be half true. He has not yet reached the heights that are expected from him. Many have started to believe that he does not have the quality to be a dominant player.

His year has been an odd mix of startling brilliance, apparent disinterest and visible anxiety so far. Those characteristics were often seen in the same performance. The thing with Pogba is that he is an inspiration to many just because of who he is. He symbolises the expectations around him and that is why his marketing appeal is so huge. He is stylish, likeable and photogenic. He has found the key to the world but he is unsure about how to drive forward.

He is a player of exceptional gifts undoubtedly and that will never be in dispute. He is accurate regarding long passing and his feet are quicker than most of the centre forwards. Right now he is forcing his game to its significant detriment but he has a shot of fearsome power. Pogba is always in a hurry. He took around 124 goal attempts last season and it was more than any other Europe’s five major leagues. His target is to end up somewhere near that total this season. Unfortunately, his performances have shown a pattern this season which rise steadily in quality until it comes to a match where the stage is set for him to prove himself.

The same happened against Liverpool in the Premier League and Southampton in the League Cup final where he started the game with his brilliance. He was close to scoring a gol that could have settled his nerves but both the times his confidence crumbled. Zlatan’s goal came as a rescue in both the matches.

The next few matches are going to be interesting. Pogba will take the leadership for the team at some point of time in Ibrahimovic’s absence due to suspension. He is an interesting character who does not seem to enjoy the limelight too much. He needs to refine his playing style and add more structure to it. Pogba needs reinforcement in order to perform better in summer and show his best.

He might be already taking advice from Patrice Evra of Manchester United who had a difficult start at the club. He became one of the finest full-backs to grace Old Trafford. Pogba has been uplifting during the two month stretch and he is one of the main reasons that United have been unbeaten in the league for a long time.


Pogba to Outshine as a free role United Player  



The World’s most expensive player outnumbered everyone with his stunning goal in the match against Leicester City. If his performance in the latest match is anything to go by, then expect more from the coveted midfielder in the upcoming weeks.

Quinton Fortune, former United Player believes that Pogba has the ability to become an all-time United great if he is given the chance to flourish in a free role.

Pogba played an advanced role during the 4-1 match against Leicester City last weekend which gave him the scope to prosper as an individual player. According to Fortune, if he is allowed the freedom to express himself the key to success will be an easy achievement for Pogba.

The 23-year old opened his account for the United after scoring the fourth goal in the match against Leicester city in the absence of Wayne Rooney. Fortune said that this was the beginning for him and there’s a lot more to come if the team let’s him play his role as an attacking player without shouldering much defensive responsibilities and allow him to show his natural abilities.

Pogba is a strong player who can both defend and attack. According to Quinton he should be allowed to play the game without the tactical stuff and the complications. He should play like a free kid to show his skills to the world.

Pogba was accompanied by Andrea Pirlo, Claudio Marchisio, Sami Khedira and Arturo Vidal in midfield at Juventas. Quinton advised Pogba to shine as a successful player once he gains complete understanding with his fellow United Players.

When he was a successful Juve player, he was surrounded by Pirlo and Vidal where he could express himself. After Pirlo left, Pogba was assigned more responsibilities. He had a confidence and mutual understanding with his team-mates. Manchester United is a new team for him which already had its own style of playing since years. Pogba entered with his own style and Mourinho is trying to employ his style now.

Questions were raised against United’s decision to sanction a deal of 110 million to re-sign their former youth player. According to Fortune, it was a correct decision for the team irrespective of the price tag. Pogba is young, and at the age of 23 he can be the midfield general of Manchester United, for years to come. He can be United’s heir to the vacated Paul Scholes midfield role.

Pogba had a quiet start to his second spell at United. But from what we witnessed in the game against Leicester City was that he can be the main man driving United forward this season.

Pogba was trying too hard during his initial days to come out as an outstanding performer but his definite abilities could be seen with his recent performances. He is rising as a player of the United. The expectations have reached a new level now and there’s a lot more to come from Pogba as a new generation player.

He has successfully pushed down the tough moments and has started to prove himself in the new environment.