Real Madrid allure enough to keep Ronaldo and Gareth Bale

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The history and heritage of Real Madrid gives the club an advantage which helps them to keep their players happy. The club has recently signed a number of their stars to a tempting long-term contract. They have done this without going into any financial danger. Real Madrid can go for lucrative contracts without breaking any bank as the lure of the Bernabeu is enough.

Star players such as Christiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale, Toni Kroos, Lucas Vazquez and Luka Modric have signed new deals at the Bernabeu inspite of having better offers from other places.

Ronaldo was offered a pay rise by the Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester United would have fulfilled Bale’s salary demands. Kroos and Modric had a chance to jump from their middle ranks on the Madrid pay-scale if they would have joined cash-rich Premier League outfits. But none of them were willing to leave Spain.

Steven Mandis believes that the reason behind their decision is that the passion and the values of the community lie at the centre of the club. Adjoining the community values and opportunities is a sustainable economic-sport model. Mandis said that the shared ethos, values and expectations of the Real Madrid community state the operations, mission and behaviour of every aspect of the club.

The community feeling and glory of the club in the 1950s with Santiago Bernabeu and Alfredo Di Stefano are the reasons that give an added advantage to the present team against their competitors in terms of global fan numbers and revenue.

The one element that can provide a competitive advantage is a distinctive culture and values that attract a passionate and loyal community. No one can figure out the beginning and ending of a dan’s identity and life as a Madridista and also the club’s identity and purpose.

Fans of other clubs may roll their eyes listening to the length talks about heritage and values as he did recently in the event of Chistiano’s contract signing. But according to Mandis it is not just the fans but also the players who buy into this feeling of Madrid as special and extraordinary.

Ronnaldo also spoke of the valued history of Madrid during signing the new contract and he confessed that he had fought hard to stay as playing at the Bernabeu is the summit for any player.

A wages-to-turnover ratio of 70 percent is recommended by the UEFA’s European Club Association and Madrid had a ratio of 90 percent during Perez’s first team. The ratio has dropped over time and presently it has gone below 50 percent which is one of the lowest in Europe.

Madrid came in the 19th in the recently published Global Sports Salaries Survey despite being the richest club in the world. They are way behind Manchester United, Barcelona and Manchester City.

The Real Madrid way has worked pretty well for them as they have brought record financial results in the last three seasons along with two Champions League Trophies. There has been no such team which has delivered such historic success breaking up.



Marcos upset for missing the chance to meet Parent Club


Midfielder Marcos Llorente admitted that it is very annoying not to be able to face the parent club Real Madrid this Saturday because of a clause in his loan deal.

The 21 year old player came through Castilla youth team of Madrid. He made his debut for Los Blancos under Rafa Benitez as the coach then in the last season.

Cureent coach Zidane decided to sent the under-21 international on loan for the 2016-17 campaign and he turns out to be impressive for a newly promoted Alaves side that won 2-1 at Barcelona. The current ranking is 13th in the table.

During Madrid’s visit to Mendizorrotza Marcos expressed his disappointment about the clause included by Real Madrid which prevents a player from that they have loaned to play against them. He was forbidden to appear against them as he had been loaned out by the club.

Llorente seemed pretty annoyed with the fact but he also said that he knew about the fact while he was signing for the deal that he was not going to play the games. He was trying not to think about the same. He also acknowledges the decisions taken by them as a Madrid player.

He stated that he wanted to stay during the preseason. But after consulting with Madrid director Josen Angel Sanchez, Zidane and his family he decided to go on loan. His plan was to play at least 30 games and definitely he is playing well but he is also waiting for next summer to see what happens next.

Real Madrid’s only real midfielder Casemiro is currently injured and Zidane admitted that Llorente would have taken his place perfectly if he wouldn’t have been stuck around the Bernabeu. But according to Marcos it is not at all enough for him to just fill the gaps when a player is not available. He is constantly looking for greater opportunities for future.

His goal is to earn a place in the team once he is back in Real Madrid. As a starter he wants to leave his own impression on the team. He is not ready to be on the bench and be a replacement for any injured player or if anything happens to any of the players. He is ready to fight for his own place. Marcos doesn’t want to replicate anyone and be a new Tony Kroos or new Casemiro. He wants to have his own identity and be Marcos Llorente for his team.

Llorente has a famous family background. He is from Bernabeu and his father Paco Llorente and grandfather Ramon Moreno Grosso used to play for Real Madrid. His great-grandfather is a renowned winger and six-time European cup winner Paco Gento. Marcos said that they would all want Alaves to shock Zidane’s side on Saturday.

Llorente mentioned that many of his family members have made history at Madrid and now he would try his best to follow their footsteps. But his family members and friends are in favour of Alaves in this game. He is aiming to achieve great success and he would not mind if it begins with beating Real Madrid.


Zidane Hails Madrid’s “Seriousness” after the Comprehensive Win


The Real Madrid coach Zinedine zidane praised the seriousness of his team after Wednesday evening’s 7-1 Copa Del Rey last-32, their first-leg comprehensive win at Cultural Leonesa.

The star attackers of the team Christiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale were at rest but Zidane built a strong team of XI including 10 senior internationals. They knocked off their opponents easily who still needs to visit the Barnebeu for the second leg on 30th November.

The team started off awefully with an own-goal by Gianni Zuiverloon. It was a bad start for the club owned by Qatar’s Aspire academy with Marco Asensio, Morata, Diaz and Nacho on the scoresheet.

In the post-game conference, the Madrid coach said that he was very happy with the team’s performance. It began with high intensity and a complete performance was delivered. He stated that he was very happy with the way his team performed with full intensity and seriousness. It was important for them to get serious about their game as well as to respect their opponents.

Zidane said that the team is dedicated and plays good football although there is a difference in quality which is pretty normal. He was impressed with their performance even though La Cultural scored.

The two youngsters of the Team Arsenio and Morata are now the top scorer’s of Real Madrid with six goals each even though they have got a very limited playing time. The combined total of the two equals to the goals achieved by the superstars Ronaldo, Benzema and Bale together as three of them have a score of three in all the previous matches in the competition.

Zidane is happy with his team’s performance and the way they have shown that they can perform well when called upon. There are players who will play less and players who will play more. Zidane is overwhelmed to see his players adapt with the changes and it was reflected in their performance. He mentioned that it is difficult for the players to be at their best everyday as they have matches in every three days but his responsibility as a coach is to motivate them to compete throughout the matches. He is happy with the response from his team members even though they have not won anything and there is a lot more to go for the team such as Copa, Liga and Champions League.

Reserve centre-back Nacho was the one to score the goal of the evening. It was a flying volley from 15 yards from James Rodriguez’s corner.

It was an astounding goal and he deserved it. He is very serious during the training sessions and dedicated towards his goal.

The only big star who played for the complete 90 minutes was Tony Kroos. He was there without any rest due to injuries to the other midfielders Casemiro and Luka Modric.

Kroos had to take that position due to the injury of other mid-fielders. Zidane asked him to take rest during the match but he denied. He wanted to play the complete match as it was a pretty normal one for him.


Zidane: Christiano Ronaldo will rediscover his form


Christiano Ronaldo seemed to be out of the form in his past few performances but according to Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane it is not a matter of concern. The whistles for Ronaldo at Santiago Bernabeu are nothing much to be worried about and Zidane believes that he will soon be back among the goals.

Saturday’s 2-1 La Liga win over Athletic Bilbao at the Bernabeu was a difficult evening for Ronaldo as he was whistled by his own team’s fans as he went a fourth straight game at home ground without scoring any goal.

In a news conference Zidane said that there has been time where he himself had been whistled at by the Bernabeu crowd while he was playing for Madrid. He also mentioned that the team’s all-time scorer, Ronaldo is used to such treatment now.

He confessed that he never understood the whistles but the crowd in Bernabeu is special and it always demands maximum from the players. Christiano is used to such actions and he also knows how to deal with it as the fans are one of the most important aspects for the players.

Out of the 20 goals in his last two matches, Ronaldo has been successful with 4 on target and has only four goals for Madrid in this season.

Zidane said that Ronaldo is not bothered about this and he just needs to focus in his game in order to score more goals. He needs to score two to three goals each game and Zidane is confident that he will make it happen. He believes that Christiano will soon get back to the game with more goals and everything will get back to normal.

Zidane laughed when he was asked about Ronaldo’s reaction after Morata’s winning goal against Athletic which was claimed to be an appeal for offside against his own team.

He replied saying that there are a lot of external stuff that are not controllable and it is better to not comment and just let it go in order to focus on the pitch.

Zidane was questioned about selecting the trio, Gareth Bale, Benzema and Ronaldo over the younger and impressing players such as Morata and Lucaz Vazquez. To this, he answered saying that he has three phenomenal players in his team and they are very important. The others might play less but they are equally important and he is aware about his job which demands for such decisions.

He did not reveal whether Ronaldo, Bale, Toni Kroos and Benzema would be rested for the Wednesday’s Copa Del Rey last-32 game at third tier Cultural Leonesa. This is the first game for Madrid in the competition since last year’s expulsion for fielding an ineligible player.

Zidane mentioned that there will not be too many changes in the system but there will also be other players who will start tomorrow. As only 16 players can be there so some of them have to stay back in Madrid and there will be rotation. This competition is very important for Madrid and there is no other option than winning.


Atlético is much more than a Great Defence


Bayern Munich lost their last match almost five months back against Atlético Madrid at Vicente Calderon. This week they were beaten again by Atlético.  The two games out of 26 that Bayern has lost have been against Atlético.

Atlético has been defeated in two matches in 19 Champions League group games. They have lost only one time at home in this competition under Simeone. They have a record of 13 clean sheets out of their last 14 games. Out of the 269 games with this coach, 143 matches have finished without them conceding and the number is 23 out of 38 in Europe.  The list of European goal at Calderon shows their excellence as defender.

They are known as the good defenders. But that’s not all about Atlético. Although, they were fortunate enough to have reached the finals last year but Bayern did not leave the scope to batter them. The Germans had 33 shots which are considered as the most Atlético has ever endured before.

It did not impress everyone though and there is a thought which provokes the failure against Real Madrid in Milan. The accusation has been pointed on them more than any other defending team seeking for break. There has been quite a lot of cynicism against the team that can be seen with the way people talk about Atlético.

Atlético are defensive but their coach had once called them a horrible team. That was around 18 months ago and now things are changing to a different dimension. The team has been putting a lot of effort to come out as unbeaten and overcome their flaws.

Carlo Anselotti is the only manager who has knocked Atlético out of Europe in the last three years after the Wednesday’s match and also the manager who had defeated them in finals in Lisbon in the year 2014. He was asked the difference between the recent Atlético and the one he had seen when he was the manager of Real Madrid.

Anselotti stated that there’s not much difference in the team except their ability to attack and get behind their defences. The reply seemed slightly dismissive as there have been more obvious changes in the team. The seriousness, the intensity with which they play the game, their statistics and all those clean sheets have come to a standard form and the team has been evolving with time.

Atlético is trying to not lose the solidity they have attained to become successful and it is an evolution for them since last season. It seems that Simeone is ready for a significant shift, symbolised by the position of Koke in centre.

Simeone said that he has been moving towards this since two years and this is not a new idea. He seems ready to leave Koke centrally and he also thinks that Koke is ready as well which could be of great impact. He said Griezmann is among the three best players even after the penalty that was missed by him.

He considers himself fortunate to coach these players because of their enthusiasm, passion and their dedication towards the game.