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It’s essential to invest in a pair of proper running shoes if you want to run regularly. Shoes designed for runners serve two main purposes:

  1. Protect you from injury – by absorbing the impact on your feet and body.
  2. Maximise forward speed – by providing traction to grip the ground well.

 The various types of running shoes are shown below:

Motion control running shoes:

These shoes are suited for feet that roll inward too much, or overpronate. They are designed in such a way to reduce or control the excess rolling action of the foot and act as shock absorbers too. These shoes tend to be fairly heavy but at the same time are durable. The features of motion control running shoes include a polyurethane mid-sole and carbon rubber out-sole for durability.

Cushioned running shoes:

In the case of runners whose feet do not roll inward or outwards, cushioned running shoes are important. This is because it is the rolling movement that helps absorb the shock that would otherwise be sent through the joints to the spine. The cushioning is designed to reduce the shock when the foot hits the ground.

Stability running shoes:

These shoes are a compromise between motion control and cushioned shoes.  They provide a cushioning, medial support and durability. They tend to prevent excess motion and are suitable for those runners who have normal arches and require some medial support and good durability.

Lightweight running shoes:

These shoes are lighter and more responsive than standard trainers and may have varying degrees of cushioning and/or stability, but they are too lightweight to be classed as motion control shoes. These are ideal for fast-paced training or racing.

Some of the top selling shoes from the Kalenji brand are:

Kalenji ELIOFEET Man:

These shoes are so lightweight that you won’t even notice them. The shoe comes with a highly useful strap which allows for easy tightening/ loosening of it. The Kalenji Eliofeet is made up of a breathable 3D mesh with double synthetic coating which provides a high degree of comfort while running. Another important feature of this shoe is that they are equipped with a textured sole which offers extra grip and also a sock liner which is designed for optimum foot comfort. The Eliofeet is equipped with the CS technology which provides optimum absorption and distribution of shock waves for high-performance.

Available at for Rs. 2,901(discount of 17%)


Newfeel Many Lightweight Walking Shoes:

These shoes which are available in multiple colour combinations are suitable for both men and women. The Newfeel Many LightWeight Walking Shoes can be used for dual purposes. Besides being ideal for running and walking, theses shoes can also be used for casual outings. The shoes are composed of a stitched canvas panel which adds to the glamour quotient. The textured hard sole gives you the grip that will keep you balanced when you walk on rough surfaces. Made from a combination of the finest canvas and rubber, these shoes take style to another level and do not compromise on the comfort aspect as they are provided with a padded foot bed.

Available at for Rs.649


Kalenji ELIORUN:

The Kalenji ELIORUN is well suited for both the experienced runner as well as the novice who is looking for a comfortable run. It is an extremely light-weight and appealing pair of running shoes which is suitable for use in any kind of environment. The Eliorun relies on the CS cushioning concept, comprising an EVA ring at the heel which helps shock absorption over the long term. Since it is provided with an ergonomic sock liner, the shoe ranks very high in the comfort aspect.

Available at for Rs. 4893 (discount of 5%)


Kalenji Ekiden 50:

The Kalenji Ekiden 50 satisfies all the qualities which are desired while looking for a pair of running shoes: arch support, cushioning and superior comfort. These light-weight shoes come with a side strap which provides extra support. An important feature of these shoes is the breathable synthetic mesh which allows for a good air circulation. The composition of the shoe is as follows- the upper part is made up of mesh and synthetic, the midsole has injection-moulded EVA foam which aids in shock absorption and consists of a rubber outsole.

Available at for Rs.1199


Choose from a wide range of running shoes at from all the top brands such as Kalenji, Nivia and NewFeel. We bring these shoes to you at amazing discounts thus making it easier for you to stay fit!

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