Contenders at the US Open.

As the world’s best tennis players take on the hard courts of New York for the last Grand Slam of the season, the usual suspects – Nadal, Murray, Federer and Djokovic all enter with expectations of winning this title. There are some things which are quite different about the US Open this year, for starters Federer who has won this title 5 times is seeded 7th in the Men’s draw! Which is his lowest in the past ten years. The finals of this event have been scheduled on a Monday, which perhaps means that only the hardcore tennis fanatics will be around to cheer their favorite player.

In Women’s tennis, something that really stood out was Maria Sharapova’s idea to probably change her name to Maria Sugarpova in order to promote her candy line. It’s a good thing she decided against, fans would have definitely questioned her seriousness towards the game. However, all this because irrelevant when she withdrew altogether due to a shoulder injury. With Sharapova out of the running, there’s one less main contender for the rest of the players. Next in line is Serena Williams, she has always maintained the same daunting presence on court and although there have been a few unexpected twists along the way .

Azarenka won the Australian Open , and the unassuming Sloane Stephens beat Serena in the quarter finals. Similarly Serena lost to Azarenka in the Doha Open. In terms of other major players like Li Na and Radwanska, they have not been very consistent this year. All this points at Azarenka to be be the hot favourite for this year’s US Open.

Having performed quite consistently this year, Azarenka is the favourite in Women’s tennis.

Back to Men’s tennis, it’s quite surprising that Federer is seeded 7th. It looks like the Big Four has one again been cut down to the Big Three. Earlier this year it was Nadal who was left out of this coveted clique, this time around it’s Federer’s turn. This year Federer has won only the ATP title, while the other three main contenders have under their belts one major Grand Slam each. It could be that the US Open title may not see Federer in the finals keeping in mind his performance this year. Murray played some fantastic tennis last year, and it appears that he is the favourite this time as well.

Federer is seeded 7th, the lowest this decade.

Having won this year’s Wimbledon and last year’s US Open, there’s no reason that people should not bet on Murray to win it again this year. But Murray did have a bit of a struggle after the Wimbledon this June,  as he didn’t fare to well in his next hard court tune up and lost to No.6 Thomas Berdych.  Leaving Djokovic out of the fold would be irresponsible, as he is no doubt a worthy contender. Although he hasn’t won a tournament since January (Australian Open) the Serb has an unstoppable power about him which gives his opponents a run for their money. Rafael Nadal is also a force to reckon with, despite his knee injury his performance this year has been nothing short of admirable.

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The US Open comes with a few surprises this year, like Federer’s lowest seed of 7 in the past decade. Women’s tennis is missing one of the main contenders,Maria Sharapova who had to withdraw because of a shoulder injury. It appears that Andy Murray is the favourite in Men’s tennis but then again the other two main players, Nadal, Djokovic have a fighting chance.

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The Big Four Down to Three.

The most awaited tennis tournament of the year is here. The much coveted Wimbledon title is something every player aspires to win and this year Rafael Nadal is out of the running in the early stages itself. Nadal didn’t fare well here last year also, when he lost to Lukas Rosol who was ranked 100th at the time. After his impressive performance at the French Open at which he proved again that he is the king of clay, Nadal was not able to keep up the same performance at Wimbledon. It looks like Nadal’s  left knee is still not up to the mark, as he was seen moving with some difficulty with the knee taped up. Consequently this affected his forehand, because he was unable to plant his weight down to play the forehand stroke. Coming to the court with a taped up knee is not uncommon for Nadal, because since his return he has made it to the finals of all the tournaments he entered and winning an astounding seven!

The anguish on Nadal’s face after losing to Darcis is unmistakable.
Image courtesy:

Ranked 135, Steve Darcis was responsible for quashing Nadal’s hope of winning the title this year. The 29-year old Belgian with a big serve, a love of the grasscourt game was able to beat the champ in straight sets (7-6, 7-6, 6-4). With each set his confidence grew and he took risks which later proved to be in his favor. He was able to draw Nadal to the net which is usually lethal for the opponent. Clever moves and placement of shots on Darcis’ part saw him the winner of this match. Yesterday’s match was probably one of the biggest for Darcis, this victory will definitely give him more confidence to take on the rest of players irrespective of rank.

In comparison to Nadal, Federer had a terrific beginning. Having the privilge of opening the tournament of center court, he was able to tide over Victor Hanescu of Romania 6-3, 6-2, 6-0 in just 68 minutes. This 7 time Wimbledon champion looked completely at ease and played some wonderful shots in the first round of what is to be a very exciting tournament. He had an almost flawless game, with only 6 unforced errors, 7 aces and winning almost 90 percent of the points put in with his first serve. Such a great beginning is vital for Federer who is eager to add another Wimbledon title to his credit!

Britain’s Andy Murray had a comfortable first round as well. He defeated Benjamin Becker of Germany 6-4, 6-3, 6-2. Murray’s disappointment last year was losing to Federer in the finals. This year he hopes to win the title, and the be the first English player to win it since Fred Perry way back in 1936. Meanwhile, Djokovic has reason to grin as his draw is the relatively easy one. With Federer, tsongs and Muraay in the same draw, Djokovic’s toughest opponents will be Del Potro and Berdych.  Having lost in the semi-finals last year, and not winning the French Open , winning the title this year will him a chance to redeem himself.

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The Wimbledon season has just started, and for some the first round itself has been disappointing but others have moved forward. The blog article highlights the top players in this year’s Wimbledon tournament and how they have fared so far.

The Sony Open so far.

The tables have turned in the Sony Open with Tommy Hass beating two time defending champion, Novak Djokovic. Hass was able to beat Djokovic in straight sets and was overjoyed about his performance. Hass said that he was happy to be able to take advantage of the opportunities he got to win against a player who has been dominating the courts for the last couple of years.  Seeded 15th he was able to put up a consistent performance against Djokovic who for some reason was completely off his game. Hass enjoyed a 72% success rate on his second serves. This is Hass’ second win against Djokovic in all of 14 times that they have clashed. Djokovic played well in the Australian Open and the Dubai Open, he admitted that Hass was definitely the better player this time, and said that it was the worst match he played in a long time.

Tommy Hass beat Djokovic in straight sets.
Tommy Hass beat Djokovic in straight sets.

With Nadal and Federer having withdrawn from this tournament the only other top player to talk about in Andy Murray. The Scot cruised into the quarter finals of the tournament defeating Andreas Sepi. In this 86 minute match, Murray won 28 of his 31 first serve points. Similary, it was an easy victory for Thomas Berdych who won his match against Sam Querrey in just 51 minutes. Berdych is a strong contender, he has made it to the quarter finals of every tournament he has entered in the recent past.

In women’s tennis, the most interesting match was that between Li Na and Serena Williams. Despite suffering an injury in the second set, Serena was able to bounce back and steer the match the way she wanted. She overcame six double-faults and rallied in the second set from a 5-2 deficit.  She hit six winners in the tiebreaker, including a forehand passing shot cross-court on the final point. Serena Williams has advanced to the semi-finals, and she seems determined not to let anything get in her way of winning the title.

Serena Williams played brilliantly against Li Na to cruise to the next round of the tournament.
Serena Williams played brilliantly against Li Na to cruise to the next round of the tournament.

Sharapova too has made it to the third round after beating Eugine Bouchard. Despite a power cut at the stadium which resulted in the flood lights temporarily going off, she was able to play well. She is one step closer to becoming the third woman to win back-to-back titles in Indian Wells and Miami. Steffi Graf and Kim Clijsters are the other two players who have achieved this. the four time Grand Slam champion will now be facing Elena Vesnina in the next round.

For more updates about the Sony Open , you can view the official page of the tournament.

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The endless match.

The longest tennis match took place at Wimbledon 2010 when John Isner of the United States beat Nicolas Mahut of France 6-4, 3-6, 6-7 (7), 7-6 (3), 70-68 in a match that lasted 11 hours and 5 minutes, played over 3 days, June 22, 23 and 24. John Isner won this match. During is match both players broke numerous Wimbledon and tennis records, including each serving over 100 aces, with the match being referred to as “the endless match”.  Do you wonder how the umpire stayed put for so long? The chair umpire throughout the match was the Swedish official Mohamed Lahyani said  he was so “gripped by the amazing match” that his concentration stayed solid and he did not think about eating or taking a break.

John Isner and Nicolas Mahut
John Isner and Nicolas Mahut

You can check out the highlights of this incredible match here:

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