Jose Mourinho humiliated after Chelsea whip Manchester United


There was only a section of the audience filled with Chelsea supporters but they were loud enough to be heard and Mourinho was standing 15 yards ahead of the crowd. He must have heard them roaring “You are not Special!”  “You are not special anymore!”

Midway through the first half, Manchester United were already down two goals. If in that moment Mourinho was feeling low about their performance then he would have felt even more humiliated if he was aware about what was going to happen next.

The pitch was not calm either and the place where he had built plenty of successful memories, the new team of Mourinho was evicting him from the old ones. Chelsea seemed very composed, organised and quick during the match while Manchester United failed to proclaim any of it.

Sunday’s match has given more evidence to the critics who believed that Mourinho could no longer be on the top. But it will be too early to draw any conclusion as he has been associated with United since last three months whereas the club has been disappointing its supporters for three and a half years since Sir Alex Ferguson retired.

Mourinho definitely has plenty of reasons to be concerned about his new team even though it has been only three months. The team has followed his instructions exactly in order to cancel out Liverpool in the last match but failed to do the same against Chelsea.

After the first goal, he admitted that they have committed an incredible defensive the half time of the game Mourinho suggested the players to grab the game from their opponents at a situation they are most comfortable in but instead they provided a game that their opponents were in need of. While United could have scored 2-1, the score changed to 3-0 and where it could have been 3-1 it became 4-0. It is necessary to analyse the performance while considering the defensive mistakes as there were plenty of them.

United showed a very poor performance throughout. Mourinho is known for his technical excellence, organisation and an overarching plan but none of these were evident during the Sunday’s match.

Mourinho made a few changes after the half time by hauling off Fellaini for Juan Mata and switching to a 4-4-2 with Rashford joining Ibrahimovic up front. This was followed by an unwanted change after Eric Bailly was injured after which United looked vulnerable in defence too.

During the celebration of Chelsea, Mourinho congratulated them but he asked his players to not lose the focus as it was not the end for them.  It was definitely a bad day for Mourinho as his team was thrashed by his old team and also the taunting that followed afterwards.

Time has changed and along with it the passion that he had once which made everyone believe that he could get away with anything. The heavy defeat and Bailly’s injury along with tantrums from his fans and supporters definitely mark the day as one of the unhappy homecomings for Mourinho.


Guardiola cannot fix Man City’s problem


Manchester City’s performance against Southampton has one of the biggest concerning aspects which involve glaring issues that even Pep Guardiola doesn’t know how to fix.

Individuals have gone overboard with the criticism due to Man city’s winless run which includes five matches but they have also played well more often than not.  City deserved to win against Celtic as well as Everton.

But Man City have had its worst performance so far under Guardiola’s guidance. The progress that they have made in the past four months was not visible in their recent struggle.

The mistakes committed by City have already cost Guardiola’s team dearly in October. He has shown the biggest sign of concern after the match as he himself does not know how to fix the issue.

Guardiola admitted that he is unaware about how to fix the issues in the box on Friday during an otherwise confident and arrogant justification of his principles. He admitted that he has no idea but he thinks in the box it is more clinical and they need to be a lot more aggressive as he believes everything happens there in the boxes.

The individual error gives a different dimension when the rest of the team is showing signs of improvement and a completely different aspect when they are having a bad game.

The first 45 minutes of the match were definitely very poor but boos from the home-crowd went a little overboard.

City looked like a very different team than the usual Guardiola squad. Although they have struggled a lot in this season but their performance has been menacing and showed a different brand of football to others. But this could be any of the big teams such as Chelsea, United or Arsenal in their bad days.

The basic Guardiola principle and solidity was missing in the game. Whereas the match against Everton turned out to be extremely unlucky for them and ended with a 1-1 draw. The match against Southampton showed poor performance and there was no scope for the team until Kelechi’s equaliser.

Guardiola prepares for Wednesday’s trip to Old Trafford while pondering over the problems after gifting goals to the opposition during their off days.

John Stones was at fault on Sunday’s match while he played the ball behind Vincent Kompany and straight to Nathan Redmond. This was his second time but he was punished for the first time.

The most concerning fact is that Stones is the player around whom Gaurdiola wants to built his team. He would be centrepiece of the defence even though Kompany and Kolarov might be replaced in the coming 12 months.

The current status of the team is no wins out of the five matches and United and Barcelona are two of the three opponents for City’s next match.

A lot of changes are required to be made in the team and they need to improve when they are in the opposition half as they are making too many mistakes among themselves. The fact that Guardiola is not sure about how to dissolve the issues makes it even more difficult for the team.  If he also cannot work it out then things might get worse before getting any better for the Manchester City.

Trophies define the “Special One”: Jose Mourinho


Jose Mourinho says that the tag of “Special one” can only be considered once he is successful in winning trophies with Manchester united. His aim is to see the team win the title and he would not consider himself any special if he fails to win trophies for the team.

He replaced Louis van Gaal and signed a contract with Manchester United until 2020. The Portugese labelled himself as a “Special one” almost a decade ago during his first stint as Chelsea boss.

After his return to Stamford Bridge as the manager of United, Mourinho admits that the Red devils would consider him special or extra ordinary only when he is able to deliver the success to Old Trafford within next three years. He needs to prove himself as the one out of the ordinary by building a successful graph for the red devils.

Mourinho believes that the connection among the team members are built before any titles are won but what makes the connection between the players and the manager strong is the trophies that are won. A growing empathy can be seen among the team members.

According to Mourinho he is very dedicated toward his team. He has signed a contract for 3 years and he believes that his professionalism and dedication towards the team would not be wasted.

His concern is that if at the end of the three years he is not successful in bagging winning title and trophies for the team, people will consider him as a good or great coach but he will not come out as a special one for the team.

Mourinho will visit Stamford Bridge for the first time as a manager of another Premier League club on Sunday.

His journey as the Blues manager came to an end on December after a tragic run of form. But he was successful in bagging three Premier League titles and 8 titles over all for the team and he is proud of his achievements.

He had a great relationship with the team mates but now he considers himself to be “100 percent United”. He said that Chelsea had won three Premier League titles under his guidance. He took them to Wembley, Cardiff and Cup finals so there was a strong bond built out of the success among the team mates.

He stated that during the final two or three months with the team, the fans supported them due to the empathy that was maintained even when they were passing through a period of bad results.

Mourinho also said that he would always be grateful to the team for behaving in a fantastic manner and giving him all the respect and support throughout. His professional heart makes him love all the clubs he has worked for so far and that helps him to connect with the players.

The Portugese gave his life to Madrid, Inter and Chelsea while he was with them and now he is ready to give his life to Manchester United. His professional nature makes him a 100 percent United now.

United holds the seventh position in Premier League right now with 14 points from eight games. They are two points and two places behind Chelsea at the moment.

Leicester first away points vs. Chelsea


Leicester city had won the 2015-16 Premier League after a respectable 1-1 draw on the final day of the season. When Claudio Ranieri returned to Stamford Bridge he was welcomed with honour and warm embrace from former boss Roman Abramovich.

After 5 months the scenario has altered and Chelsea defeated Leicester city 4-2 in the EFL cup. They will now start as substantial favourites after taking making points in Saturday’s early kick off.

Leicester city have lost all the three Premier League matches and also gave away 10 goals in the process. However, eight points and a strong home form are still considered as a respectable calculation. Considering the fact that City have faced Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United, their performance tally is still not on the weaker side.

Leicester have been vulnerable in the central midfield as per the goals are considered. The reason behind it is the departure of N’Golo Kante to Chelsea. His absence was seen in the central midfield as the team was struggling in the zone.

The French International is a huge responsibility and Nampalys Mendy fit the shoes perfectly but only when he is physically fit. His ankle injury has been a great disappointment that is most likely to cancel his visit to Stamford Bridge. This will allow Daniel Amartey to step up for the following.

Danny Drinkwater will be playing a significant role for the team once he is back from his minor groin injury. The central midfielder from England scored the goal during the 1-1 draw at Chelsea in the last season. This set an example in the centre of the park. Danny doesn’t receive the applause always but when he does, Leicester rarely lose.

Ranieri also needs to decide whether to stick with both the record-signing Islam Slimani and Jamie Vardy or to bring in an extra-midfielder along with a lone striker. Leicester City are not used to playing 4-5-1 but they looked far more efficient during their second half of 4-1 thrashing by Manchester United.

The problem with 4-1-5 is that it leads to soaking up pressure or in Mourinho’s word “parking the bus” but that does not mean aggressive counter-attacking football.There is a risk of Vardy ending up being stranded and it would be easier for Riyad Mahrez with one less focal point ahead of him.

Ranieri might want to change his tactics but there is an argument about maintaining the same formation and believe in it. The players who took 39 points in the last campaign will also remain the same.

It all depends on Ranieri’s thoughts on being defeated by Liverpool and Manchester United. The concern is whether he takes the loss as an irreparable flaw in the system and City’s tactics or just the peak point of two clinical teams.

Arsenal thrashed Leicester 5-2 in the last season but that didn’t reduce the moral of the foxes and there is no urgency for a 4-4-2 yet.

Leicester are not used to winning at Stamford. The only premier league victory was in September 2000 after the goals by Muzzy Izzet and Stan Collymore. Ranieri was appointed as the Chelsea boss the following day.

The question right now is about the number of wins the foxes need in an away game and according to the recent performances the answer is five which is indeed a matter of worry at the moment.



Pogba to Outshine as a free role United Player  



The World’s most expensive player outnumbered everyone with his stunning goal in the match against Leicester City. If his performance in the latest match is anything to go by, then expect more from the coveted midfielder in the upcoming weeks.

Quinton Fortune, former United Player believes that Pogba has the ability to become an all-time United great if he is given the chance to flourish in a free role.

Pogba played an advanced role during the 4-1 match against Leicester City last weekend which gave him the scope to prosper as an individual player. According to Fortune, if he is allowed the freedom to express himself the key to success will be an easy achievement for Pogba.

The 23-year old opened his account for the United after scoring the fourth goal in the match against Leicester city in the absence of Wayne Rooney. Fortune said that this was the beginning for him and there’s a lot more to come if the team let’s him play his role as an attacking player without shouldering much defensive responsibilities and allow him to show his natural abilities.

Pogba is a strong player who can both defend and attack. According to Quinton he should be allowed to play the game without the tactical stuff and the complications. He should play like a free kid to show his skills to the world.

Pogba was accompanied by Andrea Pirlo, Claudio Marchisio, Sami Khedira and Arturo Vidal in midfield at Juventas. Quinton advised Pogba to shine as a successful player once he gains complete understanding with his fellow United Players.

When he was a successful Juve player, he was surrounded by Pirlo and Vidal where he could express himself. After Pirlo left, Pogba was assigned more responsibilities. He had a confidence and mutual understanding with his team-mates. Manchester United is a new team for him which already had its own style of playing since years. Pogba entered with his own style and Mourinho is trying to employ his style now.

Questions were raised against United’s decision to sanction a deal of 110 million to re-sign their former youth player. According to Fortune, it was a correct decision for the team irrespective of the price tag. Pogba is young, and at the age of 23 he can be the midfield general of Manchester United, for years to come. He can be United’s heir to the vacated Paul Scholes midfield role.

Pogba had a quiet start to his second spell at United. But from what we witnessed in the game against Leicester City was that he can be the main man driving United forward this season.

Pogba was trying too hard during his initial days to come out as an outstanding performer but his definite abilities could be seen with his recent performances. He is rising as a player of the United. The expectations have reached a new level now and there’s a lot more to come from Pogba as a new generation player.

He has successfully pushed down the tough moments and has started to prove himself in the new environment.