Wales vs Northern Ireland: Gareth Bale happy to win ugly!

gareth-bale-aaron-ramsey-walesAs Wales advance to the quarter-finals of the prestigious competition of Euro 2016, Gareth Bale admitted that the Welsh men had to put up a serious fight to earn themselves a spot in the last eight. The Real Madrid player experienced an upsetting encounter but managed to get the breakthrough with a cross from the end that Gareth McAuley diverted into his own net under pressure from Hal Robson-Kanu.

Gareth Bale’s free kick which seemed like the only shot that Wales had of their own was well saved by Michael McGovern and the crowd was made to witness the solid defensive that Northern Ireland produced.

“It doesn’t matter how they go in so long as the ball hits the back of the net. We knew it was going to be a scruffy, difficult game. We knew those of us up front weren’t going to get a lot of the ball because they would close us down and it would be a frustrating night. It took a little bit of quality to get the goal.” said Bale.

He also added “We tried to keep the ball, keep them moving, get them tired. And we knew they would make mistakes towards the end of the game and that was the case”

Bale celebrates victory with his daughter Alba Violet

The 26 year old’s daughter was seen on the pitch after the final whistle blew off. Bale lifted her up to the celebrating Wales’ fans and the camera. Chris Coleman, the current manager of the national Welsh team gave the squad a Sunday off to spend time with their families in Paris before heading to their Dinard base in Brittany in the evening.

Wales will be facing the winner of the game between Hungary and Belgium at Stadium de Toulouse which would be starting at 9pm, with the quarter finals happening in Lille on Friday.

Bale also said “We are going to sit back now and see who get. Obviously the lads have all worked incredibly hard the whole tournament, and the journey continues”

“We have to keep fighting. This group of boys fight, we work hard all the time no matter how the game’s panning out. We give everything we have got.”

Williams faces shoulder injury, extent of the problem will be seen in next 48 hours

Ashley Williams, captain of the Welsh team succumbed to a shoulder injury which was caused during a clash with teammate Jonny Williams. It was the only sour moment for the team and Coleman has decided to give it 48 hours to decide the extent of the injury.

While captain Williams wore an ice pack and sling in the dressing room, Coleman said “He’s bit tender with his shoulder, the next 24-48 hours will be key, crucial, whether it’s bruising, just an impact, or whether – hopefully not – there’s damage to any ligaments or a tear in muscle.”

“I thought he was struggling because he couldn’t move his arm. He said he was okay to continue so I trust my captain and we were right. His presence is huge”

“Our families are here and will be with us tonight and tomorrow. We need to be away from each other for 24 hours! We’ve been together for five weeks.”

“Coleman said Wales fans should be allowed to picture going all the way. There is nothing wrong for them to get carried away and keep dreaming,” he said.


                                                            Photo Credits: ussportscamp

Have you ever wondered where Satan has parked himself on this violent Earth to perform his duty by his warped doctrines? Why, in the most violent country and in the most violent city, of course. At least, that is what a local mortician declares about his city, San Pedro Sula.

High on Murder:

Honduras saw some 20 murders a day taking place in the last year. This is not an idle figure.  It is the datum given by Violence Observatory at the National Autonomous University of Honduras (NAUH). This works out to be 85.5 percent per 100,000 citizens. When you compare this figure with 1.2 in the UK, 56 in Venezuela and 4.78 in the US, you start realizing the start reality prevalent in the country.

San Pedro Sula is Miles Ahead:

Even this alarming rate of killing incidents pales into something less alarming when you learn that the rate for San Pedro Sula is 173. Except for war zones, this is the highest around the world. It is not as if there is no worthwhile activity for the residents of the city. This is where the New Balance T-shirts and Fruit of the Loom shorts are manufactured. You would, in the event, expect it to be a bustling city but you cannot see many people moving about but you can feel tension in the air. Headlines in the newsstands loudly announce the murders of the previous day. And, do not be surprised to see cars sans number plates but invariably sporting black-tinted windows.

Crime without Punishment:

What about policing? Therein lies a sad but cruel story. The corruption-ridden police force is more feared than emanate a sense of security. What else can you expect when the gangrene has reached the very top? Gang wars, land disputes, drug trafficking and political upheavals all take their toll with the police conveniently looking the other way.

World Cup? In San Pedro Sula?

                                                                   Photo Credits : mlssoccer

So, why have this World Cup thing in this place?  Figures iterate that many people across the globe visit the country for business, tourism, volunteer work and studies which could be taken as an encouragement to visit but it warns in the same breath that the country is very prone to crime and violence. So, take your pick and be wiser for it.

Weather conditions:

The weather turns out to be almost perfect for holding soccer matches, which affirms the city’s readiness to hold the World Cup. The average temperature is mostly going to be around 29 degree celsius during the time of the events. ALso since the venues will be pretty near to the place, it all comes down to favoring the gameplay in the city. If we do keep the scare aside, the place has always been famous for some of the most beautiful beaches.

Happy playing, and happy viewing, fellas!


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