Zidane Hails Madrid’s “Seriousness” after the Comprehensive Win


The Real Madrid coach Zinedine zidane praised the seriousness of his team after Wednesday evening’s 7-1 Copa Del Rey last-32, their first-leg comprehensive win at Cultural Leonesa.

The star attackers of the team Christiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale were at rest but Zidane built a strong team of XI including 10 senior internationals. They knocked off their opponents easily who still needs to visit the Barnebeu for the second leg on 30th November.

The team started off awefully with an own-goal by Gianni Zuiverloon. It was a bad start for the club owned by Qatar’s Aspire academy with Marco Asensio, Morata, Diaz and Nacho on the scoresheet.

In the post-game conference, the Madrid coach said that he was very happy with the team’s performance. It began with high intensity and a complete performance was delivered. He stated that he was very happy with the way his team performed with full intensity and seriousness. It was important for them to get serious about their game as well as to respect their opponents.

Zidane said that the team is dedicated and plays good football although there is a difference in quality which is pretty normal. He was impressed with their performance even though La Cultural scored.

The two youngsters of the Team Arsenio and Morata are now the top scorer’s of Real Madrid with six goals each even though they have got a very limited playing time. The combined total of the two equals to the goals achieved by the superstars Ronaldo, Benzema and Bale together as three of them have a score of three in all the previous matches in the competition.

Zidane is happy with his team’s performance and the way they have shown that they can perform well when called upon. There are players who will play less and players who will play more. Zidane is overwhelmed to see his players adapt with the changes and it was reflected in their performance. He mentioned that it is difficult for the players to be at their best everyday as they have matches in every three days but his responsibility as a coach is to motivate them to compete throughout the matches. He is happy with the response from his team members even though they have not won anything and there is a lot more to go for the team such as Copa, Liga and Champions League.

Reserve centre-back Nacho was the one to score the goal of the evening. It was a flying volley from 15 yards from James Rodriguez’s corner.

It was an astounding goal and he deserved it. He is very serious during the training sessions and dedicated towards his goal.

The only big star who played for the complete 90 minutes was Tony Kroos. He was there without any rest due to injuries to the other midfielders Casemiro and Luka Modric.

Kroos had to take that position due to the injury of other mid-fielders. Zidane asked him to take rest during the match but he denied. He wanted to play the complete match as it was a pretty normal one for him.


Zidane: Christiano Ronaldo will rediscover his form


Christiano Ronaldo seemed to be out of the form in his past few performances but according to Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane it is not a matter of concern. The whistles for Ronaldo at Santiago Bernabeu are nothing much to be worried about and Zidane believes that he will soon be back among the goals.

Saturday’s 2-1 La Liga win over Athletic Bilbao at the Bernabeu was a difficult evening for Ronaldo as he was whistled by his own team’s fans as he went a fourth straight game at home ground without scoring any goal.

In a news conference Zidane said that there has been time where he himself had been whistled at by the Bernabeu crowd while he was playing for Madrid. He also mentioned that the team’s all-time scorer, Ronaldo is used to such treatment now.

He confessed that he never understood the whistles but the crowd in Bernabeu is special and it always demands maximum from the players. Christiano is used to such actions and he also knows how to deal with it as the fans are one of the most important aspects for the players.

Out of the 20 goals in his last two matches, Ronaldo has been successful with 4 on target and has only four goals for Madrid in this season.

Zidane said that Ronaldo is not bothered about this and he just needs to focus in his game in order to score more goals. He needs to score two to three goals each game and Zidane is confident that he will make it happen. He believes that Christiano will soon get back to the game with more goals and everything will get back to normal.

Zidane laughed when he was asked about Ronaldo’s reaction after Morata’s winning goal against Athletic which was claimed to be an appeal for offside against his own team.

He replied saying that there are a lot of external stuff that are not controllable and it is better to not comment and just let it go in order to focus on the pitch.

Zidane was questioned about selecting the trio, Gareth Bale, Benzema and Ronaldo over the younger and impressing players such as Morata and Lucaz Vazquez. To this, he answered saying that he has three phenomenal players in his team and they are very important. The others might play less but they are equally important and he is aware about his job which demands for such decisions.

He did not reveal whether Ronaldo, Bale, Toni Kroos and Benzema would be rested for the Wednesday’s Copa Del Rey last-32 game at third tier Cultural Leonesa. This is the first game for Madrid in the competition since last year’s expulsion for fielding an ineligible player.

Zidane mentioned that there will not be too many changes in the system but there will also be other players who will start tomorrow. As only 16 players can be there so some of them have to stay back in Madrid and there will be rotation. This competition is very important for Madrid and there is no other option than winning.


Zidane Has a New Fan – James Rodriguez


Even though for months there was uncertainty concerning James’ future, still the Colombian is at his ease in the Madrid team and that too under the rule of the French icon. As per James, the Real Madrid boss Zinedine Zidane is one of his favorite football players and his idol. Just after making the goal scoring return to the starting line-up of the European championship, James felt that there was no another football player as great as Zidane in the world.

Madrid team ended the game with a fine knock of leading 2-0 against the Espanyol. Currently, Madrid has reached the record –equaling of 16 La Lig wins in succession. At either side of the half-time, both Karim Benzema and James scored at the Estadi Cornella-El Prat. This made light of the superstar forward Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo who are sitting out in the contest.

Zidane – A Great Manager

Under Zidane’s mentorship, James had struggled a lot to be a part of the first-team. However, he informed the press that he has great respect for the coach and hold him in high regard. He informed to public as well as to the press that Real Madrid is his dream and Zidane is his favorite idol.

And he hoped that this would last for a longer time or till his lifetime. He also stated that he and his family are quite happy at Madrid, and he is comfortable with the team. Furthermore, he will fight tooth and nail to be on the team forever. Plus he denied that he had a bad time. Just because he doesn’t speak to the public, it doesn’t mean that he has a bad relationship with everyone.

As a team, each player is united and supports each another. Right from the day one, everyone helped James and encouraged him to win more games. Also, the entire team is motivated to beat records and gain more trophies. Plus James is aware that there is great importance for the decision of a coach and his coach Zidane takes decision for the betterment of the team, not just thinking about goals and assists.

The wonderful solo strikes that James played helped Madrid during the first half of the stoppage time of the match. They were initially struggling to place their authority right in the beginning of the game. He added that they were quite behind in the first half. However, they gathered themselves and soon the goals came pouring in.

Zidane Praises James

Previously, in the month of April, Zidane has praised James and told openly that he is quite committed to Real Madrid. Even though he always finds himself on the beach of Real Madrid, he played exceptionally for Colombia and did a match-winning feat for the international duty. Even though he is struggling to have a permanent place in the Real Madrid team, still Zidane feels that the commitment and excellent practice he shows is commendable.

After assisting Colombia over the record back-to-back wins during the World Cup qualifying match, he openly admitted that he feels comfortable with the extensive support provided by his team and staffs.

Zidane’s Key To Success – Knowledge And Charisma


Ancelotti, the Italian coach, is happy. His happiness lies in the fact that his former assistant is shining as the in charge of Real Madrid. He believes that Zidane’s understanding of the game and character has helped him to become a huge powerhouse.

What has impressed the Real Madrid boss is Zidane’s respectful standing in football. And according to Carlo Ancelotti, it is what is expected from Zinedine Zidane. Being an iconic figure of the modern game, he scored two times in the 1998 Soccer World Cup final against France.

He assisted the Real Madrid to take part in the Champion League in 2001-2002. At that point, he was the assistant of Ancelotti and this Italian assisted the Madrid to lift their 10th European title in the year 2014.

However, after he took over the reins at Bernabeu because of the ill-fated stint Rafael Benitez had to go through in the hot seat, it was surprising to see how Zidane flourished. He surpassed the given expectations and did it by repeating the trick using the shootout triumph in the Champion League final held in Milan this year. And it was the crosstown rivals Atletico Madrid who became the victims again.

Zidane Taking Over The Helm

According to Ancelotti, while starting as a manager or coach, charisma is the necessary quality and significant one. The fact that you need to be respected for achieving something in years bygone is of the past. Currently, Ancelotti is in charge of the Bayern Munich.

Each day is a test for a coach; players often look up to their coach and listen to what they have to say. And if they like it, then they are really going to strive to show their best. And if not, then a small aspect is only lost. No doubt, Zidane got the knowledge and even the charisma to show off his expertise. His mentor feels that he is doing well even though they aren’t in contact. Of course, they do have a cordial and good relationship with each other and send message regularly.

Ancelotti praised Zidane and said that he helped him a lot at Madrid as he was well versed about the environment there. Zidane took over Carlo Ancelotti position at Real Madrid recently. The Italian coached the Real Madrid team from 2013 to 2015 and the Frenchman replaced somewhat at the beginning of 2016. And his contract runs till 2018.

After replacing Rafa Benitez at the beginning of January, he guided the Spanish team to their 11th best European success. This was due to the courtesy of the penalty shootout that led to the victory over the arch rivals Atletic Madrid in the final.

Total about 51 goals were scored by Ronaldo in every competition that took place last term. Ronaldo even lauded the impact Zidane has since he took over the helm. No doubt, Ronaldo feels that Zidane was the major key to that season and really prepped them to work hard and well. Not only he is a great professional but even a great person too.